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Nintendo Confirms That Miiverse on 3DS Won't Allow Friend Requests or User Messaging

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Like the browser-based service, then

The December arrival of Miiverse on the 3DS is sure to lead to a major expansion of users on the network, with the sizeable 3DS userbase joining those currently on the platform using a Nintendo Network ID on the Wii U. It's one part of what, we hope, will be a continual expansion of the ID system on the 3DS.

While interacting in communities driven by the portable's library sounds like a lot of fun, it's emerged that the service won't quite be as fully-featured as on Wii U. Reports emerged earlier today of a Nintendo customer services representative stating that it won't be possible to issue friend request or send private messages to other users. We followed up directly with Nintendo to clarify, which issued the following brief statement:

Miiverse on Nintendo 3DS does not include friend request or user messaging features.

Straight to the point then, and we referred to this confirmation as a late edit in our editorial on the Nintendo Network ID gradually creeping towards the modern age. Making friend requests and sending messages to other users is also off the table in the browser-based version of Miiverse, and both features would have required Nintendo to workaround the existing Friend List setup on the 3DS and apply extra moderation resources, respectively. Despite this we expect there'll still be disappointment at this news.

Are you surprised, disappointed or indifferent to this? Let us know in the comments below.

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Haxonberik said:

Its not surprising, really. I just hope you can follow people from it, as it was always unrealistic to think they'd allow for private messages after the Swapnote incident.



Barbiegurl777 said:

I'm confused... i thought the point of miiverse at least on the wii u was to be able to have the ability to talk & ask questions with fellow gamers from around the world...

So were basically getting a modified app of miiverse on the 3ds then.

Not sure what to do with Nintendo Network on the 3ds because I don't own a wii u yet either... not until early 2014.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



marck13 said:

In my case I really don't mind much. Next to the 3ds I got my Wii U to enjoy Miiverse at its fullest. But I think with some more time and the highly anticipated account-system a lot of thinks will change. Nintendo has shown that they frequently upgrade Miiverse and its features.



WanderingPB said:

Honestly it doesnt matter to me but im sure with time and customer reviews it will start shaping into something better…hopefully (fingers crossed)

Understandable as well after the incident they had with swapnote…what if they just allowed the msg feature to friends when playing wanting to play a game when ur on the go? Or a better online game play interface so people can stay connected to play the same games? Why do some people ruin things for everyone?



Ryno said:

To bad Nintendo didn't come up with the Miiverse idea in time for the 3DS launch.



Le_Gazman said:

What about screenshots? Probably one of the coolest things about Miiverse as far as I'm concerned.



Chris720 said:

Well that sucks. More like a limited version of Miiverse which is kinda poor really...

Hopefully Nintendo will update it with messaging at some point. As it stands there is no messaging service for the 3DS, and don't raise the Friend List thing, most pointless thing I've ever seen.



IsawYoshi said:

That really sucks, hopefully it's something they'll do if they find a fix to the swapnote problem.



LoZ4life98 said:

Nintendo, c'mon. Get with the ages already. Should kids not be able to walk around on streets because they might interact with a stranger?



ultimate321 said:

I really hate not being able to message my 3ds friends. Not even when rheyre online. Its stupid. If ninte doesnt want stranger messaging then that's one thing but registered friends?



Knux said:

Typical Nintendo, who takes one step forward and twenty steps backward. It's no surprise why Nintendo will probably be in third place during this generation.



AlternateButtons said:

This makes me angry on so many levels....WHAT'S THE POINT OF MIIVERSE THEN?! To post to a forum? C'mon! Why bother having this awesome social network whos PURPOSE is to connect gamers all over the globe and communicate with them and then restrict this part of the service? Why are they isolating us like this? If anything, a PM system is even better for a handheld than a console! many levels of angry right now. Such disappointment. I hope they change this at some point.



WebHead said:

...Can't Nintendo just ban people who misuse the service instead of doing stuff like this?



SCAR said:

I don't see what the problem is, honestly. You probably still need to register friend codes with each other to communicate with an NNID.

