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Project CARS Pushed to Autumn 2014 and Re-Confirmed for Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Xbox 360 and PS3 look to be dropped in favour of One and PS4

Project CARS is an intriguing project in that it's been pushed forward by crowdfunding and by thousands of beta testers that have been playing a role in helping development towards its completion. Coming from Need for Speed veterans Slightly Mad Studios, the messaging around the game has focused on attention to detail and accuracy in the tracks and cars on offer.

The developer has now released an official statement that confirms new platforms for the release — Xbox One, PS4 and SteamOS. The previous estimate of Q1 2014 has moved to releases "starting Fall 2014", and the Xbox 360 and PS3 have seemingly been dropped from the release schedule. In good news for Nintendo fans, however, the Wii U has once again been listed alongside the other platforms.

With two platforms coming off the list it's a relief that the Wii U version is still on track, particularly as the developer has adjusted its release plans. A lot of the buzz around this game has been on its technical aspects and how it could be a showcase for the Wii U, but in time we'll also hopefully learn whether it gives a good drive, too.


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GazPlant said:

I don't think it ever was coming to PS3/360?

Anyway, this is going to be... interesting... without analog triggers. Simulation games using a digital trigger? Hmm



rjejr said:

A game dropping PS3/Xbox360 support but staying on the Wii U?

Is that a first? (OK, now I'm not posting b/c I'm not posting the word "first" in the first post, not even by accident, I'll wait for the inevitable ninja. There ya go)

Good news is good, I'll take it.



Nintenjoe64 said:

Could this be the decent realistic track racing game that Nintendo fans have waited for since about 1992?

@GazPlant Maybe, just maybe, they'll support the Wii Classic Controller with its nice squeezy L and R buttons. We should keep asking them to do so.



WiiLovePeace said:

I don't know if I'm interested in a realistic racing sim. Too used to arcade style racing, but the game certainly looks pretty! Hope there's a demo, maybe I'll just buy it anyway if it's cheap enough.

@rjejr Bahaha your comment isn't even the first one



XFsWorld said:

Now that the PS3/360 versions got dropped, there's a chance they may take advantage of the WiiU power!



GazPlant said:

@Nintenjoe64 Doesn't matter if it does, the input is still digital. Unfortunately, Wii U has no way getting a proper analog input unless they release a new controller!!



kevinaa said:

@Nintenjoe64 @rjejr I have to say the lack of analog button sucked in nfs for wiiu. U couldn't mantain your speed. U hac to keep letting off or max out. It beyond sucks. Only hope is if they use the right stick for gas.



PikminWorld said:

I feel like the Wii U will get more support once 3rd party developers completely drop ports to the Xbox 360 and PS3, they'll have more money to do a Wii U version. I feel like this mainly because it seems a lot of "next-gen" games are also coming to 360 and PS3 right now.



TruenoGT said:

On opposite ends of the spectrum, but my two most anticipated racing games, this and 90s Arcade Racer, are both so ambiguous about releasing. I guess that's the nature of crowd-funding/crowd-developing.



sinalefa said:

Good news, although I never thought it would take this long. Oh well, Mario Kart 8 will keep me busy.



Nintenjoe64 said:

@GazPlant are you sure the input is digital on a Wii Classic Controller (not Pro)? It says analog on the box and on Wiki, they feel analog and although I can't think of a single Wii game that used the analog capabilities, there is a Wii mode on the Wii U that should be able to support Wii Classic Controllers fully (not Pro).



biglee said:

@GazPlant it would be awesome if the left stick controlled the accelorator and either the game pad gyroscope or right stick controlled the steering. I'm envisioning controls similar to a RC car. Hopefully slightly mad will think of this idea!



Diz93 said:

Dropping the 360 and PS3 versions were definitely a smart move, I just hope that the Wii U version sells well. I don't see them stopping development for the Wii U because they seem really excited about the gamepad and the features they can have with only the Wii U.



Shiryu said:

It's gonna be a long, hard wait for this one, there really should be more racers on Wii U, arcade or simulators, it's a department that is lacking on the console. That and "Ace Combat"... where are our arcade/fligh sims? How about Hockey games? Someone has gotta step up.



Einherjar said:

The WiiU takes up momentum through Wii Fit U and the new NSMBU bundle, 3D World looks promising, Kart and Smash right outside the door and suddenly, a dev reconsideres his decision and brings a game to the WiiU ? What a nice coincidence



ACK said:

The question is whether the Wii U version (and PC) is close to finished and if they are holding it back to finish the Xbox version...



