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Jeff Willms Wins Donkey Kong World Championship for the Second Year Running

Posted by Martin Watts

Sounds like it was a barrel load of fun

Jeff Willms proved that he still has the touch when it comes to the arcade classic Donkey Kong after he took home the grand prize for the second year in a row at the Kong Off 3 Donkey Kong world championship this past weekend.

Competing in the tournament against Willms were 22 renowned Donkey Kong players, including Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell of King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters fame. Over the course of the three-day event, Willms sealed the deal by scoring 1,096,200 points, beating his closest competitor by a comfortable 29,100 points. Willms holds the fourth-highest Donkey Kong score ever achieved, while the world record of 1,138,600 is currently held by Dr Hank Chien, who placed third overall in last weekend's competition.

The Kong Off 3 is the third annual Donkey Kong world championship to have taken place and saw players battling it out for a $4,500 prize. The final ranking and high score of each competitor can be viewed below:

1. Jeff Willms - 1,096,200
2. Ross Benziger - 1,067,100
3. Hank Chien - 1,056,900
4. Steve Wiltshire - 1,053,200
5. Steve Wiebe - 1,048,800
6. Dean Saglio - 1,033,000
7. David McCrary - 1,032,000
8. Mike Groesbeck - 1,020,700
9. Kyle Goewert - 1,006,500
10. Vincent Lemay - 989,700
11. Corey Chambers - 893,300
12. Jonathan McCourt - 891,200
13. Eric Tessler - 883,300
14. Robbie Lakeman - 840,300
15. Jeff Wolfe - 809,200
16. Ben Falls - 736,800
17. Ethan Daniels - 711,400
18. Aaron Rounsaville - 703,600
19. Daniel Desjardans - 702,500
20. Daniel Dock - 680,000
21. Shaun Boyd - 639,300
22. Billy Mitchell - 598,800


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Gioku said:

I remember the movie King of Kong! We watched it in Computer Multimedia class years ago!

These guys are absolutely insane! I can only wish to play games this good! Funny that Billy Mitchell, star of aforementioned movie, came in 22nd, lol.



ricklongo said:

Nice to see Wiebe placing way ahead of Mitchell. And now I got the urge to go and rewatch King of Kong.



idork99 said:

Denver was a busy town last night! With this and the Broncos/Chiefs game going on, the town was rocking! If I had a choice of which event to attend, I'd easily go to this than the big NFL game of the year. But that's just me



Philip_J_Reed said:

So this was about 10 minutes from my house and I had no idea until saw the pictures this morning.



WiiLovePeace said:

Did they stream it on the internets at all? Wish NL had've announced it before the event happened!



ericthecheese said:

If this was a live, in-person tournament, its no wonder Billy Mitchell finished so low. It seems he mostly does so well after submitting pre-recorded scores on tape. Wiebe beat him by almost half a million points.



aaronsullivan said:

People are too hard on Billy Mitchell. The documentary was made to be dramatic and it made him look bad. He's just making his way through life and is a bit arrogant maybe, but he's just a guy like you and me. Also, he's way better at Donkey Kong than all of us.

I can't help but hope Steve does well, though.



aaronsullivan said:

@KnightRider666 I'm sorry you have trouble separating reality from entertaining documentaries. Hundreds of decisions in editing, set up, and intent were made to set up the rivalry. I'm not praising him by any means but the movie needed a bad guy and the filmmakers did what would entertain us the most.



A1234 said:

this really needs to stop. boring stuff. funny to see Billy last place though. that was probably entertaining. Steve and Hank are great guys. wish them the best.



richieboothie said:

I know Bill Mitchell and thought he was a jerk after seeing king of Kong, but when I got to know him I found him to be very caring and positive. He's a real nice guy and so is Steve.

I took that film as gospel for a while but I found out later from the people in the film that it was super edited. Its a great film but they leave a ton out. One of the things is that Steve didn't actually bear Bill's score, he beat Tim Sczerby from Auburn NY. There's a lot of things like that.



Tender_Cutlet said:

Donkey Kong is like the FA Cup - the original and most prestigious title in it's field. 'King of Kong' was brilliantly done when considering the premise - [reaching a high score and kill screen on DK] is hardly high octane viewing! Truly staggering to see so many master scores in the same championship - I wish I had the skill and perserevance to pwn an arcade classic.

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