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Video: Nintendo Releases New Trailer For Mario Party: Island Tour

Posted by Orla Madden

Footage arrives ahead of its release this month

Nintendo has released a new trailer for its upcoming dice-rolling, mini-game playing, friend bashing bonanza on the 3DS, Mario Party: Island Tour.

First revealed back in April during a Nintendo Direct broadcast, the latest footage shows the usual chaotic environment that you'd expect from the Mario Party series; taking place across seven different boards and 80 new mini-games, it's sure to be a rollercoaster ride.

Mario Party: Island Tour arrives in North America on 22nd November, with Europe having to wait until 2014; a date is yet to be confirmed for the region. Let us know if you plan on picking up a copy when it takes a tour to a store near you.

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Goginho said:

haha, the way Yoshi flails around in that bubble is too cute.
Oh man, the tank minigame reminds of the one I enjoyed playing back in the day, on one of the first three Mario Party games (don't remember which one though ).



Gioku said:

lol at Luigi in the bubble at the beginning...
Looks like a really nice Mario Party game! Comes out just after my birthday, though... bummer.



Torchwood said:

Nice to see them using all of the 3DS's features! I probably won't be picking this one up this holiday, but I might pick it up down the road as Mario Party DS was one of my favourite DS games!



unrandomsam said:

I like the Mini Games on Mario Party but I wish it didn't have the dice. (Don't like stuff involving luck).



Captain_Balko said:

Looking forward to it, but won't get it until around Christmas due to A Link Between Worlds and Super Mario 3D World releasing on the same day (honestly Nintendo, why?).



astros75 said:

I thought this was pushed back in NA too?! I even cancelled my pre-order lol



rjejr said:

It's nice to see a trailer for something other than SM3DW for a change.



NintyMan said:

That tank minigame is an obvious inspiration of Shell Shocked from Mario Party 2.
It's nice to see Nintendo finally mention this game for once. They better start showing it more if they want it to sell well since it's still set to release in North America on November 22 along with Super Mario 3D World and Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and few know about this game because of Nintendo's silence. The minigames so far look really good.



MagicEmperor said:

@Zach777 This. I would gladly trade Island Tour with Azran Legacy just so I could play the latter first! That said, I definitely am keeping my eye on Island Tour. A lot of my friends have been burnt out from the franchise, but a few of mine are still kicking it.



SideScreamer said:

My girlfriend is getting a Zelda: ALBW 3DS off me for Christmas, her brother has a 3DS XL, and her sister recently got a 2DS. The fact this is entirely playable between four people with just one game card will be fantastic.



Pit-Stain said:

I must admit that I'm a big Mario Party fan since the first one so I'm sure I'm getting this one. Also, mario party 9 was a bit disappointing, I hope they return the ol' turn-based-block system.



Megumi said:

What's the deal with November 22nd? Already got 3D World and Zelda 3DS to deal with on that date. lol



LunaticPandora said:

@Zach777 Yeah, and I don't care about Layton so it's not good enough. If we so much got as much a reason for why eu got it delayed but na didn't i would be fine, but nope, it's just America gets it on time, eu gets it..... whenever, so I'm still pissed about it.



Geonjaha said:

Region locking and region delays...
It's 2013, why are we still dealing with this stuff?



Gold said:

A NoE 3DS/XL is reigon-locked right? If so, I thought you guys/gals could order it from Amazon US.



Pikachupwnage said:

I don't like how stupidly linear EVERY board is. I hope that at since each board has its own gimmick we get a couple old style boards included(A normal one and a real estate thingy one like that windmill place in 7)



sinalefa said:


I know. My point is that the game is releasing a little before to have fresh games for BF. Hopefully they advertise them like crazy



Lalivero said:

@Genesaur Have you not played Mario Party DS? It's still really fun. I'm one of the very few gamers in my family, yet I got even a lot of them addicted to it.



Great_Gonzalez said:

Still not over them takilng my DK away I will not buy and i haven't bought a mario party since he was taken out so i guess i wont be getting this one!



AugustusOxy said:

Better ban this too, mario party promotes competitive nature in children, competitive nature can lead to all sorts of dangerous situations. We gotta protect the kids here.



SphericalCrusher said:

Looks fun, but personally I feel Mario Party games work much better on big screen in the living room so everyone can enjoy them locally. I have Mario Part on DS but didn't play it nearly as much as I did Mario Parties on home console.



Mr_3DS said:

Man, Nintendo...ADD ONLINE. It's so irritating...

Picture this...playing online against your friends and random would be awesome.

I'm sick of hearing excuses...I know two of my friends aren't getting it because there's no online and I'm still debating.



3DFOMEE said:

No online = Playing with yourself.

I already have a problem with that Ninty!

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