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There's A New Mario & Luigi: Dream Team 3DS XL Bundle On The Way

Posted by Damien McFerran

New North American SKU appears in Target advert

It would appear that Nintendo of America is launching a new 3DS XL bundle in time for Christmas. This time it's the turn of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team to get the pack-in treatment, coming pre-installed on a black and silver console which boasts an image of the famous siblings on its lid.

The price — according to an advert from Target — will be $199.99, and the release date is December 2nd.

We imagine this pack will find its way under many Christmas trees this holiday season — will yours be one of them?


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MF_MaxiMillion said:

Damn, dude. When I bought a black 3DS XL a few months ago, there were almost no cool bundles 'cept for the Animal Crossing one. Seems like now there's one coming out every month.



NavySpheal said:

Although I'm going to stick with my Zelda XL, this is still a nice bundle. I sure do wish that the games were physical copies though...



GamerZack87 said:

Whoa, Skylanders are super-cheap in America!

On topic, that is one awesome-looking 3DS XL. I'd definitely consider it as a second unit for sure, especially since I missed out on the Zelda 3DS XL (which have seemingly all mysteriously appeared on eBay Australia for double the price ), although I doubt it would make its way to my country's shores. Still, it'd be fantastic if it did come out here.



Morpheel said:

15 dollars for a cheap plastic toy is not exactly cheap in my opinion



Shambo said:

I just transfered my blue xl to my Pikachu xl after getting the Link Between Worlds xl, and now this seems to be coming... And looks great...



Shambo said:

@GamerZackX If you want something strictly limited, you should preorder as soon as possible. There are those who always get a bunch and then systematically raise the price when it's nowhere else available anymore...
It shouldn't be allowed, but it will always happen.

Some advice from a collector



GamerZack87 said:

@Shambo: Thanks for the advice. I had intended for it to be a potential gift for myself (Mum always asks me what I'd like for Christmas even though I prefer to give than receive), so when they were all gone I just thought about other possibilities.



JadedGamer said:

Im getting this for xmas. And it looks better than the luigi from europe imo..Stay classy Nintendo
I had the cosmo black 3ds but traded it in to buy my wiiu day one.With the expanded library and neat edition. Its time to grab one up again!



Rebel81 said:

@Shambo. Sorry I just can't deal with money, so I still have 3 brand new limited edition 3DS XL Systems which I will sell when I need the money really. If not I keep them brand new.



Shambo said:

@Rebel81 I wasn't going to use my Pikachu Edition either, but due to some reasons I did it now. Mu Link Between Worlds 3ds is one for my Zelda collection, so it will remain unused.



Mecha_Boo said:

wow im really torn up here
i dont know if i want this or the zelda one
i already asked my family for the zelda one for christmas tho so i assume thats gonna be it



Pro-N-Gamer said:

How many different 3DS XL did they released already? They better made a 3DS XL with changeable covers. Like packs that include the game and cover. Bought the Zelda 3DS last week so i'm not intended to buy a new one



JaxonH said:

@NavySpheal So what I did for the Zelda 3DS Bundle was give the digital download as a Christmas gift, and I bought the physical copy separately (I'm actually giving my old 3DS as a gift, so I'm just pre installing the game on there). Point is, it would make a great gift if you know someone with a 3DS, and would save you money buying them something else.

Otherwise, you can always list it on eBay for $25 just to sell it quick. You'd still be clearing over $20 after eBay's 10% cut, the 3% Paypal fee and 50 cents for a stamp and envelope to send the digital slip. Sure, that's only half of what it retails but hey, it's not physical so who cares right? Then take that $20 and use it toward a physical copy of the game.



JaxonH said:

Yeah, this will look absolutely stunning on the collector's shelf next to my gold Zelda 3DS XL. Hmm, a gold XL and silver XL side by side... I like it.

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