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Capcom's 3DS Smash Hit Monster Hunter 4 Is Venturing Outside Of Japan

Posted by Christopher Costabile

Between this and Gangnam Style, South Korea has it all

In sometimes quiet and subtle ways, Nintendo has been expanding its presence in the Korean market ever since opening a new division of the company in Seoul back in 2006 and enthralling Korean gamers with many of its major software releases. In the case of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the game saw the light of day in Korea even before Westerners had a chance to get their hands on it.

Now, Capcom is following suit with its most wildly successful title in years, Monster Hunter 4. The company has announced that the game was recently translated into Korean and is scheduled to launch in that region on December 14th. In addition, Monster Hunter 4 will feature prominently at G-Star, Korea's largest gaming expo, which takes place over the next few days — from 14th to 16th November, to be exact.

The release of Monster Hunter 4 is sure to increase Nintendo's stronghold in Korea, as the title sold 3 million copies only a month after its initial Japanese launch. Nintendo's long-standing establishment in South Korea seems to have allowed them to facilitate recent Korean releases by their third-party companies, as they also assisted Atlus in importing Shin Megami Tensei IV and Etrian Odyssey IV to Korean shores.

The enormous phenomenon of Monster Hunter 4 in Japan propelled the Monster Hunter series toward becoming one of the best-selling brands in Capcom's history. Though the title would also be a sure-fire hit in Europe and North America, the gaming world still awaits an official announcement from Capcom on the release of Monster Hunter 4 in those regions.

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CaviarMeths said:

That was the trolliest troll title of all time. Getting me all excited for nothing. -_-



Emblem said:

A western release is assured we just need a date. I hope they are doing a Wii U version as well. Oh and real online this time around would be perfect.



heathenmagic said:

Hope it doesn't come here, or it will be like Tri again where my social life disappears lol.



SetupDisk said:

Sees title OH MY GOD! sees next line...... BLANK! Oh well any venture outside Japan is a good start.



luminalace said:

Oh man, I got excited for nothing. I am sure South Korea's vast Nintendolife readerbase is happy though



Buduski said:

Reads title, grabs wallet from pocket, about to commence throwing money at screen, reads next line, puts wallet back in pocket, sighs & becomes sad
Thank you for ruining my dreams NintendoLife... Lol but seriously Capcom needs to hurry up and announce this for NA & EU



Ecto-1 said:

Here's hoping a western release is announced in today's Nintendo Direct. Please!



Tsuchinoko said:

@Ecto-1 Isn't the Nintendo Direct about previously announced 3DS games?

Anyway, here's a bit of a word to those getting angry/sad about not having a MH4 release date (only a little more than half a year after getting the giant behemoth of a game that is MH3G/3U), unlike a western release, a release in South Korea isn't a sure thing.



Spoony_Tech said:

@Tsuchinoko Yes but there isn't all that much to talk about. Plus when Nintendo says is about previously announced games they always throw a surprise or 3 in there. The announcement of this localized wouldn't surprise me at all! Now a date is another story all together.



yojo said:

I just picked up the Goa Magara 3DS LL, and I can say so far that the game is fantastic. I really hope it gets localized.



ShadJV said:

I have never had so much joy and so much sadness all within a matter of seconds. Still in bed (it's early where I am) I half asleep pulled up the site on my phone's browser, as I was scrolling the title caught my eye, nearly jumped out of bed (wide awake now), then I saw the tagline and... Dangit NL, I'm gonna try and go back to sleep a little longer but that adrenaline rush may have ruined it for me. I applaud you for that though. Seriously, worse than April fools day, haha...



DavidH said:

Yep a worse attention seeking heading then The Sun, did notice you have this listed on this page NL .......

