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Super Mario 3D World Director and Producer Discuss Content Choices

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Cats, maps, and the absence of Yoshi

With the release of Super Mario 3D World creeping up on little cat feet, producer Yoshiaki Koizumi and director Kenta Motokura recently sat down with IGN to talk about some of the more noticeable inclusions and omissions in the game.

The increasingly iconic Cat Suits were the natural first stop in questioning. According to Motokura, the item and its uses came through a discussion of different new actions Mario and company could make in the game as well as abilities that could prove useful to beginning players:

Talking to the designers, some of the things that came up were a Mario that could walk on four legs, or on his hands and feet, and also a Mario that could climb walls. If you climbed walls, that meant you could go to places that you normally can’t. Also, if you’re not such a great player, you might be able to save yourself when you fall off a wall. Thinking about those different actions, running around on all fours and climbing walls, it turned out that a cat was a perfect animal that everybody knows.

A trickier-looking item, the Double Cherry, is something Motokura said was not added to necessarily add difficulty to the gameplay, but to add excitement and open up more opportunities for single players:

I guess what you could say is that something unexpected is more likely to occur when you use that power-up. It helps to replicate some situations where you need to have multiple players, to activate an event for example. It’s also a good stand-in when you’re playing single-player and trying to access a multiplayer event.

Breaking the rails of the typical Mario overworld map has also caught the interest of many. According to Motokura, some places will still need to be accessed in a certain sequence, but there are definitely features to be found in free-roaming:

I can’t tell you too much about it, but there are some hidden elements included on the world map, where it looks like you wouldn’t be able to access them, but you might be able to somehow. Also, there’s a Miiverse element to the world map, where you can actually see comments that people have posted on Miiverse on the world map itself. You’ll see those comments as you walk around the world map. In just one world, the world map, you can have all kinds of different experiences.

Yoshi will apparently not be showing up in any usable form in the world, however. Motokura said the beloved dino had been a consideration, but other abilities such as the portable piranha plant and Princess Peach’s floating jump mirrored Yoshi’s typical repertoire of actions.

Also omitted from Super Mario 3D World is an actual 3D mode, which Koizumi said was considered, but dropped:

We did look into a stereoscopic aspect for the game, but when I personally thought about four players sitting there with 3D glasses all right next to each other, it just seemed a little funny to me. [laughs] So we wouldn’t necessarily want to do that.

Sitting on the couch in a cat suit still seems perfectly normal in Nintendo’s book, though.

What part of Super Mario 3D World are you most excited about, or what feature cut from the game most disappoints you? Let us know below.


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Dark-Luigi said:

I love everything about that game, like all the references from the past Mario games, suit, colors, music. I can go on forever!



Einherjar said:

WHat i loved the most about the trailers ive seen so far is a very minor thing: The N64 voices for koopa troopers
I just love that sound
Fun fact: I was planning on getting a PS4 at the end of the month because...why not. And then i remembered that this game is coming out at roughly the same time and i said "well, i think i dont need a new console then" Its the first time since Mario 64 (and partly galaxy) that i was that hyped about a Mario game.



ModernMARVEL said:

Playing in literal cat suits are perfectly normal. Don't deny that you have/are going to.



timp29 said:

I play with my cat, it wears the cat suit.

Interesting that they floated stereoscopic. Can the WiiU support that format? Is it simply a case of requiring a compatible TV, or does it also require hardware support? Considering Nintendo's experience with the 3DS, venturing into console 3D seemed the next logical step to me.



sinalefa said:

"Also, if you’re not such a great player, you might be able to save yourself when you fall off a wall."

I have lost count of the times the wall jump has saved me, specially in the 2D Marios.



