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Mega Man 2.5D Beta Blasts Into View With Co-Op Play

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Fan game teams up with Proto Man on PC

So, OK, time continues to pass and we still don't have a new and official Mega Man game to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the franchise. We have soundtracks, USB sticks, plushies and tissue dispensers, but no game. Such is life.

Thankfully Mega Man fans often fill the void, and we've seen some fan games already this year. The latest has the potential to be the most intriguing of all, as a PC beta has now been made available for Mega Man 2.5D; yes, PC is the place to go for new Mega Man. It's the work of Peter Sjöstrand and the one stage on offer is a recreation of Shadow Man's stage in Mega Man 3; it's co-op only at this stage. The plan is to add plenty more content in the future, and Sjöstrand has setup a poll on the same page where you can download the game, asking gamers to decide what stage should be added next.

So it's co-op Mega Man with a rather neat graphical approach, that's also free. The fans triumph again.

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Warruz said:

Does anyone else when watching these videos just get angry knowing capcom does nothing with the franchise?



Giygas_95 said:

I would sure enjoy a co-op Mega Man game, but even if it did happen, I have nobody to play with. They should do one with online co-op.



B3ND3R said:

Well, with Mega Man being in the new Smash bros... We can dream he will return..



unrandomsam said:

The best thing is the 3DS case you can order from the Capcom store.

Most impressive Megaman thing I have seen recently was a port of the very first one to the PC Engine.

Funny how this is painted in a good light but the web based Super Mario Bros isn't. (They are both not exactly the same).



Yosher said:

Still wish Capcom would create a new Mega Man game for his 25th anniversary. Oh well! Mighty No. 9 looks awesome too!



sleepinglion said:

This looks very cool. Sadly, being a Mac user, I'm out.
Capcom... oh... sigh. Virtual Console releases aren't cutting it (though they do support the medium more than any other company besides Nintendo).
Not even a new compilation title this year. That's just sad. Had they put the first 8 on a disc with the new 9 and 10, maybe bundled some goodies like the overseas Mega Drive Mega Man (Rock Man) The Wily Wars, it would have sold. But they didn't even slap together a half-asses comp. Just sad. Mega Man deserves better as do his fans. I wish Capcom would just sell the brand to Nintendo.



Rafie said:

I always wanted the brothers to work together to defeat other robots! Looks like we finally get that. Unfortunately it's just on PC. I can still get it though since I have one. The Mega Man vs Street Fighter one was GREAT!



DaveGX said:

Capcom really does need to figure out what to do with the Mega Mn franchise. Despite Mighty No. 9 coming directly from its/his creator, no offense, but I honestly don't want a gimmicky look-a-like/knock-off meant to somehow replace him/the series simply because Capcom can't follow up. Mighty No. 9 is no Mega Man. Just saying.

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