Pokémon X & Y on 3DS may be an entry in the series that's arguably a solid entry point for newcomers, but with each new Pokémon and type the franchise steps up the level of content to digest. It seems that series art director Ken Sugimori feels that way, as he's expressed a desire to see the games take a step back to simpler designs and mechanics in future generations.

Speaking to the "We Love Pokémon" magazine (and translated by Siliconera), Sugimori-san expressed a desire for the next entry to step back to a simpler approach, citing the original Pokémon Red and Blue as an example. The art director reportedly also feels that move-sets, abilities and items could be scaled back, while he's keen to test out simplified 'mon designs on the public — some of this is apparently based on feedback from Pokémon fans. Naturally, the views of one member of the team won't necessarily bring a simplified next generation in the series.

Sugimori-san also confirmed that his favourite 'mon, to this day, is Gengar, while Venusaur is his least favourite.

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[via siliconera.com]