Yosher said:

So, Yoshi's not in because Peach can already float and the portable Piranha Plants snap up stuff?
Cannot comprehend. First of all, Peach's float and Yoshi's flutter jump are not the exact same, and by that logic they should have omitted the Tanooki Suit as well. The Piranha Plants and Yoshi's tongue aren't the same thing either obviously.
Peach floats a short distance, but keeps the same height; Yoshi gains some height and goes further. While the Piranha Plants will snap at anything uncontrollably, while Yoshi's tongue is controllable. Also, Yoshi can take partner characters into his mouth, Piranha Plants will just push them back. Sometimes causing them to lose a life, even if you don't want that to happen.
He could have been a playable character too! It's proven in Super Mario 64 DS that he works perfectly well in a 3D environment.
They could at least give him a cameo in the game or something, like what he had in Super Mario 64, getting to meet him in the end.
Okay, sorry about that, just disappointed that THAT is their reason for not including Yoshi. At least he's still getting two of his own games! long as they're not cancelled by now.



AlbertoC said:

I agree with the 3D effect being dropped down, the trouble with allocating the processing power and expenses needed to implement it probably don't justify the small user base that have access to a 3DTV (Or worse, the intersection between the current Wii U userbase hint hint and a 3DTV userbase, to put it as in set theory). And, in the case of multiplayer (the focus of this title, as far as i can see from trailers) two to FOUR pairs of glasses.



AlternateButtons said:

@Yosher He might've been a bit different from Peach but he would've definitely been too repetitive. I honestly don't think he would've added much to 3D World as much as Peach has. Besides, if Peach wasn't playable, she might be getting kidnapped again and that would've hampered the excitement a little.



rjejr said:

He actually mde a good point about 4 player and 3d tv ben a bad cmbination.

And who needs Yoshi when you hav a cat suit? I know they play dierently but its obvious where they wanted the emphass. Has Yoshi ever been in Smsh Bros? I orse a cat suit appearance somehow or ome ay.

man my typing i even worse o the Gmepad.



NintyMan said:

No Yoshi is fine with me considering there's another cute dino named Plessie in it who is new. Four players riding Yoshis at the same time in a 3D game would've been fun, though.

I think it's safe to say that the Cat Suit will be my favorite Mario power-up ever. There appears to be so much it could do thanks to the ability to cling to walls.



HyperSonicEXE said:

Bah, my TV upconverts video to 3D, anyway.

And that's a lame excuse on Yoshi. Especially considering he ever only gets shoehorned into specific levels anymore, rather than being available in a way similar to a Powerup.



FJOJR said:

A 3D feature would've been so cool but understandably niche. However thinking people would look funny isn't an excuse to go with. Everyone looks funny no matter what they're doing with 3D glasses on.



StephenYap3 said:

I really like how this game is coming along!

As for the removal of Yoshi, I'm not bummed out at all that he wouldn't be in this game. Sure, I love Yoshi and how he was in Galaxy 2, but not enough to wish for him to be a standard of every traditional Mario game.



LoveSugoi said:

Not really bothered about Yoshi tbh. He'll get his time to shine.


... wait. WAIT. You just made me realize I will have another reason besides con and Halloween to wear my cat ears and collar bell. Meooowwww!



Ricube said:

@Kodeen Actually AC3 does not support a 3D mode for 3D TV, it just duplicate the image in green and red so you need cheap plastic glasses. Processing power is not involved in that game. But from his statement it seems that WiiU supports a 3D output for "real" 3D, 'cause I think the GPU needs to support that mode. If they make 3D games I'm going to get a 3D TV!



NintyMan said:

Why are some so upset about no Yoshi? Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario Galaxy, two of some of the best video games ever, have no playable Yoshi either. While an adorable character, he's not really needed to make a good Mario game.



Yosher said:

@DestinyMan For me personally it's because of the REASON as to why they excluded Yoshi. He could've provided very different gameplay but still say he'd be too similar to Peach's and the Piranha Plant's abilities.

Not to say I won't enjoy the game without Yoshi though. Still looking forward to it!



dacangri12 said:

Ricube you couldn't be more wrong. I have AC3 and it does in fact support real 3D. It justs happens it gives you an option of different kinds of 3D elements depending on your T.V. I have a 3DTV, I have use it and it looks amazing. The only thing I can complaint a little and not too much though is that the resolution is drop from 1080p to 720p. However, it does send 720p to each eye so I guess It causes the illusion of 1080p.

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