Rare Japanese 3 DS

We often hear of limited edition 3DS hardware models available around the world, though many of the best examples are typically reserved for the Japanese market. That's going to be the case once again, though this time around Chinese gamers did get in there first.

The two 3DS XL models pictured above will be available in Japan, but there will only be 100 of each and the criteria for getting one will be painfully specific. Those that want one will need to sign up as new customers to the Flets Hikari internet service, and even then these Mario-themed models will cost 19,900 yen (US$194 / €141 / £118). But still, they are rather attractive.

They're not entirely exclusive to Japan, however, as they were actually released in China in late 2012 under Nintendo's iQue brand, and as pictured below there was an additional variation and they had pre-installed titles such as Super Mario 3D Land.

Chinese 3 DS Models

In both cases, they're out of reach for the vast majority in the West — they'll likely be the preserve of dedicated importers. Would you like to get your hands on any of these models?

[via kotaku.com]