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3DS Hardware Sales Reach the Two Million Landmark in the UK

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

That includes 2DS, too

We've heard much positive news about the 3DS this year, with the UK market also enjoying strong sales of the portable and its big-hitting games. Major releases such as Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Pokémon X & Y — along with various others — have delivered success in the software charts and driven hardware purchases — in the Summer Nintendo UK's James Honeywell described the 3DS as "really doing the numbers right now", while the 2DS was the top selling hardware in the closing week of October, for example.

A positive 2013 has helped the portable hit a major landmark, with MCV confirming that sales of the 3DS family — including the standard, XL and 2DS models — has now reached two million units in the UK. As expected and as is increasingly becoming the case, this isn't keeping pace with the incredible success of the DS, but is a notable achievement in a marketplace now swollen with alternative gaming options on the go.

It's another slice of good news for the 3DS, which can surely head into 2014 with plenty of confidence.


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Peach64 said:

But I thought the UK hated Nintendo

Oh wait, no they don't! Good games = sales!



MAB said:

2 million isn't that good for a system that has been out for 3 years



Peach64 said:

The UK is pretty tiny though, so 2 million is a pretty decent number. I think the DS was on about 5 million after the same amount of months. That mirrors pretty much how it's doing worldwide, on course to probably sell just under half what the DS did.



ikki5 said:

Don't forget guys, Nintendo is doomed with the best selling console right now on the market.



Yasume said:

Huh!? This can't be right. The UK is known for its disinterest in Nintendo products, remember? Lol

Don't get the Nintendo is doomed remarks. Nintendo is far from doomed, but the Wii U is though.



Nintenjoe64 said:

You'd think the strength of 3DS would at least give Nintendo some shelf space and a bit more love in stores like GAME......

I wonder if Wii U gets 1,000,000 in UK in 3 years....



BinaryFragger said:

But I thought sales numbers didn't matter. That's what everyone says every time an article mentions the sales success of the Xbox One and PS4.



Goginho said:

C'mon Nintendo, use that money well made and surprise us with some more unexpected titles to come.



Peach64 said:

@audehtv And the US has over 300 million. 5 times the population and 5 times the 3DS sales. It matches up perfectly, but every week on the UK chart people continue with this 'The UK hates Nintendo' myth.



Inkling said:

@Nintenjoe64 Yeah, at my local GAME store both of the walls are dedicated to PS4/Xbox One, Nintendo only gets a tiny shelf in the middle for both 3DS and Wii U. PS Vita has double the space of Nintendo's. It's crazy!



Jazzer94 said:

@GamerOZO In my local Game 3DS has the third biggest shelve space after the PS4 and Xbox one guess it varies from store to store.



Mahe said:

The 2DS probably did a good deal of that. It's been selling very well since its launch.



MikeLove said:

Not too shabby! In three years the 3DS has already surpassed lifetime sales of the toothbrush.



Artwark said:

Nintendo knows what's best for us gamers. So expect them to do wonders so we can play wonders.



audehtv said:

@Peach64 Yeah compared to the US that is a tiny number... But mostly its immigration that accounts for the 60 Million Population... I don't believe the UK hate Nintendo myth



PinkSpider said:

It's definitely more noticeable on the street pass side of things I get regular street passes now. Still not as many as I'd liked but compared to 2 years ago it's a massive improvement. And on the uk hates nintendo, what I'll say is they definitely prefer playstation and xbox. Nintendo is far from hated over hear but they aren't as popular as the other big 2 these days sadly....
I'm still haven't met a person who owns a wii u where I'm from which is a sad state of affairs. Oh well I feel like I'm in a unique crowd lol



PinkSpider said:

@Jazzer94 the wii u practically has no shelf space in my game. It usually gets dumped in with Wii U. I went in the other day and most of the games for some reason were on the floor under the shelf, was sad to see.



unrandomsam said:

Cannot compare with the DS that time you could buy just the console from Game and then a flashcart from Cex over the road and never buy a retail game.



MikeLove said:


Same with the Wii and PS2. Both were/are so easily hackable, I don't put much stock into either of their massive sales numbers.

Likely 30-50% of Wii's and PS2's bought outside of North America, Japan and some parts of Europe probably never had a legitimately purchased game in them.



unrandomsam said:

@FutureAlphaMale Not sure about the Wii at least where I live there are plenty that only played Wii Sports but legitimately. The PS2 was strange in the deprived parts of the city I live in (Where my sister lived at the time). It was advertised as a while you wait thing. It wasn't that widespread though. Dunno when the Wii piracy became widespread but recently I got loads of Wii games for basically nothing. (Used Gamecube stuff costs a fortune by comparison.)

The DS was different because the flashcards were sold and advertised in the city centre.



MikeLove said:


I spent a lot of time in Asia between 2003 and 2012, and where I was I often encountered 'arcades' filled with TV's and PS2's where kids would pay money to sit and play pirated software. From about 2010-12 I began to notice more Wiis being used in a similar manner. Even when you went to the local electronics or department store to look at games, you couldn't even buy official software. The systems were modded already!

I know that in South America and the Middle East the same practices go on. Nobody polices the piracy and official software prices are sky high so everyone just buys copies for $3-5.



JaxonH said:

No, but it IS good for the 3DS, which hasn't fully been out 3 years yet (only 2 years and 9 months I think?) especially considering that 2 million is only sales in ONE country. After all, there are hundreds of countries in the world. So 2 million sold on a tiny little island isn't shabby by any means. If every country which markets the console sold that many, 3DS would be well over 100 million sold



AJWolfTill said:

@PinkSpider Absolutley! I used to be happy with 1 or 2 streetpasses after several hours in town. More recently I actually make it to the 10 limit without trying. It's a wonderful thing to know Nintendovitus is spreading!



Luna-Harmony said:

I live 50miles from london and when took my 3ds on the train and to one tube stop and home i had over 35 people i had street passed by and that was just the outskirts of london a quick trip. wheres not one of my friends owns a wii u or anybody i know .
Why does the isa think uk gamers hate nintendo ? i have been playing since Game and watch and 8bit days and lots of my friends.
It's just the new school kids that don't like nintendo much they are all xbox and mine craft.



Link41x said:

That took almost 3 years to hit that number? That's kinda embarrassing really.



LinkIRule said:

In my GAME store theres a Wii U demo station and 1 Wii u shelf for games, an xbox one station with 1 shelf of games and a ps4 and vita demo station which makes w shelfs. The rest are all preowned games and ps3 and 360s



Marshi said:

Ive loved my wiiu with some great gams this year. Ive laughed and actually cried at The Last Of Us and Beyone: Two Souls on my ps3. Ive jumped up and down with giddy delight at the awesome power and potential of my ps4(after queing for an hour at midnight no less). But there is one piece of hardware that has offered me more enjoyment than all of the above combined. And thats the 3ds. No system this year (or any year in recent memory imo) has offered such consistent and long lastingly brilliant titles.

Roll on 2014!

Ps. Please do the same for the wiiu next year nintendo theres a good chap




I would like to know what has sold better out of the 3ds and vita in the UK.

I live in london, and the only people I know that have a 3ds are children 4-10 yrs old.

All my adult friends own ps vita including myself, I had a 3ds for a time but gave it to my 5 year old soon after and got a vita, it just wasn't for me

I like my wii u though, but the sad thing is 3rd party support is so slim that I plan on selling that and getting a PS4 in the new year.



Shambo said:

@Yasume Who says so? By this age, 3ds was also still 'doomed'. More and more people I know are getting a U.

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