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North American Club Nintendo Releases a Gorgeous Link Between Worlds Poster Set

Posted by Thomas Whitehead


As you may have noticed, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds has arrived almost everywhere today — it hits Australia on 23rd October and Japan, amazingly, on 26th December. It's been met with critical acclaim, and social networks are gradually being filled up with happy gamers sharing initial impressions.

Keen to capitalise on the excitement, Nintendo of America has added a rather attractive poster set on Club Nintendo; it contains three gorgeous posters — pictured above and below — that are an impressive 22” X 28” in size. It's a premium offering that comes at a tasty cost of 500 coins.

Nevertheless, we expect these will go fast, so don't waste any time if you want them; head on over to the official reward page to grab a set. Unfortunately no equivalent award is available, at the time of writing, in the European Club Nintendo. Those that purchase the Collector's Edition from GAME receive one poster, but at the time of publication the product is not available.

Will you be splashing the coins on this, North American Zelda fans?


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Uberchu said:

Ordering them NAO! thanks NL!

EDIT: D'oh missed the 500 coins part, not sure if I want to shell out that much.



Gold said:

Have to wait until tomo morning when my mom is rested. Awww. ;(



jasonbra said:

Meh. Still waiting for some good stuff to arrive. How about some different colour wiimotes...or even an exclusive gamepad!!!



Uberchu said:

@jasonbra You can have your gamepad for 10,000 coins!

As for other colored Wii Remotes the store has White/Black/Blue/Pink/Mario Red/Luigi Green, is that not good enough for you?



idork99 said:

Tempting, but I'll pass.

Also, where's my three poster set for this year's Platinum Club Nintendo members?



AdanVC said:

Damn it!! Those are so beautiful! Too bad Club Nintendo doesn't apply here in Mexico



hYdeks said:

@AdanVC which honestly makes no sense cause it applies to Canada and USA, why not Mexico too? Their apart of North America, as well

I'm disappointed, I spent my coins last month, otherwise I could get this! >< This and the games are the only things worth it on the NA Club Nintendo

@idork99 it should be coming very soon actually, the last two years I got my platinum award at the beginning of December



MoogleMuffins said:

Got the top one delivered today, looks fantastic.
Shame I wasn't in when the actual game was delivered though.



ueI said:

Ooh, these look nice. But I think I will hold off until after I play through the game.



TradeMark said:

I just want that bottom poster. I've been enamoured with that concept art since I first saw it a couple months ago.



jasonbra said:

@Uberchu Im pretty sure theyd ask for more than 10000 coins for a gamepad.

And no, those arent enough. I have a blue, mario, luigi and used to have the white and black ones. I want yellow or orange or something.



Uberchu said:

@TradeMark want the 2nd one but painted on a brick wall inrl

@jasonbra I have all the colors you listed except for Mario, but do Have a red one a pink one and a Golden one.

They'd probally ask for 90,000 coins for a



thatguyEZ said:

@jasonbra Well you don't always get what you want. -_-

These posters are really nice though, might have to order them if they still have some. I'm loving ALBW so far.



Sakura said:

I ordered the Collector's Edition from Game. I got the poster, but no trace of the actual game or the musical chest. I'm not paying £50 for just a poster so Game had better sort this out for me fast or I shall be kicking up a fuss.



sinalefa said:

Thanks for the heads up, Thomas! The page did not put any fanfare, I even had a hard time finding them.



snoox said:

Just ordered them, got a blue 3DS charging dock previously, pretty stoked about this free stuff man ^.^

But my platinum reward poster set still hasn't come yet too, & they said it was shipped a long time ago :/



Punny said:

They're lovely! One of these days, I'll chip in and get them. Hopefully, they won't go out of stock too soon.



Dpullam said:

Those are some gorgeous posters but unfortunately I don't have enough coins to even consider getting them. My walls are stuffed with enough posters as it is anyway.



RawkHawk013 said:

Thanks for telling me, registering some games I just bought recently to earn the necessary amount!



Tasuki said:

Just ordered mine now I am glad I didnt get that 3DS XL charger a few weeks ago.



astros75 said:

Ordered the posters and I suppose I'll give them to my brother for Christmas. They look amazing! I would love to keep them but I suspect my gf would have something to say about having Link posters in our new home lol



SinoSamba said:

Got them. Still have the points for the Hanafuda cards if they ever come back in stock



Tra_Venous said:

Ordered mine a couple hours ago, this'll go great with the Majora's Mask CD I'm getting as well



crazyj2312 said:

I'm gonna be saving my coins. I have a deep feeling that Nintendo is going to offer a really good game for download in the coming months



ikki5 said:

Finally, they added something that didn't sell out in an hour. I got mine and told my friend and now he got his


I honestly hope they don't come to Europe. I know I sound like a douche to say that but you guys have a lot of amazing stuff that I would love to come here.



