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Video: Check Out Captain Toad's Contribution To Super Mario 3D World

Posted by Damien McFerran

"Bring it on!"

Captain Toad — previously seen in Super Mario Galaxy — has a starring role in the forthcoming Super Mario 3D World. He takes part in exclusive levels where he has to traverse various obstacles in order to grab as many stars as possible.

The unique thing about Captain Toad's challenges is that he can't jump. Another major difference between these levels and the main game is the ability to alter the viewpoint using the GamePad's motion control — this can be overridden by the analogue stick, however.

We've grabbed some footage of the first Captain Toad level for your own personal amusement - rest assured, this is relatively simple when compared to the later ones.

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Nintenjoe64 said:

It's taken a month or so of heavy publicity but this game appears to have finally silenced the (idiotic) doubters



rjejr said:

Wow, first bad thing I've seen about this game. It's like they copied my least favorite part of Sonic Adventure 2 - the treasure hunting Knuckles areas - into a Mario game.

Oh sure, it looks cute now, but when you're playing the later hard levels and then you get stuck on one of these and all you want to do is get back to playing Mairo you'll be cursing Captain Toad. Unless they are all optional, in which case thats fine.

So how do these levels work in multiplayer? Do we skip them or play w/ 4 Captain Toads or 1 Captain toad and some minions? They should dress up the other 3 players as controllable Pikmin like in Nintendo Land



rjejr said:

Oh, and for all those people who keep saying Nintendo shouldn't spoil their brand by making "app" games, Captain Toad was made to be in an app game, as were these levels. Sure it might be difficult to control w/o a stick, but it would certainly be doable. And kids playing on their parents phone would love Captain Toad and ask for a Wii U for Christmas.



NintyMan said:

I like that they made an extended version of the Toad Brigade theme from Super Mario Galaxy.



sinalefa said:

A simple thing, but awesome nonetheless.


Forget the pikmin, there were other members of the Toad Brigade that we can use. And those levels look straightforward as to get stuck. And even if you do, you may be able to skip them, like Rhythm Heaven and Pushmo do.



Wonder_Ideal said:

Looks like fun and neat side element of the game. Plus you can't go wrong with the Toad Brigade theme.



SetupDisk said:

Captain Toad is BADDONKEY! Seriously though, he is a funny character and I can't wait to see the hard levels of this.

Watch the language -Lz



Blue_Yoshi said:

Great, I was wondering why they used the Blue Toad(I forget his name) instead of THE Toad. They also gave a shoutout to the Yellow Toad(I think his name was Yver) by having Mario's cat costume be yellow. I like Blue anyways as its my favorite color and appeals to much more people than yellow does.



JtotheY said:

This looks like an awesome addition to the game, playing some puzzle-like Captain Toad levels in between the Mario levels.



unrandomsam said:

@Nintenjoe64 Any sane person still has doubts. Its still the same basic mechanics as 3d land but looking nicer (And maybe without the annoyances due to the poor framerate). Fairly sure the problem with the difficulty that Nintendo developed around the time of the Wii will still be there. Don't care at all what it looks like.



unrandomsam said:

What I don't know for sure is whether I just don't like the 3d land technicalities or whether I don't like the whole concept. (This is to SMB as Sonic 3d is to Sonic other than looks and polish.)



Mommar said:

I'm still waiting for a Mario game comprised solely of the challenge levels in Super Mario Sunshine.



Mommar said:

The concept I think is sound. The problem is that I already played 3D Land and I really didn't think it was a very good game. That being said, the clips I've seen from 3D World have got me far more excited, hopefully it can be far more difficult/fun. But I'm still worried about the Legacy it follows.



AdanVC said:

Could Nintendo Life make an article of how AWESOME the Super Mario 3D World artwork look? Especially the super duper awesome big key artwork used as a cover for the box. Seriously is the most beautiful artwork on a Mario Game I've ever seen, even more than the Galaxy artwork.



yvanjean said:

Wow, just when you though Super Mario 3D World couldn't get any better.

I bet you this is going to be completely optional and just for occasion when you want to take on a slower pace, wind down and play a more puzzle game. This game will focus on thinking and problem solving rather then platforming skills.

Wow Nintendo is bringing out all the gun, just like Super Mario 3D land revived the 3ds. Here Mario to the rescue for WiiU. If only they had a Mario Kart WiiU as a one - two punch... oh wait they do But, that would not be enough to knock it out of the ball park that would probably need a game like Super Smash Brother WiiU.

2014 predictions:
1. EA comes crawling back to WiiU and renews the unprecedented third party support for WiiU.
2. 10 Million WiiU sold worldwide by March 2014.



Warbeard said:

@yvenjean I though Mario Kart was coming out in May or something, but yeah, Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong and Mario Kart will probably push it past 10 wonderful millions next summer



rjejr said:

@Damo - "The levels are optional."

Woo hoo, you the man Damo. I might even enjoy doing them now.



JaxonH said:

I don't think it's an issue of whether they have content well-suited to smartphones, it's an issue of damaging the brand. The minute consumers can get their fix of Nintendo goodness from a smartphone, their home console and handheld become irrelevant. Why buy a Wii U and Super Mario 3D World, when you can play some of the game on your phone?



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - Really, an optional Captain Toad level is going to make somebody not buy SM3DW? You do realize I said to just give out the Toad levels, not the Mario levels, right? Even I'm not stupid enough to put the Mario levels on a smartphone.

I live on Long Island, we have a bunch of wineries that have wine tastings to get people to buy more wine. You must have something similar w/ cheese



rjejr said:

@ScorpionMG - Thanks. I'll actually look forward to playing them on occasion, but I'll moslty be playing 3 or 4 payer and dind't want the interruption of slo-mo puzzling.



Genesaur said:

@Mommar Dude, right? Those were some brilliantly designed segments. I liked Sunshine as a whole, but I always looked forward to those parts.



sinalefa said:


Rhythm Heaven appeared on Wii and DS (different games) so I think you have no excuse They are pretty awesome games as well.

Regarding Pushmo, that one is only for 2/3DS. Although I find crazy that you got a Wii U before getting a 3DS



rjejr said:

@sinalefa - "Although I find crazy that you got a Wii U before getting a 3DS"

Yeah sometimes I do too. 3DS still has a larger selection of better games, but I have bad eyes and a 52" tv and I really wanted Pikmin 3. If Pikmin 3 had come out on the 3DS I'ld likely have that instead by now. Oh, and most of my time is spent playing multiplayer w/ my kids, and I like doing that on the big screen as well.



J-Manix98 said:

Its nice that they are giving us a little extra challenge after taking away most of it with the cat suit



Kolzig said:

Haha, I love the small details like the headlight on Toad's forehead.

It lightens the dark areas nicely.

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