Nintendo's games, when you assess them with a critical perspective, are weird. The company's main mascot lives in The Mushroom Kingdom and fights an enormous turtle thing with a dog's name, while this year a major Wii U release put players in control of hundreds of colour co-ordinated minions that collect fruit and fight creatures to retrieve old mobile phones. Video games are weird, and Nintendo is weird.

And Nintendo of America is embracing the weirdness, bit by bit, which is absolutely fine by us. On this occasion it's a reaction to the news from earlier in November that the Federal Aviation Administration is easing rules on using electronic devices on flights in the U.S., good news for those that want to browser phones, tablets or — even better — play a 3DS.

With Nintendo of America recently kicking off its partnership with Southwest Airlines, it's now posted the utterly random tweet below to celebrate the FAA's decision.

It's spontaneous, and some may ask "why tweet this, NoA?". As we're talking about being able to play 3DS games on a plane the response should probably be, "why not?"