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Target To Offer 3DS XL Consoles For Only $149.99 On Black Friday

Posted by Christopher Costabile

We're thankful for a 90% bigger screen

In a bid to add even more justification to your ever-growing list of reasons why you should buy a 3DS XL, US retail store Target has decided to offer the consoles at an irresistibly low price of only $149.99 each. The catch, of course, is that the deal is only available on America's most endearing of shopping holidays, Black Friday.

Just as competition has grown thinner with movie and game giant Blockbuster Video closing the last of its brick and mortar business, Target continues to position itself as one of the premier destinations for video games in the US. Driven by consumer-based strategies like initiating price cuts and offering promotional tie-ins, such as this free, limited edition pin with the purchase of Ducktales Remastered for Wii U, Target has become a steady force in the retail gaming industry.

So far, only the black version of the 3DS XL has been listed for $149.99, however, the chain's full Black Friday ads have yet to be posted. Media speculation indicates that shoppers looking for deals on games should also expect to find top dollar titles on sale in the under $40 range. With Pokemon X & Y just released in October and A Link Between Worlds arriving on shelves before the Thanksgiving holiday, newcomers to 3DS will have plenty to look forward to after taking advantage of this deal.

Come Black Friday will you be shopping at Target for a 3DS XL? Let us know in the comment section.


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User Comments (68)



progx said:

Probably be sold out early. I already have mine, so I'm good!



MAB said:

Yeah, I'm fairly sure that everyone that comes to this site has a 3DSXL by now... It's a shame that it doesn't have many games that I like because the thing just sits there while I use the awesome WiiU for everything



WaveBoy said:

You know, i may of actually stuck with my previous Blue XL.... But i really missed the 6th brightness setting of my original Aqua Blue 3DS that you get by having the Charger adapter cable plugged in while in use(which doesn't work on the XL). Brightens up the screen to DS Lite levels, the whites look super bright and it makes the colors look rich and vibrant. The XL looks like a 3DimS in comparison.
I could of probably gotten past the slightly blown up softer picture....maybe, but the step down in brightness sealed the Donatello deal. zoink!



Danniii said:

Should I cancel my 3ds xl alink between worlds and get this instead?
Also who knows where I can sell the code for a link between worlds?



Arcamenel said:

They were doing a similar sale when the Pikachu 3DS XL got released so I was able to snag mine for 149.99 8D



Zodiak13 said:

@MadAussieBloke Exact opposte here. I play all 3 of my 3DS' daily and my WiiU only rarely. 28 retail boxed games, 4 retail DL games, and 50+ e-shop/VC games for my 3DS.Best current system I own.



Dpullam said:

That's not a bad deal at all, but my launch date Nintendo 3DS is still in good condition so I'll probably have to pass.



Captain_Gonru said:

I find your characterization of Target as a "gaming destination" to be, at best, misinformed. Tell you what. Walk into a Target and ask for Batman: Arkham Origins for Wii U. Or Assassin's Creed IV. Online only. Deus Ex. No luck? That's funny. Now have an associate look up Call of Duty: Ghosts or Zumba: World Party. Discontinued? But they were just released. How about a Wii Fit U sensor? Surely that has to Not here either?
Target is distancing themselves from Wii U in the most subtle of ways, but is distancing themselves nonetheless. Maybe a good holiday will change things, but I find this practice of holding them up as "gamer friendly" to be disingenuous.



Genesaur said:

Yikes, that's cheap. I wonder what they'd sell the 2DS for, as this is a huge cut. Even so, I have no regrets about buying my Mario Kart 7 XL system for $220.



sinalefa said:


I would say no unless you are short on cash. I recently debated between getting a cheaper 2DS or upgrade to a Pokémon XL, and I chose the latter because it is a limited edition, which makes it rarer. And about a couple of days after I got it, Nintendo confirmed the Zelda XL for North America. Still very happy with my blue PokéXL



MAB said:

For something that is selling well it still has hardly any 3rd party support... Even the WiiU has more choice and bang for your buck



JadedGamer said:

Meijers has them insale for 180..if you want to avoid the lines crowds and cold..I know I'll get one for Xmas..I'm tired of using my son's xl.and he is too !



XFsWorld said:

@MadAussieBloke I haven't upgraded my 3DS yet because I've been spending my money on Wii U. And yeah, the 3DS do lack third party games, the last one I recall buying was Kingdom Hearts 3D. O.o



ACK said:

I also want to point out that Target has the best price matching policy ever. They will match any price (online or print ad) offered by Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, Toys R Us, and while still honoring any coupon. For the next month and a half they will match any price until Dec. 21 even after your purchase I believe Black Friday is not included).

