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Video: Watch Us Lift The Lid On Prima's Legendary Zelda Strategy Guide Treasure Chest

Posted by Damien McFerran

An unboxing of epic proportions

How time flies. It only seems like yesterday that we reported that Prima Games — famed for its detailed strategy guides — would be releasing a collectable box set containing strategy guides for several recent Zelda titles, including Twilight Princess, Wind Waker HD and Ocarina of Time 3D — but sadly not A Link Between Worlds.

The set includes the hardback guides, a gold, double-sided bookmark and a certificate of authenticity, which also features a special message from Eiji Aonuma. The whole package is stored in a special "treasure chest" container, which imitates the same boxes seen in the Zelda series (it doesn't make that iconic sound when you lift the lid, however).

Now the release is upon us, and Prima has been kind enough to send us one of these box sets to fondle and stroke. To enable you to share in our joy, we've put together this unboxing video which shows the kind of fun you can expect if you're one of the lucky 50,000 who has ordered one of these treasure chests.

You can order this set now from Amazon US and Amazon UK. Will you be investing?

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User Comments (56)



Gioku said:

OMIGOD!!! THAT'S AMAZING!!! I WANT IT! (Even though I don't have most of those games, lol).



ejamer said:

Came so close to ordering this... but would rather spend that money on actual games than supporting swag. Pretty awesome set though! Certainly couldn't fault anyone who did lay out the cash to grab one.



Jazzer94 said:

Might order it from Amazon US and send it to my nans and pick it up next time I go over no way I'm paying 120 pounds compared with Amazon US 70 pound pricing.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Oh, holy mother of Equestria!!! This is really awesome!

Too bad I don't have any need for it other than brag about it...



Gold_Ranger said:

Mine just arrived in the mail!
I did my unboxing video for the Website I Freelance on.
I got it from Amazon for $105.96



J-Manix98 said:

Not worth buying in my opinion. However the guides are very nice, I wouldn't mind having the Wind Waker HD one.



unrandomsam said:

For something like these guides digital would be more useful if basically every time I search I find out exactly what I want to know. (I don't usually bother with guides think it is a waste.)



ejamer said:

It is very expensive, but for six gorgeous books in a (limited) collector's edition it's not really that crazy of a price. Aren't most guides around $20 at retail when first released anyway? I bet this set is selling on eBay for at least twice the current asking price by Christmas next year.



GamerJunkie said:

I want a new zelda game. All of these remakes, handheld versions and books and crap, bring me the WIi U ZELDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



TruenoGT said:

Beautiful stuff, but it's too bad there's not guides for earlier games in the series as well... you know, the games that actually might need a guide to complete!



Morph said:

I got mine for £66 which is a bargain, its a very nice collectors piece



JettiBlue said:

I just unboxed mine! It arrived today, got it from Amazon Germany for 106€. This is very good value, considering that these are the collector's editions, which cost around 25€ each when released individually and some of them are higher now in price because they are out of print.

Also, the Skyward Sword guide is a new edition (as I believe exclusive to the box)!
It's almost TWICE as many pages as the first edition! Havent checked yet what they added, but I'm gonna sell my old one definitely now.

I havent seen the Tiwlight Princess one before, it's massive (just as the WW HD and SS one). On first look it doesnt seem to be structured that well as the others. Particularly the Secrets section.

All in all an amazing buy though, the books are just so beautiful! I'm going to sell the two books for the DS games and fill the box with new guides of future games.



Vriess said:

I've got them all already, except for the OoT one. That one was never sold separately I want it! How to get it?!?!



JettiBlue said:

@Vriess: The OoT Collectors Edition guide isnt available to buy separately unfortunately. Just like the new edition of the Skyward Sword Collectors Edition guide. Maybe you will see some popping up on eBay, but I'd assume for a hefty price.



Moose_4 said:

My order arrived yesterday and it is all beautiful. I like the metal bookmark.
Even though i have 5 of them when they were previously released.
Good to now have Ocarina of Time 3D hardbook.
I was lucky and ordered this about 4months ago at £66.
So i got a bargain!



GamerJunkie said:

@NintendoFTW1999 Sorry that isnt on Wii U.... I said right in my post "forget handhelds" I guess you didn't even finish reading the one sentence post or have reading comprehension problems.



biglee said:

A little birdie told me that my in laws already ordered me a set for Christmas. Now the question is do I order myself a second one to put away?



