Over the past couple of weeks we've shared a number of Nintendo commercials with you, and they've attracted mixed reactions. Some have been popular, some haven't, but all have at least shown that the company's doing some old-fashioned advertising to encourage big sales this shopping season.

There have been quite a few new commercials released in the past week that we haven't got around to showing, so below is an all-in-one commercial-fest of most of those from the Nintendo of America stable that we've missed to date. As the headline should have tipped you off, celebrities are out in force, whether you like it or not.

We'll start with the latest 'Pitch', however, so check them out and share your thoughts.

The Pitch — Wii Sports Club

Jennette McCurdy — Mario Party: Island Tour

Disney stars play Super Mario 3D World and Wii Party U

Jamie Anderson Plays Mario & Sonic with... Mario & Sonic