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Nintendo's UK Store to Release A Wii U Mario Mega Bundle

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Three games, a Mario remote and, most importantly, a Mario hat

In early October Nintendo UK launched its own online store, which has since played host to some pre-order bonuses and a regional exclusive with this rather attractive Luigi-themed 3DS XL. It seems the website is keen to lead the line in terms of driving Wii U sales this Holiday season, too, unveiling a Mario Mega Bundle.

For £299.99 the bundle includes the following:

A standard bundle (such as the duel Mario Wii U Premium set) typically costs £249.99 in the UK, though some retailers are running promotions — for an extra £50 this pack offers Super Mario 3D World, the red Mario Remote (which costs around £40) and the hat. It certainly represents a decent saving and, most importantly, there's a rad hat on offer.

You can check out the offer here; it's UK only.

Are any of you UK Nintendo fans that are yet to take the plunge on a Wii U tempted by this, and would those of you in other regions pounce — Cat Mario style — on an equivalent offer? Let us know below.


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User Comments (64)



Dpullam said:

I wish this offer would come to the USA, especially since it includes disc copies of the games featured.



Tsurii said:

It's a shame that this is UK-only...and that I already have a Wii U. If I haven't bought the Wii U last Christmas, THIS would be THE bundle to hook me.



Super_Gravy said:

First UK complaining about stuffs they want but can't get then now USA complaining about stuffs they want but can't get.

Kinda funny eh?



MJKOP said:

Very tempting, I'm looking to pick up the Mario & Luigi bundle and would of course inevitably be picking up 3D World so this makes sense



Dooggggg said:

Now THIS would be an awesome Christmas present. I already have a U but yeah, this is such a great gift.



AdanVC said:

Too. Much. Mario... AND I LOVE IT! Too bad is for UK only and I have Wii U already and those games as well (SM3DW tomorrow of course)



Portal_King said:

Bought my Premium Wii U last year (November 29th, launch day) for £350 with Nintendo Land. I find it quite disgusting that those of us who did buy it on day one haven't had any kind of complimentary gift for doing so. I know it sounds bit selfish, but I spent months saving for that thing to buy it day one.

They should have done something similar to what was done with the 3DS. I wouldn't mind a choice of some Virtual Console games (preferably SNES games).



zool said:

..of course this bundle is being paid for in part by the £49.99 price tag us loyal fans who already have a Wiiu will have to pay for our a copy of Super Mario 3ds world.

Just as Nintendo did with the Windwaker Wii u bundle.

Although I can afford the price tag I do not feel that the games are worth that amount. I get around this by buying just the occasional Wii u game. I would normally have bought the Windwaker and Super Mario 3d World, but I refuse to pay £100.00 for two games.

Super Mario 3d World, I will buy as one of my occasional Wii u games and I will play my 3ds or Andriod games.

I think the Nintendo Wii u games sales will suffer because of this increased game price policy.



zool said:


I agree.

If Nintendo ever get to release a new console, Wii u 2, or what ever it will be called, I will wait a year before I buy.



Mr_Nose said:

Good Lord! What else would any sane person need?

Whaddaya waitin' for UK? Getchi won! Mow!



OliverAdam said:

The console has been out for a year, and there's already 3 Mario games.

That's both cool, and also abit overkill, depending on your love for Mario.



Mk_II said:

just as i've been predicting Nintendo is going bundle crazy. That's excellent value for money.



Mr_Nose said:

Oh, when I saw the picture I thought they were throwing in Mario's severed hand, as well.

Still a good deal, though.



DreamyViridi said:

Man, if only cash wasn't such an issue for me right now...
That is great value for money. Money no object, I'd definitely get this. So long as there's a warranty anyway. I always buy consoles with a 3-4 year guarantee or anything of the sort.