Isn't free posting to Miiverse and screenshots enough? If you really want to friend random people, do it online like you always have.

Not to mention that friend to friend messaging hasn't even been added to the Wii U version of Miiverse yet. This really isn't a big deal guys.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@WanderingPB @SCAR392 Well the problem with the friend only messaging, is that friend codes are pretty much posted everywhere on the 'net. It wouldn't really make much of a difference. The original problem arose between people who added each other if I remember right.

@WebHead Because prior to this there were no accounts. Porting over the mobile version is also faster. We probably will see additional functionality for MiiVerse but it'll be later, most likely after most of the outrage has disappeared over the child pornography stuff.



SCAR said:

My apologies. I try to refrain from adding random people to my friends list. I'm assuming you're talking about posting to someone's activity feed?

I friended a couple people on launch night, but most of the time, friending random people doesn't matter so I deleted them soon afterwards.



Einherjar said:

@Guitardude7 Why is a PM system for a handheld better than for a console ? If anything, they are equaly important.
And i think that the whole situation has to do with the simple fact that the Miiverse is an integral part of the WiiUs system, while its just added on the 3DS.
The 3DS has its own seperated friend list, while the WIiUs is integrated into Miiverse.My guess is, that it would take a bit more work to fully implement Miiverse on the 3DS and may be added in the future. At least the friendlists must be connected in a way, that newer games recognize the Miiverse connection, while it is backwards compatible with games, that were made before the update.
I really have no words for the constant whining on here lately. Literally NOTHING is enough to please you people. You get Miiverse access with the ability to post screenshots etc. If you want to invite friends to a game, do it inside the game.
Sure, friendlist managing and PMs are fine, but the Miiverse is still pretty good without these features.
If nearly EVERYTHING nintendo puts out is met with such negativity, it doesnt surprise me that "listening to the fanbase" isnt that important to them sometimes.



AlternateButtons said:

@Einherjar PM Systems and Friend request would work better on a handheld console because it's on the go. Whereever there's wifi, you can access Miiverse and so its actually BETTER on 3DS then on Wii U. Not saying Wii U would be obsolete or useless but the ability to do this on a handheld console would have the user always connected and can always contact other gamers.

And for your information, I'm actually one of the people that usually defend Nintendo but THIS is atrocious. It's such a big missed opportunity. The whole point of this was to be more connected with everyone. By doing this they're not listening to the fanbase at all and they should when it comes to this. This isnt some nitpick or trivial matter this is a BASIC functionality that should be on the system right from the get go. I mean, if it's on the Wii U where the chances of pedophilia occurring are just as likely, then why have it on the Wii U, but not the 3DS? It's just so backwards and idiotic. The way they're handling this is just so asinine.

Look, I appreciate they're trying to listen to their fans and they DO make correct steps in the right direction. Shared funds between systems? Awesome. Miiverse coming to 3DS? Great. But with one step forward, its two steps back. It's simply ridiculous and should be common sense to implement this sort of thing. I love Nintendo but sometimes, they can be really stupid with their decisions.



jon_simmons said:

That's fine. I'm just hoping to use 3ds miiverse as a way to organize people for online play. I have a few 3ds games that have online play, but I've never been able to find people online. Games like Air Race and Code of Princess.



AlternateButtons said:

@Einherjar I should point out that most people have a 3DS than a Wii U. In fact I have two friends that have a 3DS but not A Wii U. So I can't message either of them. Since Swapnote is now useless and Miiverse on 3DS is going to be so isolated, I can't share anything with them personally nor can I even friend them. It's just so stupid.



AlternateButtons said:

@SCAR392 No when you friend people, you can privately message them. See, I message a lot of people so having this functionality was kind of important to me.

Sorry I came off as angry or annoyed at you. I wasn't at all. I should've worded myself better.



WesCash said:

Nintendo, it isn't your job to try and "protect" children from whatever you think the dangers of communication are. The swapnote debacle was just another demonstration of your absolute incompetence when it comes to evolving with technology and culture. It's almost 2014. This is embarassing.



