With the insane amount of Nintendo joy we've all been experiencing this month, you wouldn't be judged for forgetting the simple things in life — such as eating, sleeping or general hygiene. Nintendo is full of caring people, however, and after a month of major releases has decided to make sure that its dedicated gamers aren't forgetting to get a good night's sleep.

Available now in the European Club Nintendo are some rather cute relaxation sets. Coming in two varieties - Luigi or Peach - they come with a blanket, blanket case and eye mask. Ensuring that its dedicated fans get their recommended daily amount of sleep, Nintendo has made these Dream Team Bros. relaxation kits available just in time for the European release of Super Mario 3D World, a game that will no doubt keep many up a bit too late.

Head on over to the Club Nintendo site now, where you can bag yourself a set for just 6,000 stars, perfect for the ultimate cat nap.

[via stars.nintendo-europe.com]