Peach64 said:

As always with these Nintendo online store deals, they look great compared to RRP, but you're crazy if you pay RRP for anything. were selling the Wii Premium + NSMBU + Luigi DLC for £199.99 last week, and Amazon has been selling it for £219.99 this week. You can pick up SM3DW for under £35 so you're paying £65 for a wiimote and a hat.



Azooooz said:

If Nintendo doesn't advertise this bundle like crazy, I don't know what the hell is wrong with them.



WingedSnagret said:

If I didn't already have a Wii U I'd be really annoyed. But regardless it'd be really nice if this amazing bundle came to the US. It would be irresistible.



sinalefa said:

I hope this sells lots of units in the UK. And that other regions follow suit.

I was an early adopter but I wont complain about this, as it will increase the userbase, something that will benefit us too in the long run.



FourScore64 said:

All it's missing is the Luigi remote. Other than that this is the Ultimate Mario Wii U package!

Would be nice to see this in the States!



Sir_JBizzle said:

@Portal_King that's the price of being an early adopter. Though there was the digital deluxe promotion that early adopters received. That's what's basically paying for my copy of SMW3D tonight and for Smash Bros and/or Mario Kart next year.



VoiceOfReason said:

It doesn't sound selfish at all.
Nintendo should reward early buyers like they did for 3DS, especially for something $100 more (in the states at least)! It's going to encourage people to wait a year before buying a Nintendo product. Kind of like how the Wii U didn't sell for a year (assuming it will this holiday season).
Come on Nintendo.



Marakuto said:

Too bad I have to spend money on other things this Christmas, otherwise I'll be able to get this asap. <3 <3 <3



rjejr said:

Can't help but be disappointed that this is on their online website only. How many people shop on there? Probably just the people who already own a Wii U.

If it were an Amazon or Game exclusive I'ld be more impressed.

BTW - the actual Nintendo World Store in Manhattan has - themed water bottles! woo hoo?



Morph said:

Its a good offer but it should be in highstreet shops, i bet most of nintendos target demo dont even know they have an online store



galetyler said:

@Morph I didn't even know they had an online store... I mean I knew they were selling refurbished 3DS's and that sort of thing but they have a full store? with merchandise and stuff like that wow I might check this out



GamerZack87 said:

...and with a bonus Mario Wii Remote Plus AND the iconic Mario cap, the Year of Luigi goes out in style!

This is a great deal for any Mario fan, and I'd definitely consider it if I had the option. I'd just need to figure out what to do with the spare Mario WRP.



Kirk said:

Well this is the first REALLY compelling bundle I think I've seen Nintendo offer.

Pity I still can't afford ANY consoles at this time



ElDelEl said:

Yep, this is the bundle that would finally break my resistance and force me to buy the system...IF it were available in America. I don't know whether to be ticked off or relieved that it's not for sale here



ModernMARVEL said:

Honestly, if this comes to US before I get a WiiU, then I'll definitely get it over the Zelda bundle. I could just get rid of NSMBU and NSLU if I didn't want them. Though that wouldn't be likely, even though I'm not too big a Mario fan.

@ElDelEl Be ticked, be VERY ticked!



DarkCoolEdge said:

That bundle is AMAZING. They've just sold me a WiiU. And after Christmas a bunch of new games _



Pj1 said:

I agree with a lot of comments, however I will never buy a Nintendo console on the day it launches again. I could have for £300 got three decent games, a lovely Mario remote and a hat. Instead on launch day last year I paid that and got one game, when I bought my 3DS on launch day and at full price a few months later I was able to have a few free games. For my loyalty this time around I get nothing and same for other people who were early adopters.



