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Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 13th November Broadcasts

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Big news for 3DS and a whole load of release dates and details

So, another Nintendo Direct broadcast has come and gone. The reaction online seemed to be, as is now standard, rather mixed. Some have expressed disappointment, while others (such as this writer) thought the broadcasts did a rather good job. Primarily announced as providing details on 3DS titles into early 2014, it nevertheless served up the major announcements that Miiverse is coming to the 3DS in December, along with Nintendo Network ID support that'll also allow users to share their eShop funds across the Wii U and portable store; it has some quirks and limitations, which we'll be outlining in an article soon.

As always, with so much happening this is your go-to source for quick links to all of the broadcast related stories. Due to the madness of covering as much as possible two things slipped past us that, as yet, we haven't reported in their own articles. These are that Inazuma Eleven 3: Team Ogre Attacks! will come to the 3DS in Europe on 14th February, and the fact that the new Kirby title on 3DS will be called Kirby: Triple Deluxe — as the latter had no other details, it would have struggled to fill a whole article, in any case.

With those aside, we were busy bees writing up all the details; all are linked below, while you can view both broadcasts in full at the end of this article.


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Now that you've had time to digest and think about the Nintendo Direct broadcasts, what are your feelings on them? Let us know in the comments below.

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Kalmaro said:

I thought it was very good actually.!

I'm not sure if I completely understand the shared transaction thing but otherwise, the Nintendo Direct got me excited all over again for the future releases.



NintyMan said:

I was happy with this Direct, and it was mostly what I expected with my biggest surprise being 3DS Youtube. Even 3DS Miiverse was somewhat more expected for me. My favorite part was clearly the 10 New Things trailer for Super Mario 3D World.



ricklongo said:

Shared balance and 3DS Miiverse were great news. I hope the Miiverses are connected, though, and not totally apart like the eShops.

And oh, I hadn't realized they'd revealed the name for Kirby's game! That's nice to know also.



luisesteban said:

Hey, what about Audrey Drake in the NA presentation? What was she doing?

Does now she works for Nintendo?



Bliquid said:

I'm rather satisfied.
Sure, as always Nintendo is waaay too careful in making legitimate steps towards the present, but at least something is moving.
Although they didn't say a word about SMT IV euro release, which is the only real disappointment for me.
A very big one, tbh.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I've just seen the eShop is down for maintenance next week. Could this be to accomodate the proper VC library coming after a special Wii U Direct next week??? Not a shred of evidence says yes but I'm willing to believe.



N64ever said:

Did anyone watch the Japanese one? Granted I don't know Japanese but they had some awesome looking nintendo gift cards that could be used as AR cards. How come the rest of us aren't getting that cool stuff? I want a Pikmin AR card!!!!



conman2012 said:

What comes to my mind:

So, is that it for November and WiiU news, or should we be expecting another direct this month?



DerpSandwich said:

Nintendo's attempt to cater to the internet crowd is endearingly lame. XD

And forgive me if everyone's already mentioned this, but the girl on the elevator is Audrey Drake, who recently left IGN for a job at Nintendo. So this ND was EXTRA fun!

EDIT: Oop, yep, looks like a few others caught it. I thought maybe I was the only one who used IGN as a supplement. Though to be honest I have no idea why I do...



OL_G said:

NNID love this
Miiverse 3ds finally just when swapnote gets blocked
Youtube app this is awesome youtube on every device
Everything together was a very good 3ds direct



WanderingPB said:

Was surprisingly pleased with this Direct especially after i thought it was going to be only 3DS news. I love the comedic skit in the beginning plus of course the little cameo by Audrey.

Games sell hardware and boy what a great line up the WiiU has to offer…everytime i see any new videos about Mario 3D world if feel as excited as a little kid on Christmas morning…



Expa0 said:

No SM4 EU release date and nothing else of interest either. What a complete waste of a direct this was. Now back to Blazblue...



Jonas87 said:

@luisesteban Yes, she is now working in the Nintendo Treehouse doing localization. It was great seeing her in the direct, and I hope she becomes a regular! She was always a favorite on IGN.



taffy said:

Pretty happy with the direct myself, would still love to hear something about TVii over in Europe though. It says on the Nintendo UK website:

Nintendo TVii will be available in selected regions throughout Europe in 2013.
More details will be announced in due course.

Don't mean to rush you Nintendo but we're half way through November and heard diddly squat!



LordGeovanni said:

I was actually quite a bit happy. I just wish that Nintendo announced a few more things like what we have been asking for. Such as an announcement of a FULL Network ID system. Instead of just merged balances, say that they are also looking into having games be able to be backed up by use of the NNID. They could have said something about Swapnote/Flipnote. Especially after they neutered Swapnote. Even if they said something like "We know that you are all upset about Swapnote's issue, however there is truly nothing that Nintendo can do to fix the flaw. Instead, please wait patiently for MiiVerse." Just something to acknowledge what happened and that we are upset. Also... WHAT ABOUT FLIPNOTE? I have been waiting for this for what seems like forever! I never got to play the first.

The last thing I am EXTREMELY upset about is that there is STILL no NA official announced Zelda Preorder bonus. IT IS ZELDA! Nintendo! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? And instead, like this VC Special they now have, I HAVE the Preorder bonus that GameStop is offering. Why should I bother with a Preorder?



raith said:

Some good news for the 3DS;I enjoyed this Direct. I hope North America gets Nintendo Pocket Football Club.



Cosats said:

The European President seems to be a very nice guy but I think that he should be limited to just a quick greeting in the beggining of the Nintendo Direct presentations. For Europeans that English is not their native language it takes double the effort to understand Mr. Iwata. The American presentation sounds so much better. This needs to be addressed maybe by providing English subtitles or hire someone that has a better pronunciation.



QuickSilver88 said:

Well I was excited by the combined NNID news as I really hated having to buy $$$ cards for two different device. I really this is a prelude to a true account based eShop as I have both a 3DS and an XL and it seems wrong to not be able to have my purchases on both (sony lets me do this with psp/vita/ps3). Zelda 3DS and Mario 3D look great and even the Mario Party game looks nice and the multiplay from one cartridge is great. I don't think we will see another direct till after new year as the limeups are set and they are not going to want to announce or show anything new to compete with the holiday lineup. The WiiU drought is over and in addition to the excellent Zelda WW and Mario 3D the WiiU also got competent versions of AC4, COD Ghosts, and Batman AO. Those games in addition to good games like Deus Ex, Rayman, W101, Splinter Cell and Sonic give people plenty to buy/play on WiiU this xmas. January direct will be ready to show off DKC, MK8, more X and maybe a few new announcements.



RedYoshi999 said:

Miiverse and Youtube are good news, and I was happy about NNID combined balances until I found out that doing so region locks you to a single country's eShop, which is terrible news for Australia.



Kryce said:

I really got excited for Miiverse and Super Mario 3D world, yet I am very desapointed this Nintendo direct didn't even mention Flipnote 3D...

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