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Weirdness: You Could Hang This Mini Lego Mario Question Block on Your Christmas Tree

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

We particularly like the Lego Atari 2600

The Holiday season is a festive, happy time, when many off us happily pile on the pounds and, presumably, play a lot of games. It's a time of backlog busting and, perhaps, silly family games — that Wii or, dare we say Wii U can provide the latter activity in particular. Some of us may also have a Christmas Tree, in which case this mini Lego Mario Question Block may be an ideal decoration as you play a bit of Super Mario 3D World.

This is the work of Chris McVeigh, who sells mini Lego decorations and ornaments on his Powerpig website. Some of you retro gamers may also like the rest of the collection, with the little Atari below being a favourite in Nintendo Life HQ.

'Tis the season for gaming, after all.


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Zeargo said:

Thats not weird, its awesome! That is if its not to heavy for the tree.



Mk_II said:

Great idea! i've got a box full of very nicely modelled plastic ? blocks that used to contain a kart toy and candies. I'm gonna stick led lights inside them for a truly awesome Xmas.




Uberchu said:

I'm gonna stick full up with more ? blocks.

?block inception! No coins/powerups/1UP's for you Mario!

evil voice Muahahahaha!



StarDust4Ever said:

I have some collectable candy tins of mushrooms and a question block. I ate the candies and kept the tins, LOL!

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