Captain_Toad said:

Heh, Not the best of news. I'm sure some improvements'll be made in the future. I just want a Nintendo Network ID to look at entire posts of miiverse instead of select ones from the browser version. And I'll be getting a WiiU next yeah.



riptide said:

well love you nintendo.. all this wait for complete nothingness. hollow
Please watch the profanity — TBD



SCAR said:

I'm pretty confident shared accounts and messaging between platforms will happen. It's just a matter of time, which includes small steps at a time, apparently.

We already know that Nintendo likes to update their system firmware on a consistent basis. Hardly anything they have done recently has been "set in stone" during these improvements.

I guess that doesn't stop people from wanting everything all at once vs. a bit at a time. I hardly even use this stuff.



RobbSnow said:

....all this and they still couldn't get it out by the end of the summer. I am severely disappointed.



emiru69 said:

So basically my friend list is completely useless since I can't receive messages or send messages to my friends using the 3DS. In other news I heard that someone sent inappropriate letters to children using the United States Post Office...



crazyj2312 said:

I understand that their goal is to keep things as safe as possible but taking away features to prevent anything from even happening isn't a very solid plan if it leaves regular consumers with nothing to use at all.

I guess its mostly an effort to avoid responsibility of things happening with creeps and pedophiles but it seems almost redundant to not have all these features AND have parental controls and locks. What use is parental blocking if there isn't much to actually block?



NoirUsernameHere said:

No messaging/adding people? Well, I'll still download the update because I'm forced to, but I won't use 3DS Miiverse. >.<



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@WebHead That's one way of looking at it. That being said, Nintendo is not really that big of a company, with no other divisions relating directly to actual non-gaming software.

Anything not directly related to gaming is bound to occur slowly in their case. I've said this before, as have other people here, they need to hire more employees for a non-gaming department that deals with these kinds of problems.

@SkywardLink98 You can't add anyone through the 3ds version of MiiVerse (only allowed on Wii U at the moment). Your friend list and means of adding people will stay the same (well at the moment).



twistedbee said:

It's a step on the right direction. Is it perfect? No. But Nintendo didn't have to do anything at all. So no complaints.



emiru69 said:

It reminds me to the attitude that companies like "Chuck E. Cheese" have in the USA. For those not familiar with this company, it's a fast food chain with terrible food with an arcade section (many kids celebrate their birthday there). Well, you CAN'T go to the Arcade section if you are alone, you are only allowed to enter if you have a kid. Why try to keep an eye on your kids? Let's assume that everyone is a pedo instead of punishing people based on individual basics right? That sounds fair.



Aqueous said:

Sigh, that was what I wanted. I can't check my Wii U for messages all the time so this is what I needed out of a 3DS version



Mk_II said:

Let's not forget that we, grown-up Nintendo fanboys and girls, are NOT the key demographic for the 3DS platform. Nintendo knows very well that it's handheld bread is buttered mainly by kids & teens and that's why they are so extremely cautious. The media would be very eager to run an alarmist "Nintendo enables predators" story and if the Big N looses it's family friendly image it could spell doom and gloom in the longer run.



JadedGamer said:

Nintendo would need alot more mods to police the content being put out by users...So there stance makes sense.Im not a fan but atleast Miiverse on wii u is still the definative version.Looks like friend codes are here to stay. Sadly nintendo isnt looking to expand peoples friend capabilities. Well this is only the beginning ,so We shall wait and see



Einherjar said:

@Guitardude7 If you have WiFi access and you desperatly need to contact someone, just use the built in web browser and do it via Email or some Forum. Is all this really worth all that whining ? Last time i checked, the 3DS was excellent even without Miiverse integration. If they give you a hand, you want the whole arm, thats basicly how many people on here behave. Just take what isoffered and make the best out of it. If you can appreciate that, i bet that the forlks over at nintendo also appreciate their less hiny fanbase more and work harder to get stuff done.
The same stupid stuff happens on YouTube at the moment. They changed the comment section a little bit, made a google+ account (that you may never use at all after that) a necessaty and everyone freaks out like its the end of the world. Im so sick of this "everythings bad when its not EXACTLY what i want" mentality. If people dont get anything by the get go yesterday, they are not pleased and leave no room for improvement.
That no one is able to apreciate whats given and see what it can become overtime is simply baffeling.



