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Junichi Masuda Confirms That Over Ten Million Pokémon Have Been Exchanged in Pokémon X & Y

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Game Director shows interest in more Mega Evolutions

Game Freak, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company all invested a great deal of effort into building hype for Pokémon X & Y on the 3DS. It seems to have done the trick, with hugely impressive sales to date and the software even being linked with increased StreetPass activity; the two games have done no harm to hardware sales, either.

An important part of the experience, since the DS days, is the inclusion of online multiplayer and trading. Exchanging 'mon was always part of the playground aspect in the earliest days, though physical cables were required, but much has been made of how the new 3DS titles take the online aspects to an enhanced level. The PSS (Player Search System) makes it easy to find others, while the new Wonder Trade adds an element of spontaneity alongside the more established GTS (Global Trade System) option. In either case you can pass on 'mon you don't need or want in exchange for others from players around the world.

These features have been hugely popular, and at the “Salon del Manga de Barcelona” convention in Spain Game Freak Director Junichi Masuda has reportedly revealed that over ten million Pokémon have already been exchanged in X & Y; those are impressive numbers. According to Masuda-san also expressed an interest in more Mega Evolutions.

Have you made much use of the trading features in X & Y, and if so are you happy with the functionality on offer? Sound off in the comments below.


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ikki5 said:

I've probably traded at least 100 pokemon. lol haven't done it in a while though, working on the Wonder Trade challenge.



DarkNinja9 said:

omg at first i thought who cares its just the same way to trade like usual but i been trying some of the features in the PSS and seems pretty cool least i been doing more wonder trading O_O you can get a lame pkm but if you re trade it sooner or later you end up with a good pkm or even a starter which is not bad right?



FiveDigitLP said:

I've been a little frustrated here lately with the GTS. Every time I go on there to search for something, the large majority of people are requesting either Xerneas or Yveltal! I don't know if they're trying to do the duplicate glitch like as was the issue in B/W or if just a lot of the people (kids?) on there have unrealistic expectations.



Bliquid said:

@FiveDigitLP : i think they are being unrealistic.
When u search a Graveler to exchange with another one for evolution purposes and you find ppl are trading them mainly for the 2 legendaries, you realize that not only they are delusionally greedy, but they aren't even aware of the basics of the game.

More Megas? Bring them, maybe along a good training grounds.
Restaurants in Lumiose are getting a little boring, after a gazillion fights.



Raylax said:

@FiveDigitLP Click on Options in the GTS where you select what to look for, and you can filter out 'special' (legendary) Pokémon from ever appearing :3

I think I've Wonder Traded about half of that total It's fantastic for shifting a huge bulk of freshly-bred 'mon that you don't need. Sure, you get a few Caterpie and Bunnelby, but when you're wonder trading 20+, you're practically guarenteed a couple of gems and curiosities. Oftentimes you'll end up Wonder Trading with someone doing the same as you, and end up with some nice well-natured Lv1's ready to train or breed (I got a Japanese Lv1 Fennekin with good nature and decent IVs this way, which I trained into a hella powerful Delphox :3). Plus you earn Poké Miles (useful on the Global Link) and lots of trainer IDs for the lottery in Lumiose. Wonder Trade is easily my New Favourite Thing.



MJKOP said:

I don't have Pokemon myself but I've certainly been getting more StreetPass hits recently, and most have been playing either pokemon or AC:NL



MideonNViscera said:

Somebody get on the GTS and take my shiny Froakie with Pokerus for a Moltres. C'mon, you won't use Moltres and neither will I! haha



GalacticMario28 said:

I haven't used Wonder Trade yet, though I have used the GTS a fair bit so far. It is a little annoying that some people are requesting Pokémon that you need to hack to get or, at the very least, need to hack to get at the level they request (level 1-10 Chesnaught? Really?).



Spoony_Tech said:

Its not all that impressive if you think that if everyone that owned it traded 2 then that pretty much adds up to 10 million!



FiveDigitLP said:

@Raylax D'oh! I remember noticing that option the first time a searched, but didn't think it was necessary that time around. I've forgotten about it every time since then. I feel so dumb for forgetting about it. Thanks so much for reminding me!!!



ricklongo said:

The improved online connectivity is, in my opinion, the second best new feature in the game (after giving XP to your team when you capture a wild pokémon). It really is a much easier process now.



Brother_Jolteon said:

the need to work more on the GTS to at least search for abilities. tired of getting shed skin dragonair when i keep saying i want marvel scale.... stupid people trolling the GTS makes the game less appealing for me, thats why i dont rely on trading. pokemon transporter better hurry up so i can get all my mons... i hate trading



Brother_Jolteon said:

the need to work more on the GTS to at least search for abilities. tired of getting shed skin dragonair when i keep saying i want marvel scale.... stupid people trolling the GTS makes the game less appealing for me, thats why i dont rely on trading. pokemon transporter better hurry up so i can get all my mons... i hate trading



TwoSmoove said:

@Raylax I'm in the same boat as you. Honestly, about half my playtime has been trading with wonder trade. Even when it's a weaker pokemon, it's usually from another language. I just give away hidden ability pokemon mostly.



