Atlus has never been a company afraid of bringing some of the more unorthodox titles to western shores. This… looks to be one of those.

The company, in partnership with Spike Chunsoft, has announced that Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars will be localized and released in North America this spring for both the 3DS and Vita. While the original Conception was made for the PSP, this title is said to have a standalone story.

So what do you do in Conception II? Well, you fight monsters! Yes, you fight monsters in the Pandora Labyrinth and its offshoot mazes as a young male Disciple with the power of the Star Gods! That all sounds perfectly well and good by videogame standards.

The catch, however, is that a Disciple’s power apparently leaves at the age of 18, meaning that to keep fighting monsters, two Disciples need to get together and create “Star Children.” There are seven “key heroines” within the game that the main character can bond with and create these Star Children, and the protagonist is encouraged to make children with each one.

Aside from that, Conception II appears to be a pretty-looking turn-based RPG with strategies based on the directions from which characters attack monsters and a “Chain Drive” meter used to restrain monsters and open them to more damage. It should also be noted that the exact method for creating Star Children appears somewhat nebulous for now.

Conception II is expected to arrive at an MSRP of $39.99. Further info is likely to be added to the game’s official website in the near future.

So what do you think? Are you eagerly awaiting this special arrival or does it just sound too strange to bear? Let us know below.