Neram said:

@MAN1AC More like two steps forward, one step back, really. They are adding a feature that wasn't there before, that much is clear. They just aren't adding the complete feature.



AlternateButtons said:

@Einherjar So Nintendo can do no wrong huh? They're always right no matter what? Sorry but no, I won't accept that. They're taking out a BASIC function that is essentially what Miiverse is. If you can't communicate with people on it, then what's the point of having it? You can't use the web browser as an excuse. the web browser has nothing to do with this. This is MIIVERSE. This is where gamers should be able to come and communicate with each other. This function should be there. No excuses. And yes you're right The 3DS was fine without Miiverse integration because we had swapnote. But then they had to go ahead and pull it. I understand WHY they pulled it but that's not excusing the fact that its simply not fair to those who use it regularly. Miiverse intergration could've easily fixed this but no, of course not. They just screwed it up again and isolated all of from each other as a result. This isn't fair to us and we are in our full right to be angry about it.



SCAR said:

Exactly. "Two steps forward, one step back" is being actually fair. People just like to exaggerate about stuff.

If you're going to seriously complain, at least realize this is still an improvement...



SG9000 said:

Dissapointed, but not surprised because the Swapnote incidnent and the Flipnote 3D incident [Yup, it's not even released outside Japan and there's already an incident]



SyFyTy said:

Besides, these kids do far worse on their cell phones, sending 'Dink' Photos and what not... I thought that is what parental controls were supposed to be about???

RE: about Flipnote.. And you believe FlipNote Studio didn't have these troubles? There was no lawsuits there?!! WTF?



DualWielding said:

All Nintendo wants to do is screw its loyal customers in third world countries by country locking them and its trying to advertise it as a feature to deceive them...



Gold said:

Actually, why is there no messages on the browser-based version? I've been wanting that for a good while, now.



thesilverbrick said:

Not really a big deal for me. I don't private message anyone or befriend random strangers on Wii U as it is, anyway. As long as you can post, like, and reply to messages, it's all good.



SCAR said:

Did anyone think that maybe you can still message your friends through posts? As far as I'm aware, anything your friends post on the Wii U shows up on your activity feed.

Respond to their posts through the activity feed. Problem solved.

That's beside that friending random people is basically pointless and is also suggested against because of "stranger danger" occurrences.



unrandomsam said:

@Einherjar It is not the same at all. Google+ has a real name policy. (Same as Facebook). Real Names are a bad idea for many reasons. (For example if I go for a job interview whether I have a 3DS or not is none of their business.)



AlternateButtons said:

@SCAR392 That's a good point. Though the problem with that is that in order to make a post, I have to post in a game community. If I just want to have a casual conversation then it would just be awkward. Outside of the PM system on Wii U, there's no real way to do that. But you do have a solid point.



LittleIrves said:

To everybody asking what's the point of Miiverse on 3DS then, it seems like there's a misunderstanding. You'll still be able to view posts and comment on posts and Yeah posts. You can still leave your own messages in any community. But these are all public. You just can't send a private message to a friend, or friend request someone else through Miiverse.

Personally I've sent two or three private friend messages on Wii U... but to me the coolest aspect of Miiverse is seeing what strangers are writing/drawing, who are pretty much 1000 times more talented/interesting to lots of my friends (no offense, friends). If I just wanted to send a private message to someone I already knew, I have about a dozen ways I can already do that. So I really don't understand why people are getting so bent out of shape about this. The coolest aspects of Miiverse will still be there!



SCAR said:

There's Facebook, twitter, texting, etc. ways to get ahold of your friends.

As far as gaming goes, there really shouldn't be any complaints. If you want to play with your friend, either join their game straight from the friends list, or call them out on the respective community.

i.e. Someone says, "Hey, let's play Mario Kart 7!". The Miiverse logo will flash, telling you that there's activity on Miiverse from your friends, then you can reply and say you'll join or say "good race". Whatevs.

