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Crowdfunding Campaign For Paradise Lost: First Contact Includes Wii U Stretch Goal

Posted by Orla Madden

Alien life-form is found

A Kickstarter campaign has crash landed for extraterrestrial stealth-puzzler title Paradise Lost: First Contact, currently seeking $70,000 to gain funding for development. A Wii U version could possibly be in the works if it meets its staggering stretch goal of $250,000 by 1st December.

Set in a bio-engineering facility, the player takes control of an alien who has fallen from the skies in the form of a meteor. Taken to the secret facility for research, the unidentifiable life-form escapes and must free itself from the clutches of the organization. The game is inspired by classics such as Metroid and Castlevania, featuring a touch of platforming and RPG elements.

You can watch the reveal trailer for Paradise Lost: First Contact below, and be sure to let us know in the comment section if you'll be supporting the project.

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Thanks to Ryan Miller for the tip!


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Warruz said:

I really feel that these extra platform stretch goals need to be reworked as they dont inspire confidence to support the project for said console UNTILL it reaches the goal. It also gives less of a reason for others to contribute if they dont want said stretch goal once the project is funded.



unrandomsam said:

Why do most indie games always seem to be in the same genre if one of them does well. (For a while it was metroidvania now its stealth).



placidcasual said:

@Warruz Quite right, I thought that too. I've waited to fund projects myself until I'm confident the stretch goal will be met.



kinkofer said:

@placidcasual But Kickstarter doesn't take any money until the project succeeds, so why not back it, and then withdraw the last day if it doesn't meet the stretch goal? I think a lot of people are in the same boat, they usually wait. Would you back it if were close to the stretch goal but not quite there yet?



marck13 said:

The waiting to support doesn´t make much sense at all. If the project doesn´t hit the mark you won´t be charged. Happened with 2 of the 3 projects i supported so far (and I do check my Credit Card bills carefully



placidcasual said:

@kinkofer I'd probably forget I backed them, no where near organised enough... I back things if it they're not quite there but there's a good chance they'll make it.



ikki5 said:


well, what happens if I on;y want to back it if it was going to be on the Wii U? if it meets the 70k and but the stretch goal, won't they still get what I pledged even though I would no longer want to back it?



kinkofer said:

@ikki5 it is a little extra work and a hassle to come back on the last day to pull out if they don't meet the stretch goal, but some projects might be worth it. I think you can always pull out until the campaign is over.



PanurgeJr said:

Once the initial target is hit, Kickstarter simply becomes a way to preorder the game and possibly limited-edition merchandise, so of course you and I won't support the game until the stretch goal is hit. It doesn't make sense to preorder something you can't play. There's nothing wrong with that, just as there's nothing's wrong with developers setting these stretch goals, as extra platforms cost extra money. All it means is that we can't preorder until enough other people preorder. Yes, I'd love to be able to support this game now, both because I don't want to depend on waiting on other people, and because of the nebulous spirit of Kickstarter that would let me feel like I helped bring something about. But I can't, and that's okay. Instead, just like I did with Hyper Light Drifter and am doing with The Girl and The Robot, I'll back this game as soon as I know it is coming to, and I can get it for, Wii U. The game looks worthy of support, and money they get now can help improve the game. Money they get from sales later can only be a hopefully well-earned return on investment.



Geonjaha said:

Well this looks pretty awesome. Its got a nice Sword and Sorcery graphic style to it. Ganna go check this out.



sinalefa said:


Sometimes you may not be available the day and time the project closes. With other projects it is sometimes unpredictable. I did not support Edo Superstar because with 14 hours left it was missing $5,000. Next thing I know, it could reach the goal on time.



Marshi said:

Wait wait wait... 70k for all platforms, but for wii u,a further 180k?! Lets say that again. 70k for ps3,360 and pc. But for wiiu another 180k... 2 words.Hint:the second word is off and the first word begins with F



Geonjaha said:

@Kroisos - Well the preorders usually come with a decent price reduction and some other benefits such as manuals, name in credits etc for the normal price.



JustinH said:

Waaaay too many Kickstarters with this art style, in this sort of genre, this far off from completion, asking this much just to get it on consoles. Even if I were interested in something like this, I'd have put my money in to a different project long ago.



Lobster said:

If it were a $150K stretch, maaaaybe, but $250K is so steep. While it's encouraging that games want to come to WiiU, I just don't think they can possibly raise that much money!

Of course, this is why we're going to have such a horrible drought in 2014/15...



SKTTR said:

Looks like a Metroid Ghost Trick. Probably one of the better games out there.



Kirk said:

This is a very cool looking indie game.

Lovely style and atmosphere.

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