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Clash Of Clans Creator Supercell Doesn't Want To Compete With Nintendo

Posted by Damien McFerran

Smartphone studio has been branded "The Finnish Nintendo"

Supercell's Clash of Clans and Hay Day are two of the most popular and profitable games on the iTunes App Store, but the company behind them is relatively new — Supercell was only founded in 2010.

However, the studio's incredible success — which was emphatically underlined by the recent $1.5 billion investment by Japanese telecoms giant SoftBank — has led many to call it "The Finnish Nintendo".

Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen is flattered by the comparison, telling EDGE magazine:

For me, if I think of Nintendo, the first thing that comes to mind is I love their games. I love their brands, their characters, how they've always focused on gameplay, how they've always taken their own route no matter what anybody in the industry thinks. If you mention Nintendo in front of people, you get a smile. If in 30 years I say 'Supercell' and the reaction is similar, then I think we really will have achieved something. I don't even want to compete against them. They are an inspiration. It took Nintendo 100 years to get there, so it's possible it will take us 100 years to get there, and that's why we need someone like SoftBank as a partner — someone who is willing to see us through the next 100 years.

Supercell isn't the only studio from Finland which has cited Nintendo as an inspiration — Angry Birds creator Rovio has also said very positive things about the Japanese giant. But could one of these new type of game makers — founded in the era of smartphone gaming — really become the next Nintendo? Let us know what you think by posting a comment.


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ZurrrrBlattTron said:

Dawww :3 he's got a point! I think its wonderful that so many people recognize Nintendo as one of the companies that are up there and that they recognize their place in the industry as well! Love supercells clash of clans and I hope they could one day work something out with ninty



Goginho said:

Nope, I don't think so. At least not on the scale of Nintendo's status. Nintendo established itslef as the gaming company it is during a time where video games were still young and not many people really knew what to make of them, I can imagine. Now, video games carry many negative connotations with them, and the market is huge anyway. But if they really strive for it, and stick to their ambition, then who knows. Many companies today plan ahead, pull off smart moves, make intelligent decisions, and yet end up in the dust. I guess it's a matter of perfect time and perfect place, so a little bit of luck and trial and error then.



Lavita said:

No way. One reason why Nintendo is so popular is their colorful and charming characters.
These mobile companies have the most over-the-top-cartoonish, yet boring, generic, and most of the time flat out UGLY artstyles.
I know that art doesn't make a game, but for me it's almost as important as gameplay.



idork99 said:

No one can be the next Nintendo. They were right in saying that they do not want to compete with them. That said, that's great that they're finding success. I don't play games on my phone any longer so I would have never known of this company if it weren't for this article.



Sceptic said:

@Lavita: Woah there. "Over-the-top-cartoonish, yet boring, generic, and most of the time flat out UGLY artstyles" kind of describes Nintendo - by today's standards. We tolerate, even love it, because it builds on a history of characters we learned to love, but if someone came out with Mario today, out of nowhere, it wouldn't even register with people.

To me, Nintendo is a bit like an Eric Clapton of the gaming world. You can't really diss him, because he used to be great and somehow, although he clearly isn't that great anymore, you can still hear a bit of his greatness when he plays and you forgive what would be considered 'generic' by today's standards because he kind of defined that genre, way back when. And man, do you still love to hear him play 'Layla'. So he's still great and nobody will ever be like him, because those good old 'Superstar' times are past. Video killed the radio star.



sinalefa said:

Nice to hear that they respect Nintendo, but I have never felt that Supercell games favor gameplay.



Socar said:

Tell me one company that hates Nintendo so much and I will tell you that those companies do not have that one ingredient that Nintendo puts in their games....The ingredient of love.



rjejr said:

I DL Clash of Clans a while back but it's very possible I haven't played it yet.

And the reason probably nobody will become another Nintendo is b/c of competition. Too many game companies and devices for anyone to achieve that type of long lasting domination. There's just constant turnover as people search for the "next big thing".

There will never be another ABC, NBC or CBS (US tv networks). Even though Fox may have become a global giant its still not considered one of the big three. HBO may be bigger now, but how long will that last? Apple? Google? Nintendo has been around for 100 years, we live in a world where everybody gets their 15 minutes and then is forgotten. I'm not a big Clapton Fan (I'm supposed to be but he irks me) but the Beatles, maybe Elvis. I don't care how big "the Beibs" gets, or 1D, they'll never be legendary pioneers who stand the test of time. Mike Tyson is all the rage these days, but he'll never be Ali.