DarkNinja9 said:

hmm well i went and got these wasnt too sure but oh well i never did get my MM cd in the mail though



Marshi said:

@Sakura you mean you havnt kicked up a fuss yet? The game came out yesterday,id be screaming at them by now!



Marshi said:

I got the game on thursday (thank you grainger games!) and its brilliant! I thought it would be a watered down experience in comparison to the console efforts but its packed full of content. And anyone who was moaning at the graphical style should witness the game in motion! Its easily one of the prettiest zeldas ever



Marshi said:

@ikki5 whichever way you spin it,thats a very douchey thing to say dude! Its not like europeans have any say in what comes over is it?



ikki5 said:


yeah well, They complain about getting shafted at everything when their club Nintendo is far superior.



IrishCatholic said:

Just ordered mine!!! I have ordered every poster set from CN and once my sons move out one of their bedrooms will be converted into the Nintendo room. Then I will take the posters out of the tubes and place them in frames to be hung on the wall!!!!



Sakura said:

Hi there! I did send some emails yesterday to Customer Services, but no reply. Rest of the order came today. They could have avoided my panic if they'd just put a note in with the poster saying the remainder would be shipped seperately. And wouldn't it make more sense ecomically to send everything in one shipment anyway? Oh well, I don't care now that I've got it.


Understand your point. There are some things I'd like from the US club too, like the game downloads and the large AR card. Would be great if they had a unified World Club Nintendo. Some of the Japanese exclusives are awesome.



sugarshack said:

I happened to see the title of the link, instantly went to and ordered it. On the fence to keep it, or sell them for a hefty price.



ikki5 said:


the thing is, in a way, you CAN get the games and more than what we got though. you can get them in Wii Points cards so really, you do have them available, at least on the Wii.



Mainer82 said:

I love their special items. I have the Golden wii nunchuck and the golden wiimote (that came from Skyward sword).

My poster set is on its way.



Sakura said:

I have a WiiU, but I like the 3DS better. I'd like to have been able to download Minis on the March using points. And, I know it's not on Club Nintendo, but the US has a gorgeous purple 3DS console that isn't released over here. Both clubs have some nice items that it would be great to see worldwide. Maybe if enough people ask Club Nintendo US, they'll stock more stuff? And make the pre-order bonuses more equitable too. It's all swings and roundabouts and a bit unfair at the moment.



ikki5 said:


I have been asking them to stock new stuff for the past two years. Aside from the limited avaible stuff, there has been no more than three things added (which is less added than what the EU got in the last 6 months). Pikmin bag, DK posters, and These posters (provided these are not also limited supply also.) Also, what pre-order bonuses are you talking about? People in the UK got a Zelda chest for a link between worlds and we got nothing except for Oracle of seasons which everyone probably already has as it was discounted when it was released.



Luna-Harmony said:

I got the Game edition it came with a huge poster of the cover of the game, the 3DS game, music chest, flimsy card outer box.
Its such a shame nintendo did not make a special or limited edition as zelda is such a important game.



2Sang said:

It's nice to finally have something worth buying in the club nintendo store aside from the ds pouch.



Genesaur said:

I am simply blown away that this poster set hasn't sold out, when the XL charging cradles were gone in less than a day.



A-rae said:

Nooooo!!!!!! I only have 140 coins
I hope this isn't one of those limited quantity items, first I couldn't get the golden nunchuck and now this. Anyone have any spare coins?



MasterGraveheart said:

I got my set before it was cool. 8)

I still hope they restock the Mario posters one day. They're the only ones I've missed.



Gamer83 said:

500 coins seemed a bit much but I had 900 and the truth is I rarely find anything worth spending the coins on. This, however, is definitely worth it. The posters look awesome and I'm just thankful to Nintendo that I finally got the one sequel I wanted and never thought was going to happen. Even if it's small, this is another way to support the game and say thanks to Nintendo, so it's worth it.



JaxonH said:

Unfortunately, says it's out of stock. Once again, I miss out for being a day late.

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