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Peach and Luigi Relaxation Sets Added to European Club Nintendo

Posted by Joshua Phillips

Luigi branded blankets and eye mask appear in one dreamy package

With the insane amount of Nintendo joy we've all been experiencing this month, you wouldn't be judged for forgetting the simple things in life — such as eating, sleeping or general hygiene. Nintendo is full of caring people, however, and after a month of major releases has decided to make sure that its dedicated gamers aren't forgetting to get a good night's sleep.

Available now in the European Club Nintendo are some rather cute relaxation sets. Coming in two varieties - Luigi or Peach - they come with a blanket, blanket case and eye mask. Ensuring that its dedicated fans get their recommended daily amount of sleep, Nintendo has made these Dream Team Bros. relaxation kits available just in time for the European release of Super Mario 3D World, a game that will no doubt keep many up a bit too late.

Head on over to the Club Nintendo site now, where you can bag yourself a set for just 6,000 stars, perfect for the ultimate cat nap.


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hamsterfactor said:

Funnily enough, I got something similar when I preordered Mario & Luigi: Dream Team through GAME Spain... except it was a Mario & Luigi set (dark blue like the Luigi one above) and included an inflatable neck pillow instead of a blanket.



Ony said:

@andreoni79 +1

Japan gets the best Club Nintendo goodies of all times, would be great if there were no border anymore.



MeddlingIdiot said:

6000 stars is a bit steep for me, not that I have many stars left after claiming the Year of Luigi coin. I hope they bring back the SNES Classic Controller which was 7000 stars, I'd love a second one.



ikki5 said:


what the sad thing about that is, If that was converted to the NA, I could buy 3 of them if I used the coins on my current account and registered the games I still have yet to register. There is nothing to buy on the NA really except for the posters so i just stopped registering my games because I don't want the coins to expire. This way I can keep the games and register them when my current coins get low when something finally comes. I wish this came because I'd get both of them in a heart beat even if it was the 1440 coins equivalent.



andreoni79 said:

As a European, I've always been jealous of NOA club because of its downloadable games. The fact I have to spend at least € 1000 in games to get a € 10 gift is just unfair. And I'm sure there's a lot of gamers that would like to spend some money on that kind of stuff...



Darkness3131 said:

This is interesting. Maybe has something to do with the new Nintendo effort with airlines? got to be comfortable with your 3DS on that plane



Nintenjoe64 said:

@ikki5 A problem I've found is that the EU points cards expire if you don't use them. I found my unused collection with games like Metroid Prime 3, Other M and Disaster Day of Crisis and a couple of others and the only one that was still valid was Other M



SuperKMx said:

Totally just snagged a Luigi one of these. About time...there's been nothing worth having on the European Club Nintendo for AGES (hence me having 8500 points just sat there!)



unrandomsam said:

The SNES controller was the only thing I wanted. (Might have had this if it was a dressing gown as I thought it was when I first saw the article as I could do with one).



cfgk24 said:

A luigi one for me! just ordered! ( after scrummaging around in old game boxes for unclaimed Stars Pin leaflets ) I'll use it on the plane on the way to Japan!

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