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Rare Originally Conceived Dinosaur Planet As A Racing And Adventure Crossover

Posted by Damien McFerran

Until Miyamoto had his say, of course

If you're familiar with Nintendo's history then you'll know that Star Fox Adventures on the GameCube actually began life as Dinosaur Planet on the N64. Created by UK studio Rare — then a first-party Nintendo developer — the game had progressed quite far before Shigeru Miyamoto decided that it would make a better vehicle for Fox McCloud.

Speaking to Retro Gamer magazine, former Rare staffer Phil Tossell explains that the game was originally supposed to mix racing action — similar to that seen in Diddy Kong Racing — with platform adventuring:

It was supposed to be a hybrid of Diddy Kong Racing and an adventure game. Every level would have some kind of track in it and a race as part of the story. It took a while to settle down...

Tossell admits that the change wasn't a hard one to make, given the stature of the Star Fox series:

It seemed like a no-brainer. They’re offering this great character from this great franchise! I was attached to Dinosaur Planet but I love the original Star Fox. Our only concerns were how we could fit it into this game we have.

Tossell talks about his entire career in the feature, which is well worth reading. These days he's part of indie studio Nyamyam, which is currently hard at work developing the gorgeous Tengami for the Wii U eShop. Be sure to check out our own interview with Tossell about the making of Star Fox Adventures, too.

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TristanRW said:

Star Fox Adventures was actually a pretty fun game IMO. Not sure why most people dont seem to like it.



readyletsgo said:

Ya know, sometimes I just can't wait for Miyamoto to retire. Amazing developer, brought us many loved franchises, but sometimes...



AJWolfTill said:

I think the worst thing was the bucturing they did to Dinosaur Planet's lead female character. I haven't played this game for almost a decade now but I really enjoyed it.... except for the end.



Jamester0722 said:

I've always had a soft spot for Star Fox. I own every game. I feel that the only game that really had a misstep was Star Fox Assault on GameCube. I think the actual concept was fine, on-rail shooter mixed with 3rd-person action game, but the 3rd-person part of the game was really clunky. Imagine if they remade the game (or a game similar to it) using all of the 3rd-person controls that have been refined today.



GamerZack87 said:

Wasn't the full name of the game Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet?

Prince Tricky reminds me of Tricky the Triceratops from Diddy Kong Racing.



Spanjard said:

I really liked the game, but it was too easy.

Good one from Miyamoto btw, I wouldn't want to have missed another franchise from Rare, like banjo.



hYdeks said:

I actually liked Star Fox Adventures, but what game they where making could have become a great new IP for Nintendo! I love Miyamoto, he's made some great stuff, but I think he has way too much say in what happens at Nintendo sometimes.



sketchturner said:

Starfox Adventures would be a pretty awesome game if it weren't for the over-dramatic dun-dun-DUH! animation that plays every time you pick up the most mundane item. I am a pretty patient person but that drove me batty.

Even so, those were some of the most amazing graphics of any game at that time and outshined the graphics of most GCN game--even those released years later.



ReigningSemtex said:

Star fox adventures wasn't a bad game at all it just wasn't a star fox game shigsy probably had a brain fart that day.



Blue_Yoshi said:

SFA was great, it was a good title which should have held off Zelda fans until WW came out. I just wish they hadn't put in stupid mini games like the pterosaur one I got stuck on or the fact that General Scales ISN'T a boss AT ALL despite the fact that he was a pretty good arch-villain.



TwilightV said:

Racing? Still a way better idea than the awful blister inducing Lightfoot Trials.



NintyMan said:

I liked Star Fox Adventures overall. Beautiful graphics, good music, voice-acting, and boss battles. There were just a few things in the game I didn't like, such as the final Lightfoot trial that involved spinning the control stick (didn't Rare see what happened to people playing some of the minigames in the first Mario Party?), the Test of Fear or whatever it was called (very cool concept, but very tricky and confounded my younger self as much as the final Lightfoot trial) and General Scales not being a boss at all. Funnily enough, Star Fox Adventures was my first Star Fox game even though in the gameplay department it's not like Star Fox at all.

Dinosaur Planet seems like it could have been a very interesting game and it would've been yet another N64 classic, but, like Rare's other IP, it sadly would've been left for dead after the buyout. With the Star Fox series some of the characters like Krystal and Tricky could live on in that universe.



Henmii said:

"It was supposed to be a hybrid of Diddy Kong Racing and an adventure game"

Maybe this was the inspiration for the other Rareware game that never got released: Donkey kong racing!



JimLad said:

I'm glad they didn't make it a racing hybrid, but I do wish they had kept it as Dinosaur planet. It is a great game other than the end.

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