The world of Pokémon can be baffling to outsiders, which is perhaps more prevalent now that X & Y have sold millions of copies around the world. There are sure to be some that are new to the franchise, and they may be struggling to keep up with the many types, attacks and weaknesses that need to be learned and mastered.

Kotaku has taken on the challenge of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of various elements that, perhaps, aren't particular obvious or instinctive; the job is then finding a way to remember these combinations. Some of the observations do have a certain logic in the real world — for example Ground attacks are strong vs. electric (useful for those that understand electricity). Some of the memory techniques are a little more vague or less instinctive, such as the following.

Poison and steel vs. fairy

So why is the new fairy type weak to poison and steel? It's simple, really. Think back to the story of Peter Pan. Captain Hook locks Tinker Bell inside a metal lantern, and in the original version (not the Disney film) she drinks poison to save Peter's life. That's all you have to remember!

If memorising these descriptions isn't for you, then try out the chart below (via Reddit). Simple, right?

Perhaps series art director Ken Sugimori had a point when he recently shared his personal hope that the franchise will be simplified in the next generation. What do you think?