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Animal Crossing Plaza To Be Updated Tomorrow

Posted by Conor McMahon

Bringing familiar faces and more reasons to pay a visit

The Wii U's first taste of Animal Crossing will be getting a beefy update very soon, as announced in today's Nintendo Direct broadcasts. On 14th November an update will be released with a few new features, emphasizing interactivity and the Miiverse community.

Adding stamps to Miiverse posts, which are also due to be used in Super Mario 3D World, seems to be something Nintendo is enthusiastic about, as over 50 of them have been announced based off of Animal Crossing characters and items. Multiple stamps can be combined, edited and altered in any way you like, which should make for some interesting creations in the near future. It was also revealed that more stamps will be added to other titles at some point, all of which will be locked into their own specific communities.

An opinion poll within the plaza will also give players more of a voice, where a question will be posed by Nintendo once a month until the end of 2014. November kicks things off with ''Who would make the best secretary?'', and December will ask us the big question of ''Who is the neighbour of the year?''. Results can be seen at the end of every month, providing that the heated debate hasn't resulted in a gang of pitchfork-wielding rioters tearing the place down.

Other additions to come will include Resident Registration, which will allow you to register and interact with your own town residents whenever you visit the plaza, and a vastly improved Album system, allowing you to move and delete multiple pictures simultaneously.

These changes should make it all feel a bit more like home, and might even convince doubters to finally make the trip and embrace the community.

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rjejr said:

No matter how good or bad this may be, that guy completely put me to sleep talking about it (US vid, haven't seen the EU one yet). Did his dog die before he went on camera?



Mowzle said:

Oooh! I missed Nintendo Direct!
I don't have a WiiU.
Does this come to the 3DS as well? Hopes.....



Squidzilla said:

@Mowzle Unfortunately the Animal Crossing Plaza channel is for Wii U only, but you'll be happy to hear that Nintendo also announced Miiverse integration for the 3DS today! So you'll be able to join in the fun with the Animals Crossing Miiverse community that way when the update is released in December.



bezerker99 said:

I thought they said this would be available later this evening? oh well, I won't be home anyways. Can't wait to update this tomorrow.



sevex said:

I really wanna access the Animal Crossing Plaza, but I can't actually find it...



Mowzle said:

@Squidzilla Thanks for that. Can't wait!
I do miss Letterbox/Swapnote still.
I seem to have missed a few good news items. Must try to make time to watch the EU Nintendo Direct.



machapo said:

Hopefully one day soon, we will have the facility to choose one "dream villager" from the plaza to come and live our village. There are so many animals I want.



Kirk said:

Just put a full HD Animal Crossing game on Wii U already.

It looks lovely here and all the character models are already done and waiting to go.

Get to it, Nintendo...



Megajack said:

I don't like using Animal Crossing Plaza and this isn't going to change it.

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