I raided their Wii U and 3DS games this past summer. Target kept printing us off Buy 1, get one %30 off and Buy 2, get one free coupons... So we price matched most of their games $10-30 on various deals offered by Amazon and Best Buy. All said, I did the math and we saved an average of %70 off per game. And all those games were priced $40-60. So we ended up paying anywhere from $5-25 per game, thanks to their lenient policies. It was near to outright robbery.



mystman12 said:

I don't have an XL, but, I'm happy with my aqua blue model. I really don't have any plans to get c XL, and I don't have enough money to get this.

@MadAussieBloke Wow, I never did realize how little 3rd party games I had. I only have Pinball Hall of Fame: the Williams Collection and Tetris Axis. All my other 3DS games are first party. (Not counting eShop games) That said, ever since Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon came out, I've been playing a lot of my 3DS. This has been a really good year for 3DS owners.



ACK said:

@Captain_Gonru This is correct, my wife works in the electronics section and she has been flabbergasted at the lack of Wii U support. Black Flag, Deus Ex, and Arkham Origins were all prime future price match candidates... Lo, they don't carry the Wii U versions, as you said.

Even worse, they received 3 Wii U copies of Ghosts, obviously compared to a full vault of copies for other platforms. Like you said, she scanned them the first day they came out to see if they may get more. Nope. Discontinued. Very peculiar and more than a little ominous.

Makes Activision's refusal to put their games on the shop quite frustrating. I know many who are still itching to track down a copy. With such little shipments in NA and Europe, I wonder if Ghosts was ported to Wii U primarily for Japan's sake. Not sure why, but Famitsu only reviewed the Wii U version for some reason. In that culture, the local co-op elements could have real appeal, I guess...



TimeGuy said:

Wow, what an awesome deal. It's incredibly tempting for me considering my XL has a lovely hinge crack and the circle pad is currently held on with super glue and a repair would be set me back $125.



burninmylight said:


I've been able to fight off my demons and resist the 3DS all this time, but at that price, I CANNOT HANDLE A DEAL OF THAT MAGNITUDE! Please, please be sold out early, lest I be sucked back into handheld gaming and another money sink! Owning a Wii U and taking advantage of all the deals I find for it is costly enough!



KingMike said:

I hate this "holiday".
Enjoy your savings as you have an increased risk of getting punched in the store as shoppers become more violent each year.



Gerbwmu said:

@Captain_Gonru - My target is the only store that has a well stocked Wii U section. It is a cornucopia of Wii U-ness compared to the other stores in the's the only store that I've seen a majority of the Wii U titles in and stocked.....having said that, I haven't purchased anything from them cause Amazon and Newegg tend to get my business.



Jimmy_G_Buckets said:

If its not gold with a triforce image on it AND includes a code for the new Zelda game then Im not interested. The price is great but I would regret canceling my preorder to save some money and not own that sexy, shiny thing.



idork99 said:

Target is great! It's my go-to place for retail games. They usually have some great deals every week. I heard that they maybe doing buy 2 get 1 free for Black Friday. If that's the case, I'll be there.



2Sang said:

I may get one, I've been wanting an xl for when smash bros comes out. I'm hoping they make a smash bros themed 3ds though, so maybe I'll wait. Great deal though.



ChrisCostabile said:

@Captain_Gonru All great points, but I'm just as challenged walking into GameStop and trying to locate a 3DS title for under $30. In this economy, price matters huge, and Target continually runs promotions intended to get gamers in the door, often with prices that beat even Amazon and other big name online retailers.



ericwithcheese2 said:

@ACK I echo that Target has the best price matching policy in the business. I've gotten several 3DS games there this past summer/fall, price matched to (mostly), and I have saved an average of $5-$10 on new games. Their website ran some kind of special and I snagged Mario Kart 7 for $18.74 at Target via price match.



theblackdragon said:

Target also ran a great deal when X/Y came out. i picked up both games, one for me and one for the hubby, and the lady at the register had some kind of coupon that she scanned for me — my total was just over $100-some (with a couple other items i picked up as well as the games) and it brought me down to around $70. I don't remember the specifics of the coupon but i do remember it had something to do with purchasing both games at once. i hadn't known that deal was available, there was no mention of it on their website or anything and i'd been prepared to pay full price, but i was thrilled to pieces when my cashier scanned it!

