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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Climbs Back Into the UK Top 20

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Remainder hold firm or drop slightly

The last UK chart results before Christmas are in, and they show a largely steady week with minimal changes, albeit with some discounts or last minute rushes moving some positions around. The best story from Nintendo's perspective is Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which climbed eight places in the all-format charts from 25th up to 17th.

Elsewhere, the 3DS is well represented. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is next up in 21st, with Pokémon X & Y in 24th and 25th place; further down we have Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy and Mario Kart 7 in 34th and 38th places respectively.

You have to go down to the lower reaches to see Wii U titles — Super Mario 3D World has dropped to 33rd spot, whereas New Super Luigi U and New Super Mario Bros. U sneak into 39th and 40th places.

There are undoubtedly positive results in some territories for Nintendo, though the UK sales continue to struggle against stiff competition, albeit with the ongoing positives from the 3DS.


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Flash-Jordan said:

Oh dear, tbh though considering all u ever see on tv is "only on ps4" adverts and xbox one tv integration adverts this is no surprise im just glad there are wii u titles in there at all at this point, i do think this will improve though..



MAB said:

Smelly old ACNL is beating better new stuff like Pokemon, ALBW & Mario... Looks like the UK is gearing up to drop Nintendo gaming completely



Die2Distroy said:

Aliens Colonial Marines had a boost in the charts? That and Knack is beating 3D World? Can someone confirm this for me? I think I might be blind.



Gerbwmu said:

If Luigi U and NSMBU are in top 40 does that mean the bundle is selling well?



Nintenjoe64 said:

I think it's shocking that anything Nintendo related can get anywhere near the top 40. GAME has Xbox on the left, Playstation on the right and Nintendo on shelves that face walls and can't be seen. Even the 3DS is hidden. They have bigger and more prominent Warhammer, Ouya and Vita sections. They obviously don't want Nintendo to fail so why do they want it to be hidden from customers? It's almost like they're embarrassed by their association with Nintendo.

Knack I can understand because it is pretty much free with most PS4 bunduru but Aliens CM still in the charts?? Reviews made it sound like Ashes Cricket 2013. I'm just glad England refused to play in this Ashes due to the poor quality of the official game



Dpullam said:

Animal Crossing New Leaf is most certainly a special game. It is one of the few games I keep going back to time after time!



ikki5 said:


except for the fact that you need to pay for online..... and there is nothing to add to the gaming experience as it is the exact same as the previous console only with newer hardware.... and it costs a hell of a lot more (first year a lone costs more than $200 for PS4 and $300 for Xbox... so the Xbox is double the price).... and has a lot less AAA exclusives.....

Other than that, yeah they are better due to hardware, will have more games coming to it probably in the long run as it will have more 3rd party support most likely.



rmeyer said:

The English understand that Mario 3d world and a link between worlds are in the top 10 in the world and their region seemingly hates Nintendo. Wake up and smell the coffee.... Er tea



Farmboy74 said:

The all format chart is the happier reading compared to the individual format chart. Animal Crossing, Zelda & Pokémon for the 3DS nothing for the Wii U. Even the out going Wii has just dance at number 4!!. PS4 & Xbox 1 represented by 14 games. It shows that Nintendo need to advertise the Wii U more in the UK as at the minute there are plenty of PS4 & Xbox 1 commercials on the prime time TV and channels. The only Wii U adverts I have seen have been on the kids TV channels.



Peach64 said:

@rmeyer Neither game was anywhere near the US top 10 either. The UK has seen way more Wii U games in the top 10 than the US. Pikmin was 2nd in it's debut week. The best a Wii U game has done in the US was 10th. What does the US have against Nintendo??



luke88 said:

@Nintenjoe64 yes, I for one am proud of them for that; they've made a stand based on principle. Hopefully in future, thanks to their example, we can get some decent cricket games.



luke88 said:

@Yasume For example: no backwards compatibility as of yet, no innovation in terms of controls and no must own titles- as of yet.



Inkling said:

@Nintenjoe64 I know right? It's annoying, considering PS Vita, yes PS VITA alone, gets double the Nintendo shelf space( 3DS and Wii U)



Inkling said:

@renter Err, we don't hate Nintendo, I love them but my friends can't be taken from their Xbox Ones and their PS4s. The UK doesn't hate Nintendo! Or at least, I love them...



KevTastic84 said:

3DS sales show we love Nintendo Handhelds. But our kids of today think its only cool to play COD and the like. I'm 29 years old, and i need the bright colours and catchy tunes of Mario Bros to keep me smiling sometimes. Best form of escape



Windy said:

I'm not shocked that Animal Crossing moved back up. It's just one of those games which stands the test of time and you can keep going back and do things differently anytime you wish. I wish that Fantasy Life would get released in North America and Europe so we could try that. I'm starting to think we will not even get a sniff of Fantasy Life



kolz said:

@arnoldrobinsonj umad brah mommy won't you play anything over the rating of animal crossing and pokemon? LOL.. Wait to you grow up and can play the big boy stuff. It gets better.

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