Release Date:
14th Sep 2013 (JPN)
2014 (USA)
2014 (UK/EU)



Tsuchinoko said:

@Spoony_Tech I guess I can see that point, I just wish people weren't such drama queens though. Now something like the Bravely Default or the Etrian Odyssey IV announcement were on much less stable ground, but people have to trust that Nintendo has their back with the MH series, since all of the games that appeared on Nintendo consoles have gotten released in the west.
The release in South Korea is a pretty big thing though, as there are many fans of the MH series in that country, but console game releases are really inconsistent.



SkywardLink98 said:

Am I the only one that knew that this wouldn't be an announcement for the US/EU just based off of the title. I knew those sick trolls over at NLife were just trying to ruin my day -_-



Ecto-1 said:

I actually didn't catch that missed the bit about the direct focusing on previously announced titles. Still, stranger things have happened.



Uberchu said:

Good title, so it looks like the Lost city of atlantis is getting it before us? D:

At least they get something. lolz



zionich said:

Its still possible Nintendo might mention a Western release during Nintendo Direct, I'll keep my sword sheathed till then.

What would a set of Nintendo Life armor look like?



element187 said:

I don't know. As fun as MH3U was, it was immersion breaking in some spots. I hated the idea I had to go into a lobby to find a party and being closed off from the whole community minus these 3 other players.

If they would create monster hunter game where it's open world and see other players all around you at all times when you are in the towns, to where you can create groups just by sending out an LFG message and then traveling with your group through the terrain of the game to get to your destination to kill the monster, kind of how like WoW works, Monster Hunter would be my favorite series, even replace WoW for me. But the whole lobby system just kills it. It would be awesome to have a barter system in the game so you can buy and trade with other players at the towns.



bezerker99 said:

This is good news. I now feel that there is a good chance this will be translated and released in Western Regions of the world.




Shambo said:

Outside of Japan... My heart started beating faster.
In Korea... My heart skipped a few beats. What is going on? Oh wait, Capcom, are we not begging enough?



cyrus_zuo said:

I will totally get this...
...that said, MH3 I think looks better. MH4 looks really over-saturated and the polys are so much more obvious than in MH3 (from the videos).
Next Christmas I expect this will come to 3DS as the system starts winding down (2 years to a new system I'd expect - all the heavy hitters outside of Metroid are out...some have been out for years!)



Tsuchinoko said:

@Christopher I don't know if anyone cares about this, but here's a link to the South Korean Nintendo Direct. The presenter is named Hiroyuki Fukuda, and his Korean sounds really good, though I do hear a bit of a Japanese accent so I'm guessing he's not a Japanese Korean. And Tsujimoto even speaks a bit of Korean too! Though they go right to Japanese with Korean subs after.



Megumi said:

And so let Capcom's tormenting/teasing begin...hopefully it won't take as long as 3G's localization though, lol



Sublime-1 said:

if monster hunter 4 does not get released before the end of next year ,im selling my DS an will never play MH again.

its a shame an utter stupidity for the west to wait 3 years to play MH, look im a huge fan since Mh 2 an still love unite the most but waiting 3 years to play a game is BULL DOGGEYPOOPIEDOODLE MAN...................i bought my DS with hardworking money just to play mh3 an i hated it ,its to easy an secondly the ds is way overpriced,i dont understand why Crapcom refuse to release it in english......

like wthell?!why?!you telling me translating this game to english cos trillions of dollars?!seriously like why?!

im prepared to spend my money on the game,isnt that what you want?!an now they tell us we must wait 3,5 years for a game.................BULLDOGGEYPOOPIEDODDLE......

IF MH IS NOT RELEASED IN ENGLISH BEFORE THE END OF NEXT YEAR ,im trading in this inferior console an will NEVER PLAY MH AGAIN,infact i wont support CAPCOM AGAIN,who cares if some games are good il rather borrow but pay never again................

MH is one of the best games i ever played but waiting 10 frikken years to play a game ,im, sorry it JUST NOT WORTH IT....................


Watch the profanity and go easy on the all caps next time. -LZ



ReaperX30 said:

Glad for them. Now if Capcom would announce it for everywhere else then we could all party.

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