Trikeboy said:

I just picked this up while watching the video. It looks too good for any Zelda fan to pass up.



Marioman64 said:

ack! that was a set? I have the spirit tracks one, but my twilight princess guidebook is like a release day promo edition, so it looks different



ktribal said:

No treasure chest opening music? Missed opportunity.
But that's a great item, I'm jealous.



SebCroc said:

My goodness, those books look so well bound! :0 I'd love to have one of those myself, but alas, the shipping would be awfully expensive :/



SpookyMeths said:

My only regret is that it doesn't have an empty slot for A Link Between Worlds! Love it though, can't wait until mine arrives in the mail.



Hunter-D said:

I pre-ordered this for £67.41 from Amazon. It was dispatched a few days ago too!



tombenmor said:

£80 from (SpeedyHen), which is more palatable. I still think £120 is pretty good if you have the spare cash - £20 each plus the box and bookmark.



tombenmor said:

Apologies I take that back - £91 from play now. People must be snapping them up!



JaxonH said:

I ordered this from Amazon. It has been shipped and is on its way I own each of the 6 Zelda games for which there are guides, and because I also own Windwaker HD and Link Between Worlds, I ordered the Collector's Edition of those as well, separately.



JaxonH said:

Link Between Worlds is a new game. Unlike Windwaker HD or Ocarina of Time 3D, you haven't played Link Between Worlds before. And judging by the unanimous 9s and 10s across the board, and general consensus that the game is perhaps the best in the series, I'd be busy playing Zelda Link Between Worlds rather than complaining there isn't a new one, even if it is on a handheld. Nothing wrong with the 3DS, in fact, the games look and ARE amazing. Just sayin.

In any case, Zelda Wii U is coming. Unlike Call of Duty, new Zelda games aren't an annual occurrence. We have to wait years between entries. But don't worry, that time is fast approaching. I predict Zelda U will be out by holiday season 2014. After E3 Nintendo stated they are further along in development than people think, and that they almost decided to reveal it at this year's E3 presentation. If that's the case, I'd mark it down for November 2014.



Volmun said:

@JaxonH yes LoZ ALBW is a Briliant game completed it this morning still missing a item some how o_O idk how.. lol eniyway i was realy tempted with theas gide books for the art work in them its why i got the Portal 2 gide (terned up after i more or less 100%ed it lol still good art)



business-scrub said:

Glad I gave in to the impulse to grab this when they announced it since I definitely don't have the cash now. Hopefully it comes this week!



EarthboundBenjy said:

Is the Twilight Princess guide based on the GameCube version or the Wii version? (basically, which way round are the maps in the guide?)



Luna-Harmony said:

Stunning ! i read they do not come with the extras like cloth maps ect.
Prima make the best quality guides i own some gears of war guides by them and they are amazing quality.
This box set will be worth a lot in time a real collectors peace.



GamerJunkie said:

@JaxonH I could care less about handheld games. I bought their console which should be their priority. Thats the problem with Nintendo for years now, they are focusing on little kids and on the handheld market. Its like me saying the new Final fantasy games on iphone/android are amazing. Console gamers don't care..... They want the true sequel on console.

Nintendo has to step it up on Wii U. I think the zelda will be great, just was saying, I am not happy to get wind waker on the Wii U, while they make new games for handheld.....its stupid.



GamerJunkie said:

@LunaticPandora I'm not mad at all, just disappointed in the Wii U up to now. Mario 3d World is awesome so I am really having fun with it, but overall its been a dismal 1st year for the console and I let it be known so that hopefully they see their fans/customers are disappointed and improve.

Til then I will be enjoying Mario world, my new PS4 and my hundreds of PC games, no reason to be angry, but its always good to give opinion and let companies know if you are satisfied or not satisfied.



darklinkinfinite said:

I had this preordered but cancelled it to use the money to buy a sound bar for my new tv and since I have most of the guides already though I would love the OoT and new Skyward Sword guides.



Triforce83 said:

Just ordered my lovely box from Amazon marketplace for £67.55, have had my eye on getting it for several months but couldn't justify the crazy Amazon price (£119.99!!) so happy when i saw another book company selling it for nearly half the price nice early xmas present for me. Already have most of the guides in paper back except for the WW one which i purchased with the limited edition Ganon version.

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