Zen Studios, to date, has been supportive of the Wii U eShop in bringing both Zen Pinball 2 and Star Wars Pinball to the platform, but we were starting to wonder whether the promised CastleStorm would ever make an appearance.

The good news is that the title appears to be finally approaching release, with the studio posting on its own forums to link to the official Nintendo game page, which is showing December as the target window. Zen Studio's Community Manager said that the release date wasn't pinned down, but that it "should be ready to rock soon".

This game has attracted praise for its releases on other platforms, as it offers a mashup of real-time strategy, tower defence and 2D brawling. Its features will include a story mode, castle editor, co-op and online multiplayer; the releases on other platforms have also had additional DLC, so we'll also be interested in seeing whether that content will be on the Wii U day one or at a later date.

We're certainly looking forward to giving this a whirl; the trailer for its previous Xbox 360 release is below, which is practically identical to that currently on the Nintendo game page. Are you looking forward to this one?

Thanks to Spoony_Tech for the tip.

[via forum.zenstudios.com]