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APEXICON - Fantasy Puzzle Combat Campaign Adds Modest Wii U Stretch Goal

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Nintendo reached out to Actos Games over word game

We've consistently banged the drum, here on Nintendo Life, highlighting how Nintendo's support for Unity tools and HTML5 on the Wii U could bring an enticing range of download-only games to the system's eShop. One potential addition, courtesy of the HTML5 tools available through the Nintendo Web Framework, is APEXICON - Fantasy Puzzle Combat by Actos Games.

Currently raising funds in a Kickstarter campaign, this project cites Puzzle Quest, Scrabble and Bookworm Adventures as sources of inspiration. It'll seek to blend puzzle RPG adventure elements — including four character classes — with exploration and extensive battles, all while utilising wordplay as the core dynamic. Titles like this have proven in the past that, with solid design and strong storytelling, they can deliver enjoyable, addictive experiences.

As a result of Nintendo reaching out to the developer this game now has a thoroughly attainable Wii U stretch goal; its target for PC, Mac, Linux and Mobile is set at $15,000, and the Wii U goal is a little more at $20,000. The studio's Jonathan Meyer said the following in a press release announcing this new goal.

There's nothing more exciting than having Nintendo extend their hands out to you as a developer. Our first game, APEXICON - Fantasy Puzzle Combat, is perfect for the system, and it's clear Nintendo fans would love to see more interesting indie games hit the console. It's up to the Nintendo fans to really see if they want APEXICON - Fantasy Puzzle Combat on their favorite system. We will be able to use the power of the Wii U to help with our battle graphics, including processing power handling all the background coding that goes on which is thanks to the Nintendo Web Framework.

At the time of writing and with 26 days of fundraising still remaining the funding total is still a modest $915, though it has plenty of time to work towards its goal; the objective is for the first versions of the title to land in May 2014. Is this a project you'd like to see make its way to Wii U?


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unrandomsam said:

There is still not a single good unity game I have cone across. (I have looked through an absolutely massive list of steam greenlight ones). Unity is mainly for phone games. All the small team good indie stuff either uses XNA or its own engine.



XCWarrior said:

Not only would I buy that, but I think I could get my wife to play. She loves word games. Unfortunately for the developers, I have a strict "never going to fund anything on kickstarter ever" policy. I rarely preorder games, I have to see reviews before I put money toward. But it looks promising, that's for sure.

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