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The Girl and the Robot Adds Wii U Stretch Goal to Campaign

Posted by Conor McMahon

An ironclad friendship

Kickstarter projects often list many of the creator's influences during the process of creating their own title, and these can give an insight into the tone and style of the game to come. From the ground up, past inspirations continue to have an effect on today's releases, and serve as a high standard for developers to strive for. So with all that in mind, it's exciting to see Salim Larochelle's The Girl and the Robot name such illustrious titles as Ico and Ocarina of Time as a comparison.

The title, now in its final days of Kickstarter funding, aims to use both its story and gameplay to focus on the complex concept of friendship, and an unusual one at that. You play the role of an imprisoned girl and her lumbering guardian, a malfunctioning robot knight, switching between both characters to solve puzzles, explore a desolate castle environment and enter combat. Both have their own set of strengths and weaknesses, and you can expect plenty of doors and cages that can only be opened by pressing down on two switches at the same time.

The aim is for the soundtrack and visuals to be a big part of the experience, the latter of which is portrayed as an homage to the hand-painted style of storybooks and fairytales. With visuals reminiscent of Skyward Sword and gameplay features seen at points in the Zelda series — such as character-switching — The Girl and the Robot looks almost like a distant cousin of the franchise.

It's the first title from Flying Carpets games, a team of six with members from Canada, England and Japan. The project has already reached its initial funding of $15,000, but has recently announced a stretch goal of $25,000 to bring the experience to Wii U. Negotiations with Nintendo have made it the only console release currently available, assuming the additional target is met.

Is this something that you think feels at home on the Wii U? The campaign is aiming to push ahead to that $25,000 target, and at the time of writing has raised over $16,500CAD with five days remaining. Check out the pitch below and share your thoughts.


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Zach said:

Well, this looks very cool. I'm now a backer. I love this indy-centric environment. I love Kickstarter.



PanurgeJr said:

I've been keeping my eye on this since they launched their campaign (well, a day later when I heard about it) hoping for just this news. Since Wii U is the only confirmed platform that I own I can't pledge until they hit the stretch and I know I can play it, but if they do hit the stretch I'll join in; I figure if I give them my money before they finish the game they can use it to improve the game.



Tsurii said:

Hmm I really like the style and the gameplay(ideas) of the game. But I think the animations are kinda...stiff. It fits the robot to a certain degree, but I will wait until I see a launch trailer or gameplay of the final version before I decide to buy it. I won't back it though. Mostly because I can't afford it right now, but also because I'm not sure if this will end out as something I enjoy for a longer time/a whole Playthrough.



Zach said:

@Kroisos But you don't lose your $ if the funding is unsuccessful, you only donate if it reaches its initial goal. So you can do what I'm doing — pledge now, then wait to see if it looks like it's going to reach its stretch goal and maybe pull out if it's clearly not.



sinalefa said:

It was about time. Looks very interesting but I don't want to play it on a PC. Still doubtful that it will reach the Wii U stretch goal.



PanurgeJr said:

@Zach It's already hit the funding target, so any pledges will be collected, whether or not the stretch is hit, which means if it isn't hit you're donating, but not for a Wii U version. I don't want to take either that risk or the risk that I pledge and forget to cancel it. I realize that it's possible that waiting to see if the stretch is hit will be the very cause that it isn't, but that's the nature of the system as it currently is.



Mrclaycoat said:

If this gets close enough to the WiiU stretch, I'll hop on. Game looks pretty great!



Dpullam said:

I certainly like the idea of this new Kickstarter game. Now I just need to see it in action.



Zach said:

@Kroisos It has reached the goal but you don't donate til the Kickstarter ends. So if it doesn't hit the stretch goal you can still pull out in time.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Quite interesting. The visuals might require a bit of polish, but it certainly looks promising and atmospheric!



ueI said:

Their page also mentions Ico and Ghibli, both which came to my mind before Zelda. I don't know if i will be backing it.
I'm surprised to see that they will add a boss battle mode if they hit $70,000. That should be one of the first things you add if your game has bosses!



MAB said:

Yep, definite indie supporter here... Playing Mysterious Cities of Gold ATM, addictive puzzler



Usagi-san said:

This looks really good. I hope they reach the Wii U stretch goal since my computer has trouble playing games and I wouldn't be able to play it otherwise.

Still not sure about backing it though I hate these $250,000 stretch goals for Wii U.(Ignore that last comment - I need to go back to school and learn my numbers )



PorllM said:

It's only $25 CAD which is £14.65 for the Wii U version reward tier. Consider it a preorder as I imagine it would cost about that much on release anyway.

@Usagi-san It's 25,000 not 250,000. Easily within reach within 5 days if people start taking the plunge instead of waiting for it to get close.

Also guys this is in a similar situation being funded and very close to a Wii U goal but with a lot more time, therefore a better chance. It's also only a £7 pledge necessary to get a Wii U if it reaches the goal. It is a very different game though so take a look and see if you're interested:



Usagi-san said:

Well I feel slightly ridiculous. That is a very achievable amount.
Do you know anything about the regions they plan to make the game available in on Wii U? Sometimes Australia misses out and my PC isn't good enough to play even some older games.



unrandomsam said:

Nintendo should do more to try and get stuff exclusive hopefully this is a start.
(Give more help and better promotion for that stuff anyway in return for the extra risk).



Senate_Guard said:

Looks very cool! It reminds me of Mega Man Legends, with its art style and similar SFX (a good thing, as its my favorite MM game) I hope they reach their goal!



andreoni79 said:

1:46 that looks like a 360 button right?
Is this also cooperative? It would be the perfect game for father + daughter!



LeVideoGamer said:


If the visuals get a bit more polished and the animations are made a little smoother, this would be near perfect. Would definitely buy this for Wii U.



sinalefa said:


Nowhere in that kickstarter I saw even a mention of Wii U, let alone a stretch goal to port the game, as I only see PC and Ouya support. It is the first kickstarter for a game where I see no stretch goals, only a very loose breakdown of how the budget may be used.

EDIT: I saw the stretch goals, I thought there were none as you have to click an additional link just to see them.



JustinH said:

This looks pretty decent! Between this and Tadpole Treble there are a couple lower-budget, really promising Kickstarters that put the Wii U out in front right now, and that's just fantastic.

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