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Video: Super Mario 3D World's Chainlink Charge Level Will Test Your Skills

Posted by Damien McFerran

Make sure you grab the cat suit

Super Mario 3D World is almost with us — it launches in North America tomorrow — and to mark the occasion we're running a different video every day until the European launch, which is next Friday.

Today it's World 3-2, otherwise known as Chainlink Charge. Considering how early on in the game this level appears, it's quite tricky — as you can see from the footage below.

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NintyMan said:

Nice to read that the challenge comes fairly early in this game and that NL is going to be milking the hype. Fortunately the big day is just tomorrow us North Americans!



ikki5 said:


Damn, I clicked it.

You guys tend to kill Mario a lot.



SetupDisk said:

Just a sleep, backshift work then buying a physical copy for my nephew and downloading when I get home. It's Christmas Eve already!



OorWullie said:

126 lifes accumulated by World 3?I thought lifes were supposed to be hard to come by in multiplayer?

Edit - I just realised yous are running through already completed levels



ScorpionMG said:

@OorWullie if you didnt notice, it was for both players and the already beat the game so it's only normal to have so many after replaying the levels



sinalefa said:

I heard the game will be on the eShop tonight at midnight EST. Anyone knows if that is true? The eShop says midnight, but not the timezone.



rjejr said:

Wow only 15 comments? Mario fatigue must be setting in.

Maybe somebody can find a quote of Pachter saying the game sucks

Ok, maybe not, but I'm sure he'll say something about the game being too late to save the Wii U now that PS4 and X1 are out, which ties into TW's Soapbox piece yesterday.



NintyMan said:

I'm not going to watch the video now that the game is coming tomorrow. That's right; tomorrow. I want to try this challenging level myself.

@rjejr: Mario fatigue? Not a chance. I believe it's because people are skittish of spoilers, and at this point, that's perfectly understandable.



rjejr said:

@DestinyMan - "skittish of spoilers"

Well yeah, there's that too. It's why I'm not watching, and I won't be playing for another 34 days.



Megumi said:

....Yeah Nintendo seems to give out extra lives way too easily these days, lol



withoutdk said:


yeah.. and i was thinking... take the coin rings (the big ones)... but no.. and when they did it was an accident. hahah

but nice to see some screens / videos from it... i surely want to buy... i love mario



Gold_Ranger said:

@rjejr @ikki5 @withoutdk
Watching a Mario level video is a lot different than watching a Zelda video.
Mario Spoilers are only at the Beginning or the End of the game, there is NEVER anything storywise between those.
Zelda on the other hand is always filled with spoilers.



withoutdk said:


i agree... but it is fun never the less... and i have played it since i was a little n00b

but zelda... that is a new universe for me... my gf is introducing me as we speak... i must admit seeing the screens for the new zelda... it looks promising both in story and looks...



Captain_Toad said:

I'm a dog person but I find it really cute that Mario and Luigi just screech down on the walls in their cat suits.



withoutdk said:


i dont plan to.. she is everything i ever wanted... and more good looks, smart, partly orental... just a good package

surely hope you can "teach" you gf something hehe



Super_Gravy said:

@sinalefa: I live in EST timezone and download a lot of game from eShop and PSN (Digital Day One). The launch date is 3:00 AM for digital copies. But you can go to retail to get it at midnight and you beat the eShop and PSN street release date.

Hopefully its come earlier than 3:00 AM.



unrandomsam said:

@Yukari_Sendo The invincible racoon suit and the p that takes you to the end of the level is even worse. (That should be able to disabled globally in the options or something if they must have it).



unrandomsam said:

@UnseatingKDawg I hope you are right about the difficulty but I suspect you will be wrong. It doesn't even give you a harder set after you finish. (First half is as easy as ever).



blinkpunk02 said:

Lives are pretty pointless. How many games out there make it tough to finish a game these days? The later levels in Super Mario 3D Land were some of the toughest levels I've played in recent years. I look forward to getting a Wii U one day to play this game. Nintendo are still the masters of platforming.

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