ShadowFox254 said:

This confirms Wii U is 'next-gen'.

Anyway, I need a good racing game now, since there's going to be no more Burnout, and It will tie more over until F-Zero.



withoutdk said:

this is very promising.... i have been waiting for this game to come.. it looks bloody good and i miss a good racing simulator... nfs mw was not that good when it comes to gameplay... ven though it is fun to drive fast and have achievements... i hope this is going to be a bit like gran turismo or something....

thanks for the news it will definately be a day 1 buy from my side hehe



withoutdk said:

agreed mario kart is fun... but we want some serious stuff also and we like feeling like the baddonkey men we are
Please watch the profanity — TBD



biglee said:

@kevinaa, or the left stick like a RC car controller. Either would be fine with me or better yet the option to choose. What do people think about tilting the game pad forward to speed up and pulling back to brake? Tomuch hassle?



Mommar said:

@GazPlant Yeah, that has always been an issue I've had with the latest game pad. Acceleration could be switched to the right stick but braking would still be fudged digitally.



andreoni79 said:

They could also use the touchscreen to simulate all those set-up buttons on the steering wheel (screenshots 1 and 4). Maybe one stick for gas/brake, the other one for steering and gyro for free visual...



VoiceOfReason said:

So it's about a year away? Looks awesome, but I don't think it will "hold me over" until an F-Zero or anything, because by the time it's released, the other stuff'll be a month away! I'll definitely be buying this, though.



audiobrainiac said:

I've been drooling over this game ever since i found out about it. I've washed my hands of Gran Tourismo, and Mario Kart isn't cuttin' it for me. I NEED this game. Must Buy.



micronean said:

....disappointed they moved back the release date. Originally, it was supposed to be released around this time, then spring 2014, now fall 2014....



JustinH said:

I checked their forums and most of them are closed, but the one board that wasn't had a couple of people going on about how they should can the Wii U build as well. I know the project has an interesting ownership structure and this was probably just two blowhards, but I'd feel much more confident if someone stepped forward and confirmed it was still 100% on for Wii U.



Tender_Cutlet said:

This won't "showcase" the Wii U in a positive light when it comes out looking twice the part on the PS4...



Gerbwmu said:

I'm really looking forward to this game and have been for a while. I'm disappointed that it has been delayed again. I really want a realistic racing game for Wii U to be opposite Mario Kart. As much as I love Mario Kart, it just isn't the same as a realistic sim and I don't remember the last time Nintendo had a great racer of this kind



Gerbwmu said:

@Tender_Cutlet - I think you are giving too much credit to the upcoming consoles....there is a reason we aren't seeing much game play in the commercials. This is probably the least noticeable leap in graphics we have had. It absolutely will look better on PS4 but it will be the small details and the difference won't be very easy to discern for the average consumer.



1wiierdguy said:

Unless they do something really cool with the Gamepad I'll probably be picking this up on either PS4 or Xbox One.



ACK said:

@JustinH I understand your concern, but think about it. Considering the planned release date of early 2014, they've likely done substantial work on the ports for 360, PS3, and Wii U. The only way to salvage that effort if they don't release it on 360 or PS3 is to optimize that code and finish it for release on Wii U.



JustinH said:

@ACK I don't deny that it's illogical. I think the game will do really well on Wii U. But then, plenty of publishers who cancel or delay Wii U titles are doing so out of any logic I subscribe to.



gojiguy said:

Glad Wii U is still included.

Looks cool, but to be honest I'm still more interested in 90s arcade racer.



GamerJunkie said:

They should cancel this fro Wii U. People that own Wii U won't buy it and also it will look and play much better on PS4/XB1.



mshope10 said:

they will find a good solution for digital buttons cause ps4 went digital only too!



Captain_Toad said:

@GamerJunkie Oh noes! Not the low WiiU sales rate and the PS4/XB1! Run for your lives!

Huh, The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions is canned and all but the PC, PS4, XBOX1 and the WiiU is spared....

Unless this WiiU gets mysterly dropped before release, then this leaves me causiouly optiomistic about the next-gen future for the WiiU.
I can't wait to get a grip on PROJECT CARS and see how it handles.



Striker667 said:

I'm buying it for Wii U. Also 90's Arcade Racer. If I was worried about graphics.. I would buy this on PC hands down. They already have a solution for digital inputs because they designed it to work with a keyboard.. This was already explained a long time ago.

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