Blockbuster Storefront Closing

Although GameStop and Target remain as the two great retail destinations for video games in the US, the digital revolution has cemented the end of yet another large corporation — Blockbuster Video announced yesterday that it will be closing its doors for good. The movie and games giant has confirmed that it will shut down roughly 300 stores, the last remnants of what was once a veritable video empire.

Incidentally, while Blockbuster stores crumble in the US, recent news has also revealed that Blockbuster UK has gone into administration once again, forcing the cancellation of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One pre-orders. The company landed in administration once before, but were bought out of it by Gordon Brothers Europe, only to eventually suffer the same fate again last month.

In 2010, Blockbuster in the US was purchased by Dish Network after being forced to file for bankruptcy. With the advent of Netflix, Redbox, and perhaps most devastating of all, Video on Demand, Blockbuster struggled to stay competitive; it introduced Blockbuster By Mail to contend with Netflix, while frequently offering blowout sales in meagre attempts to remain afloat.

With Blockbuster completely sunk, and fellow US games retailer Best Buy — host to the rather charming "Nintendo Experience" this past June — just barely managing to keep its head above water, the future of the US gaming retail market hangs in the balance.