Guess I'll go DL Hay Day before Supercell is forgotten.



rjejr said:

Upon further review -

FYI - both games are free(mium) on Android, Hay Day looks like Farm Frenzy and Clash of Clans - which I had played the tutorial levels - looks like Warcraft. So I don't who called these guys "the Finnish Nintendo" - some drunken random tweet perhaps? - but I'll give them "the Finnish Blizzard" just to say something nice. And Finnish Blizzard is funny b/c you know, its cold and snowy in Finland.



ClockworkMario said:

Their games don't interest me in the slightest, but Supercell earned my eternal respects by paying 160 million € in taxes from the investment. It's magnificent to see a company to take responsibility for society, especially when, I assume, they could've just "planned" the taxes so that us Finns would've been left in the best.

All the best to them. They'll never be another Nintendo, but they could still make unforgettable experiences, provided they don't get too greedy with the "pay-to-win" -plans.



PerezBro99 said:

I actually LOVE clash of clans. It is my favorite mobile game, I play it everyday. However, it is nothing compared to a nintendo game.

.....if they bring the game to the wii u, I would be more than happy to get it!!!



Pod said:

Rovio has already amassed a lot of experience with classic game design and are good with fleshing out their IPs and doing spin-offs. They're right up the Nintendo alley.

So far I'm not as impressed with Supercell's products, but their shrewd business acumen leaves nothing to be desired. They're bona fide money men, just like Nintendo.



retro_player_22 said:

Well they could someday work for Nintendo but they can never be Nintendo. It's good that they are making games with Ninty's inspiration but it would be something else if they bring new innovation to their games even if they are Nintendo inspired. Anyways I wish them the best in their gaming future which I said the same to all newcomers in the industry.



TheRealThanos said:

It's a good thing if yet another developer comes to the Wii U, Indie or other, but NONE of them will EVER become another Nintendo. They were, they are and they will remain a unique entity in the business that they're in and nothing or no one will ever change that besides themselves.
Even though I like, own and can appreciate a lot of different games (on and from different consoles) I do find it very insulting that people even come up with this nonsense to compare simple 'snackbite' games like this and Angry Birds to all that Nintendo has already achieved. They're not even worth a fragment of that. But that's just my opinion. Apparently the media likes to think differently. Kudos to their fleeting memories and biased bullsh**...



grimbldoo said:

If they have the ability to rival Nintendo, the more the merrier I say. Having another company as good as Nintendo out on the market only makes it better as a whole.



TheRealThanos said:

@grimbldoo Seriously? You actually think that a company that has made two smart phone games is anywhere near rivaling a full blown console/game creator with 30 plus years of experience? I'm all for being positive man, but that sounds more like delusional to me... (to be clear: the comment, not you personally)



TheRealThanos said:

@grimbldoo No offense, but how so? Seems to me that I responded exactly to what you said. They can't compete with or rival Nintendo, so they can't be as good either. Ifs and buts are all nice but purely hypothetical.



grimbldoo said:

@TheRealThanos #22
Exactly! If I wrote hypothetically, why did you respond to me as if I had written factually? I don't appreciate being labeled delusional simply because I had the audacity to imagine a positive outcome. My comments reflect who I am, or was, so your response is indeed to me and not just my comment.
Side note: I do acknowledge that you meant no offense by your actions.



TheRealThanos said:

@grimbldoo Well, I'm sorry to have offended you, but I can objectively see something I say NOT being a part of me (might depend on the kind of comment or the topic), so when I explicitly stated that my comment was not a personal attack that should have showed exactly that. Of course I cannot help that you feel differently. Just think about this: even sane people can make peculiar comments and I was just trying to see where you were going with it. It was a question after all...
Oh well, all's well in the end. No harm done. Have a good one, holiday that is.



ikki5 said:

LOL, what a company that has only been around for like... 3 years and their market is something that changes every couple of months.... They are still a baby learning how to walk. I don't understand how they can rival Nintendo. I am pretty sure if Nintendo wanted to, they could ruin them easily by doing something that would shift the market ever so slightly.

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