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Black Friday Madness Arrives in the UK, Too

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Plenty of Nintendo options to consider

Black Friday used to be a single insane shopping day mainly limited to North America, potentially causing bemusement in other parts of the world seeing footage of enormous crowds fighting over discounted nappies. But still, like all things that make retailers and companies lots of money it's expanded, to the point it's now pretty much a whole shopping week that happens everywhere.

We've already outlined some official Nintendo Thanksgiving offers in North America and will endeavour to summarise some of today's shenanigans for the region separately, but there is some gaming discount action happening in the UK and wider Europe too, huzzah!

Naturally your own searches are worthwhile, but below are summaries of some lightening deals hitting GAME (which ships to mainland Europe and Australia) and Amazon UK which also delivers to Europe (though regional Amazon stores are a better idea) — prices will be revealed at the times that the offers begin.


Rayman Legends — Hourly deal at 1pm (2pm CET)


Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut — Lightning deal at 12:15pm (13:15 CET)

Just Dance 2014 on Wii and Wii U — Lightning deal at 12:15pm (13:15 CET)

Limited Edition White 3DS XL with Mario Kart 7 included — Lightning deal at 14:15pm (15:15 CET)

Splinter Cell: Blacklist — Lightning deal at 16:15pm (17:15 CET)

Just Dance Kids 2014 — Lightning deal at 17:15pm (18:15 CET)

Limited Edition White 3DS XL with Super Mario 3D Land included — Lightning deal at 18:15pm (19:15 CET)

Hauppauge HD PVR Gaming Edition HDMI Game Capture Device — Lightning deal at 19:30pm (20:30 CET)

Hit up the GAME and Amazon websites for all of the details. Will you be keeping an eye on any of these?

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MAB said:

In Australia they keep prices jacked before Xmas then do sales the week after. Over here it's better just to give and receive gift cards or cash then take the plunge into MADNESS when everyone is hungover... We will fight them on the escalators




andreoni79 said:

Wii U sold out! Good. Why I can't find any of this offers on Amazon Italy? Are they different per country?



MJKOP said:

Sold out now anyway! Think I'll get it from and pick up 3D World



ULTRA-64 said:

I have rayman and deus ex on their release days from Amazon already at £24 each so I can't see me losing out too bad there. Splinter cell is tempting if it gets REALLY cheap but it won't be cheap enough to make up for no local co-op!!!



Bulbousaur said:

Its also worth noting that the Amazon deals are going on all this week. That Mario Kart 7 3DS was also there on Monday I think (it was £130 then, amazing deal), and there was a Premium Wii with Rayman Legends and Lego City for £200 yesterday. There are also going to be deals on Saturday and Sunday as well.

And I just realsied I sound like a Amazon sales rep...



electrolite77 said:

Anyone keeping their eye on these, the current prices are....

Rayman Legends (£19.99 at GAME, cheapest around)

Deus Ex (£19.99 at Amazon, cheapest is £18.99 at

Just Dance 2014 (£24.99 at Amazon, cheapest is £23.86 at Shopto)

Splinter Cell (£19.85 at Amazon, cheapest is £14.98 at Zavvi)

Just Dance Kids (£19.99 at Amazon, cheapest is £17.86 at Shopto)



turnmebackwards said:

I ordered Deux EX & Rayman couple weeks back it seems they have endless offers for all Wii U games past week. And I've took the bait at the wrong time it would seem. Was going to order Splinter Cell from Zavvi at £14.98 or 2 for £25.00 but going to hold out & see what Amazon offer it at today.



ThumperUK said:

Just picked up Deus Ex for £13.99 rather than £20 on Amazon (you have to look in Lightning Deals section otherwise just searching Deus Ex it still shows £19.99).



Triforce83 said:

Cheers Tom, just picked up Rayman Legends from GAME, including my rewards points managed to get it for £13 happy days.



MJKOP said:

Took the plunge, got a M&L Premium Wii U, SM3DW & a Mario Wii Remote Plus, £267 the lot



Nintenjoe64 said:

I can't deny the 'year-one' fun I've had with my Wii U but I am pretty jealous of everyone who is getting amazing deals today. Almost as jealous as I am of the people who will be playing Mario tonight.

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