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Video: Get Lost In Space As We Take You Through The Epic Opening Level Of Call Of Duty: Ghosts

Posted by Damien McFerran

In space, no one can hear you shoot Federation goons

Call of Duty games tend to open with a bit of a bang, and Ghosts is no different. The opening level starts off relaxed enough, with a battle-hardened father regaling his sons with tales of valour, but it soon takes a turn for the worst as an orbital space station starts taking pot-shots at American cities.

We've played through the opening level and recorded the event for posterity, so grab some popcorn and enjoy. Be warned, however — if you want to experience the game with a totally fresh pair of eyes, what follows below may spoil the experience for you.

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Shiryu said:

Totally loved it! It does make me wonder if the guys at IW are big fans of the movie "Gravity" or something. I do hope they go ahead with their idea of making a "Call of Duty" in space in the near future.



darklinkinfinite said:

I was a bit scared seeing bits of this scene in the trailers. Seemed like it would be kind of silly and Moonraker-y but I thought it was executed well by establishing a future were space is militarized and that you're stationed in space when it is attacked instead of some weird, "let's chase this guy into space!" plot point.



ACK said:

@Shiryu I highly doubt this as anything to do with that movie. This level was conceptualized far before that movie was a known quantity.

It's weird how it all plays out, but there really seems to be something to the idea of a collective subconscious... Scary how often similar concepts will be created and released eerily close to one another with seemingly little relation or shared inspiration. That's probably the case here.



Shiryu said:

@ACK Maybe, maybe not. "Gravity" had a lot of sneak preview trailers early in the year. Since the whole Odin sequence is merely a few minutes right of the star, I think it's not that impossible that it was added later in development... or maybe the whole Infinity Ward team are just big "007 Moonraker" fans.



D3athBr1ng3r187 said:

Boring........unrealistic crap......this isn't 007........ So this is "Call of Duty" direction. I thought this series suppose to be a modern miltary warfare title but IW is taking the similar stupid route with the campaign Volition did with Saints Row 3/4 sigh......



N64ever said:

I actually may consider playing this. I lost intrest in most shooters but this actually looks good. Cinematically looks good anyways. Guess I will rent it first.



SKTTR said:

Now tell me the other stages are just as neat as the opening stage and I'll consider this.



Senate_Guard said:

The whole astronauts gameplay would be much cooler if it wasn't apart of CoD: the Madden of FPS games.



rastamadeus said:

@SKTTR For a COD game the single player is surprisingly fun. Enjoyed it much more than I have any since the first Modern Warfare. It's Squads and Extinction which are dreadful. The new version of Survival is shockingly poor and Extinction is just Zombies but - somehow! - even more boring. Selling the game today as I'm bored of it in less than a week (Spec Ops/Survival has kept me returning to MW2/3 for years on my PS3, in contrast).



SetupDisk said:

Oddly enough this is the only single player campaign in a mulitplayer focused FPS I have enjoyed since the reboot of Goldeneye.



HappyHappyist said:

its unfortunate that C.O.D can't have one level without looking down the barrel of a gun, EVEN WHEN THE LEVEL IS IN SPACE. does that even make sense? why are people attacking you in space? who are they attacking? what i'm getting out of that intro is, why are those people attacking you, and who are they? are they space terrorists or something, because i highly, highly doubt terrorists would ever go to SPACE of all places. the space segment could have been a great place to make the player stop moving and watch what happens. what they had was a great idea, but they ruined it with stupid space terrorists and making the player shoot a gun. (i'm not even sure guns would work like that in space. i'm no scientist, so i could be wrong, but i must question if that is even possible.)



ACK said:

@ACK I guess you're right. I admit, I pay next to no attention to the current movie industry, so I still know next to nothing about the movie, or it's genesis. I suppose I talked out of turn... Yeah, there could be some inspiration there, but as you alluded, it's not as if 'Gravity' originated this sort of scene...

On the other hand, maybe there is something to the 007 inspiration, since the game feels somewhat like a Bond-inspired CoD. It definitely makes more sense as a connection, since Gravity doesn't seem to have much to do with space station shootouts.



ACK said:

@Nik-Davies It may be in vogue to dump on the CoD franchise, and this iteration in particular. But I don't see the value ignoring the reality that many men and women altered their lives for several years to work day and night for this game to be released. Despite our feelings on the subject matter, they don't deserve to have their work so derisively dismissed.

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