these deals aside, in no way would i consider Target a 'premier destination for video games in the US'. Video game deals, maybe (and that's if you're only counting brick-and-mortar stores), but just like Toys 'R' Us, a buy-two-get-one deal there only works if you're interested in multiple first-party titles or trying out the dregs of Metacritic. I will say my local Target has better customer service than Best Buy, GameStop, and Wal-Mart combined and i love shopping there when i need certain things they carry that other stores around here don't, but their 3DS section is usually half-empty and they don't seem to carry the niche titles that GameStop and Amazon always have on-hand. if I'm going there, it's usually not for video games (in fact, the reason i'd picked up X/Y from there was because I needed a special kind of soap and a size of plastic cup that only they sell here in this town!).



rjejr said:

Just came back from Target and I'm happy to report the Wii U kiosks have gotten better - big yellow cat suit Mario across the top - AND they've updated the demos. A kid was playing WW HD when I got there, I played Sochi Olympics when he left. Still no SM3DW demo but I'm ok w/ that for now as the Olympic game comes out first and it needs the advertising more than Mario. Nice to see the thing get updated.

As for Target as a gamers destination - well yes and no. Still no fit Meter, and not always the best sales and game selection, but I've bought a bunch of clearance games there for next to nothing so I can't totally fault them. The clearance sections have gotten much smaller the last couple of years but I'm expecting things to get better when they clear out room for PS4 and X1. I did buy my Wi U there for the $50 GC. GC are good.



Shade_Koopa said:

Hmm..this might be a good deal if i can snag one. Can anyone answer this question: How comfortable is the 3DS XL? I find with my release date black 3DS my hand tends to crap alot, the home/start/seletc button feel abit clunky, and the viewing for 3D is narrow. Does the 3DS XL suffer from any of these issues? If not, then I am defiantly getting this on black friday.



Captain_Gonru said:

@Gerbwmu I'm not saying that they don't have ANY games. In fact, early on, they were great about getting most of the releases in. But, lately, they've quietly been pushing Wii U aside. At the moment, they have NO preorders for ANY upcoming Wii U title. No 3D World, no Mario Kart, no Smash Bros. That actuallly goes for 3DS, too.



GraveLordXD said:

@Shade_Koopa I had the aqua blue 3ds and my hands would hurt after about 15 minutes or so it was bad I then got me a xl and don't have a problem I can play for hrs and feels comfortable to me I have big hands and the smaller 3ds was hard to deal with the xls buttons feel a lot better I love it



unrandomsam said:

@LDXD Can you play games that need the triggers and the dpad comfortably ? (I have been trying to play Megaman ZX recently and my hands hate me for it. With and without circle pad pro). With the circlepad pro I can play e.g NES VC Games just fine or circlepad using games.

Cannot do the stretch from dpad to L for longer than about half an hour. (My hands are big I think I can reach it fine it is just not a comfortable position to be in).



GraveLordXD said:

@unrandomsam yes it doesn't bother me I do have slight discomfort with the Wii u game pad reaching the triggers the top ones but its not to bad the xl for me is fine though at least no problems yet but I think most games I play aren't to trigger happy lol the regular 3ds was murder to my poor hands.
Edit: put it this way its a lot more comfortable I had the hardest time with that with the regular 3ds it was to small and it was so uncomfortable to hold the triggers



WaveBoy said:

Don't worry, 3rd party developers pretty much suck these days anyways, including the kings(or what used to be) capcom and konami. The only 3rd party titles on the Wii U that have been released that i'm even remotely interested in at the moment are The Wonderful 101 & ZombiU. The other 8 or 9 are Nintendo games, not including SM3DWOrld, SSB.U, Mario Kart 8 and Yoshi's Yarn that are on the



Capt_N said:

Black Friday isn't for me. My family(including myself, of course) used to look for a Christmas tree weeks before, & then on Black Friday, my family would get the (exact) tree (as we had tagged it), & we would put in up in my home, & decorate it, as well as my house that day, & over that weekend. In more recent years(3 years ago), my family now has a fake tree. Due to this, my family now has up the tree, generally a week, or two prior to Thanksgiving.

My extended family goes out for Black Friday shopping, but that has become their tradition in more recent years, as opposed to when they used to do the same as my family used to, concerning Christmas trees. Actually, a few members of my extended family still do that, just tree hunting much later in the day, or days later. Sometimes that weekend.