For a free Nintendo exclusive community, I'd say it does a good job for what it is. Any people you interact with on a daily basis outside of Miiverse can easily call or text you.



ScorpionMG said:

so basically it's because of people that abused the swapnote, now everyone's paying for it!! Good job everyone.



Arcamenel said:

This reminds me of when I was younger and my mom would punish me with my siblings even if they were the ones doing something wrong. She would say "sometimes the good has to suffer with the bad". I'm still not sure if that's a lesson you should be teaching children.



MrMario02 said:

So... U can't message on 3DS or make friend requests.That is THE DUMBEST IDEA EVER!



Einherjar said:

@unrandomsam I have a nicknamed YouTube account, a real name gmail, a nicknamed gmail and a real name G+ account, all connected. The G+ acount is not used and i activated all privacy functions, making the account more or less invisable. I use YouTube with a nickname and my real name G+ connection does in no way interfere, So, whats the big deal ? All the hate generated by the YOuTube community is about nothing more than hot air.



AlternateButtons said:

@SCAR392 I'm aware there are more ways to connect with your friends but as this console stands on its own, it's not what it should be. What's upsetting me the most is that Nintendo is capable of so much better but they keep limiting themselves and hurting the gamers as a result.
Nintendo is so far behind in the online field and they need to improve. Badly. The fact that I can use FB, Twitter and Tumblr is great but that shouldn't excuse the 3DS as a platform for lacking this feature.

But let me be clear, Nintendo IS taking steps in the right direction. Their free service is good as it is. I'm glad they're trying to improve it. But it could be and SHOULD be better especially since the Wii U version is the way it is.



kaptenSwe said:

These pedophoils could meet person everywhere, facebook, msn, twitter and much more!!! And in the real life. This thing wouldn't stop it!! And now we doesn't have anything to communicate with our friends!!! Ooo, wait. I forgot the friendlist where you could write a letter, on ONE word!
I love Nintendo but this, this is shame!!!!!!!



AJWolfTill said:

WHAT! You have got to be kidding me! FFFFFFFUUUUUUUU manchu.
I was excited about miiverse for that exact reason, so basically if you want to talk to your friends about something you have to do it in a way which a million strangers can randomly get involved in. Not happy >: (



Einherjar said:

@Guitardude7 You cant communicate ? Have you ever used the MiiVerse ? If you have something to say, just post something.
And "isolated everyone" ? If you feel isolated just because the 3DS Miiverse will not offer a PN function, you might have other problem...
I never said that nintendo is flawless, but hating everything from the get go that isnt perfect from the start is simply stupid.
You people behave like the 3DS is teh one and only means of communication this day and age, and we are send back to the stone age by not being able to PN somebody on there.
The Miiverse was an invention for the WIiU, just be happy that you can acces it on the 3DS at all.
But enough for today, im etting real sick reading all this blabbering on here, geeze...



Joetherocker said:

Meh. I have a 3DS to play games and I have a phone and computer to contact friends. Typing out an actual conversation on the 3DS would be slow and awkward anyway. If I want to play with someone specific I'll send them a text or a facebook message, and if I want to talk to them about something I don't want a bunch of people seeing then I'll call them or whatever. If I have some general thing to say about a game I'm playing or just want to send out a general request to wifi with someone, I'll use Miiverse.

Besides, if you survived this long without any Miiverse on the 3DS at all, you can surely survive with this version of it.



SCAR said:

1999? Come on man. No one can take that seriously, even as a joke.

This is 2005 at the earliest, when Myspace and Facebook were on the rise and Xbox 360 came out. Not to mention those forms of communication are still relevant today.



SCAR said:

If anything, we should be giving the entire industry a scolding. Online communication has been mainly the same for 9 years(in terms of widespread popularity).



Paintfrog said:

I'd rather message my friends, so it's a bit disappointing. I am not surprised though.



