While it has its critics, crowdfunding platform Kickstarter is a becoming a prominent stepping-off point for encouraging game development projects that need a helping hand. Often these games can draw from sources of inspiration not necessarily deemed profitable to a publisher but, nevertheless, can be throwbacks that excite gamers with long memories.

We may have to add Lobodestroyo to that list, a 3D adventure platformer that looks like a modern take on a Nintendo 64 game of the same genre, albeit with a smoother framerate and crisper visuals. The pitch shows off the fact that going on a collect-a-thon is part of the experience, while the Blue Bomber gives some loose inspiration as defeating bosses for their masks will give the hero new abilities; those that back big can also receive a collectible Nintendo 64 cartridge.

Into the final third of its funding phase, this title originally had a Wii U stretch goal, but after the developer was contacted by Nintendo the system has now been added to the main goal of $35,000. That's still a good distance away, however, as at the time of writing the project had raised a little over $10,500 with 12 days to go.

You can learn more on the campaign page and watch the pitch video below. Does this appeal to you?

Thanks to Zach Kaplan for the tip.

[via kickstarter.com]