I would be down w/ Black Friday if it wasn't mostly about stores moving (all kinds of, but specifically generally old, or fewer bells, & whistles tech) merchandise, turning people rabid, & most importantly, no one ever cares about the people that get killed, or severely hurt, like that Wal-Mart guy that got trampled to death. I mean, wow, a, a.. product? That'll be out-dated in mere months, or already is, is worth a person's life?! Really?! In total, & obvious contrast to a day dedicated to the concept of being thankful celebrated mere hours before.

Then of course, here's something many people don't think about, that is important for gamers to think/contemplate on: the high chances that video game stock for Black Friday deals, has been recklessly hauled, tossed, & shoved into a store's back warehouse, er.. rather stock room/hall. Then, of course, the stock has a high chance of being faulty, from being thrown around. There goes your Black Friday deal, &/or purchase, up in smoke.

I own a launch Cosmo black 3DS. It has suffered many (accidental) drops, & to my knowledge, it still functions as it should. Oh, I have no doubt that I may have damaged some components slightly. Sometimes, I wonder if I've accidentally damaged the wi-fi antenna, as my signal isn't always so hot, but overall it still works for me.

To answer people's questions, I imagine, but do not know for certain, that the XL is more ergonomic to hands during prolonged use. I've played a demo in some stores, & to me, the Select/Start/Home buttons feel not only cheap, but also a bit uneasy to press in to activate, & slightly out-of-the-way to access on both models. Again, I don't own an XL, so I'm just guessing based on my limited time using the model.



marck13 said:

The US gets great deals! GRMBL.. I guess now is the time to tell your friend about it, cause you probably have one already by now, don´t ya?!



ShadJV said:

@MadAussieBloke speak for yourself; I haven't upgraded to an XL yet and I can't be the only one here. I want to but my 3DS is working fine and I can't justify the price right now (money's tight). Maybe, just maybe, one of these Black Friday deals will catch my eye...



aaronsullivan said:

@MadAussieBloke I do not have one and this will be hard to resist. I usually do Target on Black Friday anyway. Nothing like grabbing the few items you want in a couple minutes (iTunes gift cards are always like free cash) and then standing in a line that winds in and out of the aisles on the entire side of the building for an hour.



MAB said:

Ya'll ain't missing much, unless Animal Crossing & Pokemon is your kind of thang... The hype really doesn't match up with the overall experience




GraveLordXD said:

@MadAussieBloke Wow you can't be serious I have to many games for it there's a lot more than animal crossing and Pokemon and I'm sure that up coming Zelda is going to be a little better than average lol the only thing its missing is metroid



aaronsullivan said:

@MadAussieBloke There are many games I'm interested in and Pokemon and Animal Crossing aren't in my personal list. Too bad nothing interests you though. I know I've never really taken to Nintendo handhelds. When you get your own home and couch and TV and you have control over when it is all used, handheld game systems lose a lot of utility and charm. Still, the games are calling.



retro_player_22 said:

$150 for a 3DS XL? Not worth fighting in line for, better to just get it on Amazon, a better safer alternative and better price too. Sorry Target, you try.



Genesaur said:

@Shade_Koopa I think the XL is very comfortable, overall. The original 3DS gets a lot of flak for being a little too hard-edged, and I can understand where people are coming from with that. My main issues with the standard system are the peculiar L and R buttons, and the smaller size is something of an awkward hold for my oversized hands. The XL solves all of those problems, with rounded out edges, full-feeling L and R buttons, and for us mutants with absurdly long fingers, large enough for a comfortable grip while still being able to properly accommodate normal and children's hands, as well.

The sweet spot for 3D viewing is still narrow, but that's the nature of parallax barrier autostereoscopy. There's not really a way around it, though I have been told that the XL's is better.



rjejr said:

@OdnetninAges - Yeah, 1 Target did, I was in another today but we were so exhausted after all our shopping - it was our 4th store - that I never even checked. Though usually all the Targets I've been to have the same set-up



Zodiak13 said:

@LDXD My home 3DS XL is for long stategy/RPG's, The on the go 3DS XL is for AC:NL and all my downloaded E-shop games. My regular 3DS is mainly for platformers, plus I like all the streetpasses I get so I can get far in the Mii Plaza games since no one seems to pass me much, and I don't live near a street pass hotzone or whatever it is called.

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