Azooooz said:

Let's clarify things a bit about Miiverse on 3DS:
1- Friend Request: So far, you can only do this on the Wii U. They might add this to the 3DS later. If you don't realize it, it actually help improve the Wii U sales a little bit.

2- User Messaging Service: You can still comment and make drawings on public communities. I'm pretty sure that they will add this with the increase demand for it.



manganimist said:

that's odd. people who commented on the article about swapnote being disabled claimed that an account system would be the answer to everything. But if miiverse, being released alongside the ninty ID system, does not message, than what is ninty playing at?



Megumi said:

...Was hoping the 3DS operating system would have gotten a makeover...seems like Miiverse is just gonna be a downloadable app or something. >.>



JaxonH said:

I'd be lying if I said this news doesn't disappoint me. Fortunately, posts and comments will be the bread and butter of 3DS Miiverse communication, and that'll work for me. It won't offer PRIVATE messaging, but it offers complete communication nonetheless. I also own a Wii U, so any person I talk to who also owns a Wii U, I can look up their NNID and friend request them from there. It sucks, but it's better than what we've got now on 3DS...



Wolfgabe said:

@Guitardude7 How does it isolate us exactly? You can still post messages and screens which is pretty much the whole point of Miiverse. Miiverse is mainly about sharing thoughts tips and experiences with other people not just chatting with buddies. Besides if you wanna get in touch real bad just use the web browser.



Boxmonkey said:

I've supported nintendo for 20 years, but they are so far behind the times now it's become a joke! I can no longer say that I have full confidence in nintendo. Until things change at board level things won't change. I will still always live nintendo and buy their consoles but I'll only buy three or four games on each console. It's time for a real shake up.



Quickman said:

Nintendo fanboys really are a hypocritical bunch of knee jerkers at times... Once the heat from the swapnote fallout simmers down, Nintendo will probably end up putting those features back in.



SubZer023 said:

Nintendo WTF why are u doing this to 3DS OWNERS!!!!!! WHY it better be an update or something



AlternateButtons said:

@Wolfgabe You can't friend people and you can't PM them. Sure, you can comment on posts but you can't follow them to see more. We're isolated from becoming friends. It's like being in a room full of people but each of us are in a glass case. I considered the best part of Miiverse to be the Friend and PM system because it truly connects us all together. Without these two features, it's just not as connected as it should be.



SCAR said:

Where does it say you can't follow someone? Following someone's posts on Miiverse is a different subject than "friending" them.



Mytoemytoe said:

@Longforgotten Wowwwwwww, didn't even think about it this way. Can't be far off from the truth.. they are just trying to think of any way they can to get people to buy the Wii U.

I also think, though, that the 3DS hardware isn't very sophisticated and wouldn't have been able to run a full Miiverse software smoothly the way the Wii U does. I'm guessing that's why it looks like this MiiVerse will be browser-based, a beefed up version of the web app.



SCAR said:

I say it would be best to wait and see what the 3DS version offers before we start referencing the PC version.

You can manage who you follow and the amount of "yeahs" in your profile, and that's there. The only feature that looks like it's missing to me, is the friend request option.

EDIT: Not to mentio that the Wii U and 3DS aren't exactly tied to the fullest extent. Not having the 3DS and Wii U being entirely linked may be the reason why you can't add friends on 3DS Miiverse, because there wouldn't be a way to tell your Wii U that someone has been "friended" on a 3DS.



unrandomsam said:

@SCAR392 The very oldest methods (e.g IRC/Usenet/FTP/email) work much better than anything that has come out since. When there is something new and good all companies do is change it to make it incompatible with everything else or try and use the web for dumb things. The internet started off with everything being compatible most problems were solved in a reasonable manner. None of the new stuff even works as well.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

@Barbiegurl777 Not sure if someone else has answered as I don't have time to skim the comments. If so, I apologize.

The main point of Miiverse is to talk about games openly in a Twitter style format. They are talking about personal messages here. Users will still be able to post on Miiverse from the 3DS, they just won't be able to send personal messages to other users.



