OK, so these aren't essential, but they are possibly the most awesome Wii Remotes ever produced; they're MotionPlus too, of course. The fact that the colour scheme is carefully setup to match the Bros.' dungarees is fabulous to see; the Luigi remote will be available in a Nintendo Land bundle in North America, as well.

If you're a fan of smaller controllers and don't always want to be clinging onto the meaty GamePad, the Wii U Pro Controller is well worth an investment. It's solid and feels nice to use, which is what really matters.

This, if the image doesn't make clear, is an official battery improvement for the Wii U GamePad. The controller's battery is well-known for the fact it's, well, not very good, and this is available at online retailers in Europe. It's not readily available in North America, leaving gamers in the region to consider third-party options.

The last two games in our 3DS list on the previous page are much better with this controller add-on. It may be a travesty for the eyes but it works, damn it, and is perfect for reliable dual Circle Pad gaming.

Fun Stuff, Just Because

Sometimes, as the snow falls outside and the fire roars, it may be time to engage in something more relaxing than waving Wii Remotes around with family members. That's where this chess set comes in, as it allows for more civilised, respectable activity while still paying homage to the big N.

This is the awesome Super Mario Bros. Punk print from; if you want this adorning your wall hit up the link; we think this rates highly on the awesome scale.

OK, so Mega Man is a Capcom franchise not exactly exclusive to Nintendo, but it is a series that's had many of its iconic moments on the NES and SNES. This t-shirt from is one of many game-related options, we just wanted to honour the Blue Bomber.

This set of Prima Legend of Zelda guide books is expensive, but it's also impossibly gorgeous. We own a set and couldn't resist sharing its delights, as it's a set of pure beauty.

Those with the aforementioned Wind Waker HD Wii U hardware bundle have a digital copy of this, but owning the real thing is still something else entirely. Before launch this scaled the heights of the Amazon best-sellers charts, and it reveals an official Zelda timeline that we can all argue about. We reviewed it and took a lot of pretty pictures, so check that out.

We agonised over this one, as the presence of an SD card slot means that it's possible to be a bit naughty and beef up its library, but regardless of that this is a thoroughly decent and affordable handheld with 20 Mega Drive / Genesis games included; it can be found at various online retailers and, occasionally, in stores.

We just like Bowser, in this case, but this entry is for Nintendo-themed plush toys. Because we all need plush toys in our lives.

This gift is ironic — and can be found on Amazon — as after spending out on all these Nintendo goodies it'll be left desolate and empty. But still, it's an NES controller wallet, what's not to like?

So there you go, lots of choices out there to tempt Nintendo fans. Are any of these on your list?