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Those Lovely Link Between Worlds Club Nintendo Posters Are Sold Out

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Sad times...

Late last week we pointed you towards some rather attractive Link Between Worlds posters available on Club Nintendo in North America; they may have come at a pricey 500 coins, but looked worth the investment. Sadly, as has been pointed out in that article's comments, they're already sold out.

The set was naturally sought after by Club Nintendo aficionados, though it seems a pity that stock was so low that they disappeared over the course of the first weekend. It's telling that greetings cards and remote holders are happily always available, while rewards such as these posters, coloured 3DS XL chargers and Hanafuda cards disappear almost as quickly as they arrive.

Hopefully Nintendo of America — and other regions — will boost stock in the future and cater for more eager Club members. Were you lucky enough to grab a set of these Zelda posters?


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sinalefa said:

I acted fast and got myself a set. A no brainer that they would run out quick



snoox said:

I managed to get an order in, yay. But I feel like spreading the luv, so, gifts or ebay haaaa! J/k no ebay...



ikki5 said:

I got mine, though I am surprised it took as long as it did for them to sell out considering the lack of new stuff added to Club Nintendo.



antipop621 said:

I managed to score these, but I missed out on the Zelda anniversary set. The NA rewards are pretty lame overall these days.



Ronoh said:

The poor selection for North America leads to stockpiles of coins so that when something good is actually available, it sells out quickly. I still have over 1500 coins after I ordered the Zelda posters.



Sonic1994CD said:

They always sell out of new rewards so quickly. I mean we still have those Kirby Epic Yarn patches from like 2010, those stupid screen savers for 10 coins which I think no one buys (who would) , an Animal Crossing Styles and Card Case which no one wants If its been on there since day one. And then more useless junk, I think Club Nintendo of NA can do a much better job at stocking items and making sure there are new items/rewards to give out and why does every item seem high price? I think Club Nintendo NA is just getting lazy now.



Gold_Ranger said:

I beat A Link Between Worlds last night at about Midnight.
It has dethroned A Link to the Past as my favourite Zelda game.
That said, My Zelda Posters are being prepared for Shipping!!!



silo2142 said:

I just started playing the new zelda, now im really happy I reluctantly got these.



SaintGiggles said:

well, dang. I needed 10 more coins & the post play survey for LoZ:ALBW would have given me those few remaining coins... alas, it takes a week for the survey to appear on the to-do... zarking fardwarks.



Yorumi said:

I had a feeling they'd go quick, soon as I saw the article here last week I went straight there and got a set.



MuchoMochi said:

I got an order in the day they came out, and they are still back logged. How long does it usually take for something from Club Nintendo? First time I decided to get something.



MegaAdam said:

The Hanafuda cards were one of the original rewards offered and were available for years. It's not like they sold out instantly like the chargers or these posters.



Squiggle55 said:

Does anyone else think that the items they list as "Currently Unavailable" are listed that way because they plan on restocking them? Other rewards seem to simply be taken off the site altogether.



Tasuki said:

I got my set ordered them as soon as it was announced, They will look good right beside my CN Zelda poster set I got a few years ago.



Darkness3131 said:

I saw the article here and picked them up right then. Guess I'm lucky. No idea where I'm gonna fit them on my wall yet though haha



Drobotic said:

Then Club Nintendo's probably never going to restock them.Ever.Seriously,Nintendo needs to make more card sets.



ajcismo said:

Snatched mine up quickly, been sitting on a bunch of coins waiting for something cool to pop up.



Webby-sama said:

Glad I jumped on those immediately.
Just got my shipping confirmation earlier this morning. All my hype.



Giggity55 said:

Good thing I ordered my set two minutes after it became available. I still wish I hadn't missed the golden Nunchuk though....



Marioman64 said:

well you DID advertise them here, and a LOT of people check here daily
good thing too, or I would've missed out! can't wait to add these to my wall o3o



cbakehorn said:

The second I saw a post about them on Facebook, I rushed to order the posters...this kind of stuff goes so fast on Club Nintendo, I haven't acted fast enough so many times and couldn't miss out on these.



elstif said:

These are really nice, no wonder they sold out quickly.
at least in NA you can get some vc games with your coins, in europe we had the same crappy catalogue for the last few months with nothing worthy.

Oh wait, I just checked and there´re 2 new exciting items!!!!
We have the "Relaxation set: princess peach" and the "Relaxation set: Luigi" and for only 6000 stars each!!! (a game here gives you 250 stars so you know how much that´s worth)
So hurry up before they get sold out...

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