Yoshis_VGM said:

What? Okay, I was hoping that this announcement would mean that we're done with those ridiculously long friend's SOO much easier to become friends over the Network ID system. That truly sucks...I was hoping for the personal messaging system at least. Oh well. :-/



meltendo said:

Boo. Oh's not like Nintendo wants to solidify gamers socially around their machines.



GoombaJMR said:

Damnit I'm also really pissed...what's the point of miiverse then? I won't be using this software whatsoever after the update



Giygas_95 said:

I'm guessing this is because of the Swapnote incident? No matter how hard anyone tries to stop it, you're always going to have people sharing inappropriate content, using bad language, talking about bad things on any internet site, or in any place in the world. I think the most Nintendo can reasonably do is monitor it like they do the Wii U version. Those administrators are there for a purpose, and from what I've seen they do a pretty good job. I just think Nintendo is too obsessive over this area and goes to too many extremes at times. It sort of raises the question why they're not restricting the Wii U version this way. I guess because parents can monitor that more easily? Oh and then there's parental controls which are also there for a purpose. Why not implement the full Miiverse app on 3DS and just let parents take care of the rest that way? Either way, they could come up with better solutions.

Well, I was never really interested in friending people anyway so it doesn't really affect me. It's still annoying though.



AugustusOxy said:

And by doing this, they have saved trillions of children.

BS. If the kid has the ability to go online with the 3DS, he/she can just use the internet browser to achieve whatever dirty means they want.

Stop restricting adults from conversing because boys and girls can't keep it in their pants.



brandonbwii said:

In the browser version you can still answer questions in a forum style. Will it still allow that function?



Memeboy3 said:

Geez Guys, Stop Calling Nintendo Stupid...
How are you people still on NintendoLife? (Nux , WiiUExposed Chris720, I'm looking at you guys!)
Ever wondered why it has not a lot a lot of options is due to the Limited Hardware? or Trying to tell people to buy the Wii U instead of pointing it back to swapnote?
Nintendo Targets kids and it wouldn't want them to meet Pedobears don't you? I sure Don't! Also, Lawsuits would've been a bigger problem as The 3DS is more Popular in Sales.
Also the Whole Point Of Miiverse is to Get help in Gaming and trying to get Yeahs by your awesome Moments.
We live in 2013, We don't always have to force Ninty to become the Next Facebook because we already have one and we can use it to contact friends.
See? It's not all bad..we are just Shaken from Swapnote!



Giygas_95 said:

@brandonbwii Yes, it'll still allow that function (I hope). Messaging Wii U friends is just a matter of tapping the messages button on Miiverse, tapping the friend you want to message, and then writing your message.



BenAV said:

So I hope I can get away with not registering my NNID on my 3DS at all then.
So far all it really seems to do is lock me into the Australian eShop and nothing actually useful.



Elec45 said:

I'm fine with no friend requests or private messaging. But at least Nintendo should have an option to FOLLOW PEOPLE in Miiverse!!



ricklongo said:

It won't affect me much, since I play my Wii U more these days, but it's certainly disappointing. I'm getting a feeling we won't see true integration between Ninty's handheld and home platforms until the 3DS's successor.



WanderingPB said:

@Ernest_the_crab i see ur point…i wonder if with Miiverse there maybe a way add friends alert system that tells u what ur friends r playing with the option to join in…i understand messaging easier but maybe there's a compromise tht can be made?



KnightRider666 said:

Somebody tell me what the who point of miiverse is w/o being able to communicate/message one and other? Nintendo should just urge parents to use parental controls to limit messaging to their kids and not ruin it for the rest of us.



SubZer023 said:

Guys Stop complaing Got Tweet Nintendo,Message them, and Call them if your against this me and 200 people already did join on it to make are Voice louder



gurtifus said:

So as I don't know Miiverse as well as WII U owner, could someone tell me what you'll still be able to do ?



Mallard said:

@unrandomsam, blasphemy? is that your biggest worry? is it the middle ages? I hate to break it to ya, but there is no god! so swap your confirmation for your dancing shoes! and enjoy free thought.



