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Video: This Mario 3D World Level Has A Little Bit Of Zelda About It

Posted by Damien McFerran

Top-down tomfoolery

We've already seen how Super Mario 3D World imitates Mario Kart in one of its levels, and it's only fitting that the game also tips its hat to another popular Nintendo franchise: The Legend of Zelda.

World 7-2 — otherwise known as Switchback Ruins — adopts a top-down viewpoint and features loads of Zelda-style bonfires to light with your Fire Flower power-up.

Super Mario 3D World launched last week in North America, and comes to Europe this Friday.

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jjmesa16 said:

More Zelda stuff in this game too. Don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't played it yet.



Dave24 said:

There is Zelda thing in World 3, level 1 if I remember correctly. You will notice (or rather hear) as soon as you start There is everything in this game, which is great



SpookyMeths said:

I can't believe how ridiculously fun and well-designed this game looks. I haven't even really been into Mario since the SNES, but this honestly looks like one of the best games Nintendo has ever developed.



Guovssohas said:

Mario 3D Land also had a Zelda vibe in one of the levels, it even had the signature Zelda "discovery" sound when you did something..



NintyMan said:

There's an even bigger Zelda reference later in the game, but I'm not telling.

Throughout this level I was lighting up the torches hoping to hear the Zelda puzzle jingle like what happened in the top-down level in 3D Land, but there wasn't one.



Haywired said:

I know we can just choose to avoid these, but why are you guys giving away like, the whole game? As Arcade Fire would say "We used to wait for it. We used to wait for it."



sinalefa said:

If any of these videos can make anyone on the fence decide to get the game and if necessary also get a Wii U to play it, then it will be worth it.



Haywired said:

I suppose that's possible, but I'm not sure if that's NL's job or indeed if the key to get people excited and intrigued about a product is "show them everything".

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