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Shin Megami Tensei IV DLC Joins Game in 25% eShop Discount Until 11th November

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Don't worry wallets, there are only 11 DLC packs

Last week's Nintendo Download update for North America brought the news that Atlus was offering a temporary discount on RPG epic Shin Megami Tensei IV, with the price reduced to $39.99 from $49.99; that offer runs until 11th November.

The publisher has now confirmed that in-game DLC is also part of the promotion, with the various packs receiving a 25% discount. Details are below.

Experience of the Afterlife - $1.49
Underworld Money-Maker - $2.24
Death Has Its Applications - $2.24
Overlord Equipment - $1.11
Clipped Wings 1 - $1.86
Snake Scale Equipment - $1.11
Clipped Wings 2 - $1.86
Ancient One of the Sun - $1.86
The Eternal Youth - $1.86
Radiant Equipment - $1.11
For the Past... For the Future - $2.24

All of the DLC at that promotional price will set you back $18.98, while the game as well takes the full package up to $58.97 on the eShop; the offer on all expires on 11th November. Will you be taking the plunge if you're in North America?

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Pokefanmum82 said:

I wish I could but my game has been misplaced by my 1 year old. Plus Christmas is coming up and I have three kids to buy for.



Windy said:

Sweet Now is the time to download the addons! I will be. Beat the game already with no addons, but got an ending I didn't want now it's time to get these addons and get the ending I want



DualWielding said:

any recommendation on the DLC? which are worth buying? haven't finish the game yet but would be interested in extra missions if they are worth it



GoombaJMR said:

@DarkCoolEdge @ferthepoet Definitely DONT get the equipment and weapons - totally not worth it, and you can simply grind to get sufficient funds for it ingame main story - Though I'm not done with the game, I would recommend getting the DLC quests that are...more expensive...because those are probably the ones that are better in quality ^^



pariah164 said:

Sorry, Zelda is coming up, and that alone has its hooks in my wallet. Otherwise, I would.



MideonNViscera said:

This is the first game ever to actually give me a headache. I don't know if it was the blandness of the world, or the tedium or everything else, but it actually made me feel like doggiepoopiepoodle to play it.

Watch the language -Lz



Maxobiwan said:

Why not a definitve -25% discount ? It's like "Until 11 novenber, this game will cost the same price as a full priced game ! don't miss it or it will cost more"



Uberchu said:

Don't know what most of this DLC is but might give one or more a shot expecially with a price tag of $1.11 for some lol...



Windy said:

I enjoyed the game so much I'm going to play it again and Buy some of the DLC. I didn't buy any DLC the first time around but plan too for the 2nd time. Buying DLC doesn't feel right though after paying 49.99 for the full version of the game. This particular Game I enjoyed so much I would Like to at least try 1 of the DLC quests. I'm kinda anti all this DLC after paying so much for the game in the first place. But this one is really great



ueI said:

I would have liked to see the original prices so I can know how much we're saving.



QuickSilver88 said:

I really have mixed feelings about DLC......most muliplayer stuff is either cosmetic or its uptrades that give players willing to pay an unfair advantage in match play. Compelling players to buy it....I like the concept of single player missions but only if the game is beefy to begin with and the DLC comes out at a time when extending the life of the game makes sense. Value for content matters too as often mission DLC for full price games is $10-$20 which is a lot for what often turns out to be a few hours play....extra complication is brought on whena year after release the GOTY version comes out with full game and all DLC for $ I the only one that thinks its a raquet made to take advantage of impulse purchasers?



Falchion said:

I think the game should b $40 all the time. The $50 was only worth it if u bought in at retail and get the collectors addition...



DualWielding said:


With the Fire Emblem promo the game basically 20 which was probably the best deal ever for such a good game... However at 50 without the promo its a bit too much even if its a great game



Kolzig said:

I hope they will actually release this someday in Europe. Come on Sega, it's time to start using those Atlus assets.

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