Laxeybobby said:

Could this be as they are using the Web version of MiiVerse for the 3DS without it obviously loading the 3DS web browser, rather than them creating a 3DS specific Miiverse App?



Volmun said:

for crying out loud will ppl stop making sutch utterly Stupid asumptions?? thers no PM ( Private Message ) NOT no MESSAGEING and so what no frend request's though MIIVERCE this is good imo i get tired of Random ppl i have never spoken to befor just randomly triying to add me and tell me WHERE dose it say theres no follow option? JUST as theres no face buttion for it on the screen shot dosenot meen its not there its Probbly in you Profile padge like on the Wii U ver and i can clerly see the Frend icon in the screen shot whitch i asume meens it shows you're 3DS added Frends Seriosly ppl... STOP with the stupid assumption's



Sinister said:

Until Nintendo finally reches the 21st century i will no longer buy any of their products. Only exception i will make is Mario Kart 8 because that is the main reason i got a WiiU.



DarkNinja9 said:

UGH!! this just sucks i have some 3ds buddies who would be great to pm but guess nintendo doesnt want me to -_- but agreed that this is prob cuz of swapnote >.<



Weedy said:

Im happy with just open board messaging. If you're not happy for everyone to read what you're saying then it's probably not about video games.
But will miss the friend code feature since it would be good to easily find peeps who play the same games as me.



Windy said:

Nintendo will never jump into online functionality. They didn't do it for Wii, they wont do it for 3DS and Wii-U. We can Take it as it is......a single player experience with an occasional streetpass from strangers. Very disappointed! The Ridiculousness of the whole thing just leaves us throwing up our arms and saying....."Common Man!"

Nintendo News Flash! Good people outnumber People who mean to do harm about 98% to 2%. Thanks for guarding us from the 2% of the worlds population



SG9000 said:

What amazes me is that Sony and Microsoft has done nothing and their situations are worse. Everytime I play online on my PS3, I hear, like, a jillion swears and death treaths and that's only the first 10 minutes... Amazing!



Dpullam said:

Well, this is rather unfortunate news, but I guess I can at least enjoy some of the features Mii Verse has to offer. The service will still be getting some use from me, but I'm more looking forward to the release of YouTube on the Nintendo 3DS. Live concerts on my 3DS? Yes please.



EaZy_T said:

I hope the friends lists stay separate from each other.

I like having (some random) friends on the Wii U, but I do not want my notification light blinking all the time when it's my 3DS time.



NightmareXIV said:

I never did care much for things I never use like friend requests on Miiverse. so those who do have a problem take a straw, and suck it up.



LztheQuack said:

Kay. I will continue playing my games either way, considering that's what the 3DS was for to begin with



dAviD7 said:

so can the 3DS view Wii U communities, and vice versa? And if so, will that mean that Wii U users who want to friend someone will be unable to send friend requests to them if they are on 3DS?



Darel18 said:

Just to be clear, the 3DS miiverse will be the same as the one on the internet? (just login with your account and watch other people's posts?) Or will you be able to post on public threads?

I don't have a Wii U so I'm really not sure what you can do with Miiverse over there.

Another thing, will the 3DS Miiverse community be able to see the Wii U games topics?



KittenKoder said:

The neutering of one of the primary purposes for having a portable console is highly disappointing, the fact they are continuing to do so, all for a really stupid excuse, makes me actually wonder if they have lost their minds. A console needs no communication apps, it's wasted on them, they are at home with phones and computers anyway.

On a portable, sending messages between players makes sense, especially if the portable's primary selling point is over the internet play while sitting anywhere in the world, instead of being bound to your home. May as well ditch the 3DS and just go fishing, it's just as social now.



MikeyUniverse97 said:

well if it really bothers all of you that much, cant you just put your phone number or kik username up, if you guys are really that desperate to talk to people, or swap nudes, also why the heck would people be swapping nudes on a family/ children's console, i find that to be pretty low.



DrSlump said:

I'got a brand new 3ds xl zelda edition these days.. i'm really enjoing it. How do i exchange messages with other friends on 3ds system?

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