FJOJR said:

Looks like the Mario hat they've given away to Club Nintendo members in Japan and NA already. Have mine but one can never have too many Mario hats. I've got 3, the CN, one from Nintendo World and the one for the costume.



divinelite said:

Yet Asia don't even have any deal
On my local retailer wiiu zelda bundle cost 500$

So...simply people here will just buy ps3 with 250$ price. It's simple



unrandomsam said:

@zool The disk ones are really cheap - about £30 most of the time somewhere. (Better value than 3DS games I think).



unrandomsam said:

If Game has this and it has the £50 for an old Wii offer and it can be used I might get tempted to set aside my hatred for them.



ikki5 said:


you serious, 12 months too late? They are getting 3 games with this bundle, a $50 Wii remote. The bundles originally came with one game, this here is a is $140+ extra of stuff that people didn't normally get. I wouldn't say they should have had this on day one.



Genesaur said:

North America should get the same bundle, but with a Luigi remote and hat. I would buy the crap out of that.



Artwark said:

I've always wanted a Mario Hat but I know I can't get one even if its also for U.S



KeeperBvK said:

"A standard bundle (such as the duel Mario Wii U Premium set)"

It's dual, not duel.



Kolzig said:

A bit expensive, 360€ before shipping and of course it's only for UK.

Still cheapest to get the Wii U Mario & Luigi U set is This one of course comes with the Mario World, the hat and the remote, but basically only the game is needed so you can get that cheaper from any online shops like shopto/thehut/amazon.



Alucard83 said:

Buhahahahaha I will get this bundle . I wanted to order my WII U yesterday. Luckily I haven't done it. Next week I will get this including mario 3d. Damn i'm good. Im going get 3 games with the system. Poor suckers haha



marck13 said:

Wow, that´s sick! In the most positive way!!
Everyone, EVERYONE in the UK should get one of these!!!



Finntendo said:


For it me it is selfish. Me me me. I didn't get what others did. Boohoo. anyone who has done electronics shopping knows the price will go down, more or less. It's same with phones, laptops, mp3 players, tablets. They hit the market, prices goes down a bit and then we have new products. It's no different from any game. If you buy game at release for 59.90€ and in few months you see it for 39.99€, do you start to complain you need to get som extra because you bought it on release? Oh, I bought game A on release, it was crap and the price has dropped to 20€, I want something extra! I'd undestand if dramatic price drop would happen fast (in few months 100€ or so) but a year later.. meh.

Yup, bought Wii U at launch, ZombiU bundle. And this whole year I've been so happy with my console. It has been used almost every day. I barely buy anything at launch. I haven't regretted, I knew the price (I had one retailer's tweaked bundle: I ordered ZombiU bundle, but they didn't get those so much so they created their own version: WiiU premium with Nintendoland and ZombiU added to that - price was 412€.) and knew it will probably drop, new bundles will come out, which is very reasonable. And this kind of bundle hitting the stores before christmas - it's amazing. If I didn't have WiiU and lived in UK, would strongly consider this. IMHO, this is what WiiU needs.
(and please do not make X bundle, it will make me cry. WW bundle was hard to take already, same with Zelda 3DS bundle)

(ps. I saw Wii U ad on tv in here! )



KeeperBvK said:

@VoiceOfReason Nintendo should do nothing like that all. Entertainment products get cheaper over time. That's how it is and has always been. Why should anybody give you something for free, then?
Also, when you bought it early, you got to use it for a longer time than those people that have waited. It's seriously baffling that anybody would ask for the company (in this case Nintendo) to give out anything for free to people who have bought their product earlier than others.



KevTastic84 said:

Game stores have a deal right now for £220, You get The Mario Bros / Luigi Bros bundle with the console and the new Wii Sports. I'd go for that, then purchase SM3DW on top of that. The hat and remote are not needed for myself. Even though they are cool



JuanitoShet said:

Imagine all the lucky UK kids that'll be getting this! I know I'd love a present like this one for Christmas! :B



YorkshireNed said:

Yeah, sounds good but I'm going to shop around for best price for our Christmas present of a Wii U first.



Henmii said:

This should have been at retail shops! Also: Nintendo including discs again in bundles?! Are my eyes deceiving me?! This is GREAT news!!!

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