Interneto said:

@FiveDigitLP Unrealistic? Please... People DO trade Xerneas and Yveltals in the Wonder Trades. Imagine that! Also, I've got a Xerneas through the GTS too.

Kids huh? Pff.



theblackdragon said:

@jeb_leeds: we've got a thread on our forums here where you're welcome to post for specific trades or battles with other users if you like. We've also got our main X/Y FC trading thread here if you'd like to pick up some new friends for the game, and a thread for users looking for specific friend safaris here. You're welcome to participate in any of those threads if you like :3

as for the article at hand, i've wonder traded once and ended up with a Japanese Inkay. wasn't a bad trade, i think i threw out a pidgey or something. i do wish there was an option to turn off the periodic 'ad' that shows up sometimes on the lower screen for o-powers, wonder trades, etc. — i'm usually so focused on the game and it distracts me when it pops up outta nowhere :/



FiveDigitLP said:

@Interneto Surely you jest...I mean, sure, I can see someone trading the legendaries in GTS for something legitimate, but in Wonder Trade...? mind blown



Doma said:

I've sent more than few caterpie/weedle through wonder trade, lol. Some had pokerus... some didn't.



Hamguar said:

The only thing that irks me is that it doesn't filter via ability, nature, and items. And given that you can only get certain pokemon by trading for them while they hold said item is kinda frustrating. I should be able to put up a scyther with a metal coat and not have someone trade me a scyther with nothing. Of course that pokemon was mild considering how hard it was to find someone who was honestly and truly trading a poliwhirl with king's rock and swift swim. Personally, when I put up pokemon for trade, I try to make sure they are breed optimally sans that whole IV jargle.



Megajack said:

I like the trading in X/Y, and the GTS is an improvement on B/W's.

However, the Wonder Trade I don't like. Not because it's the Magikarp Exchange Program, but because you can actually get Wonder Traded a Bad Egg. (Which spread in your PC box)

I personally haven't gotten one, but I know people who have, so I certainly won't be Wonder Trading anymore..



KTT said:

I use Wonder Trade a lot. I usually send Dittos, starters, evolving by trade pokemon and pokemon that I get from Wonder Trade. I like this feature and it allows me to get more IDs. I heavily used GTS, but now, when I have Kalos dex completed I don't use it often - I know I'll get the National Dex done when the PokeBank come. I actually like GTS a lot: all you need to do is searching, doing "chain trades" to get new and new pokemon. Or, if you see that all people around want Yveltals or such for eg Ekans, you just put your pokemon, like Dedene or hatched fossil/starter and you are sure you'll get the trade done. And belive me - if you put a Graveler, you will get a Graveler in return. GTS could have got more filters, like natures, moves, items you want etc but in the other hand... Can you imagine how people would abuse that? People wanting something like lv 9 or under Adamant Tyranitar with Tyranitarite attached and knowing a certain move, let's hope, avaiable legally by the pokemon.



Raylax said:

@mega @Uberchu I've done a lot of reading on the Wonder Trade Bad Egg thing. Couple of points - Uberchu is right in that eggs can't be traded, but Bad Eggs are actually created when a Pokémon's data is corrupt (ie, if it fails the game's checksums, it turns the Pokémon into a Bad Egg). Despite a lot of people saying they've read about other people getting them or their friends have them, I have yet to read a single account direct from a user who has received a Bad Egg or Pokémon that has turned into a Bad Egg.

Wonder Trade, at this point, does not appear to be the method of transfer - it appears that the suggestion was put forward somewhere, and the internet has picked it up and run with it. Same as that the thought that Bad Eggs were caused by hacked 'mon, but people started finding Bad Eggs way before anyone had any idea how to hack the game.

It appears to have been a glitch, possibly specific to download versions (SD Card related issue) and almost certainly, it seems, fixed in the Lumiose City patch. As a case in point, Bulbagarden runs a huge #WonderTradeWednesday event each week. Not a single user has come forward to say they've encountered a Bad Egg during these events.

So I wouldn't worry about the Bad Eggs problem. It's most likely a glitch related purely to save file quality issues (and now fixed), and it's almost certainly not related to Wonder Trade.



BlatantlyHeroic said:

@Raylax Is Bulbagarden using a gamecard or is the game downloaded to the system? Since like you said, it seems that it has to do with the SD card, they would be unaffected, meaning they wouldn't be a good example.



ModernMARVEL said:

@Knuckles Yes, I need me a Mega Typhlosion and Samurott!

I believe a fairly large amount of the trading is due to Wonder Trade Wednesdays and Caterpies, Weedle, etc. I mean, c'mon! I'd rather get a Metapod at this point. I think thet should force the GTS to not allow undoable trades. Too many Lvl. 9 and under fully-evolveds. For Arceus's sake, I can put up a Whismur for a truck! A TRUCK! That needs some work. I'll also accept any Mega Evos that are thrown at us, if they're thrown at us.



Sam_Loser2 said:

My friend and I timed our wonder trades to see if we could get each other. We did! What are the odds? I hope not too high, then I would feel like I wasted all my luck that I needed to get shinies.

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