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A Super Mario 3D World Soundtrack is Coming to Club Nintendo in Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Oh, and it has awesome cover-art

We've commented, throughout our coverage so far, that Super Mario 3D World has a terrific soundtrack performed by a live Big Band / orchestra. Gamers in Japan will have a chance to pick up an official soundtrack as a Club Nintendo reward, which is sure to cause enormous outpourings of envy from, well, everyone else.

It'll have 77 tracks over two discs, but we're big fans of the cover art on the case and the discs themselves. The image below includes the fifth unlockable character confirmed by Nintendo in its most recent 'Direct' broadcasts. if you want to avoid that non-secret, look away now.

But yes, Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of America, we want this too. And Bowser rocks on drums.


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Ony said:

Hoping it will come to EU, my Super Mario Galaxy OST is feeling lonely :3



mookysam said:

Why don't they release these for general sale? They have so many games with awesome music, they're missing a trick.



NintyMan said:

That looks awesome! Japan rubs its awesome Club Nintendo prizes in the world's face once again.

Also, Cat Rosalina is finally shown, and she's a tuxedo.



Starzsixty9 said:

Big Band music + Mario? Think I just died and went to heaven too bad I live in NA, the tarpit of lame rewards... hand towels or posters anyone?



ACK said:

@Starzsixty9 Don't they still have greeting cards? Can't forget about those...


Yes, it's true, I must have this soundtrack.



UnseatingKDawg said:

What a surprise, Japan gets another soundtrack the rest of the world ain't getting. Makes me sick how they could treat everyone equally, but do not. I'm thinking Club Nintendo should just be one separate entity that caters to all regions with the same rewards so everyone has an equal chance at getting anything.



Megumi said:

Seriously Nintendo, at least give it to us on iTunes like with X and Y.



zeldagaymer93 said:

It's 2013 going on 2014. We now live in a world where we are all connected. They can easily make this available to other regions they just choose not to. Sad.



AdanVC said:

This is just FANTASTIC, 77 songs geez! Unfortunately, this probably would never come to Europe, America because I've read somewhere that basically if NoA/NoE bring those soundtracks here means that a lot of people would want to use those songs in their content (this means for instance, YouTube videos) and most of them would use them without permission and NoA can't deal with that at the moment (meaning they don't have a department that cares about copyright stuff and everything). So we can only hope someone in Japan put this on ebay



Jazzer94 said:

I'm going to be saving my stars in case this comes to NOE Club Nintendo as this would go great with my Mario Galaxy CD.



JLSniper said:

Please come to North America... I want this... and I need a actual reason to spend my coins.



Obito_Sigma said:

Japan gets all the physical discs for the soundtracks. Pokemon X and Y are only available on iTunes, but I really want the physical version. Also, Donkey Kong Country and Super Smash Bros are series that should also have physical soundtracks. They make the best music ever. Especially DKC2 and SSBB.



element187 said:

Oh my ... I really really want this. I'm almost ready to import a Wii U bundle from Japan just to sign up to club Japan for this. I'm sure it will make its way west eventually



Tender_Cutlet said:

Jealous. Agree with Mookysam - Nintendo should put various 1st party soundtracks on general sale in new online stores.



Yoshis_VGM said:

Oh boy...77 tracks? As a VGM uploader, I can already tell I'm going to have my work cut out for me...



A-rae said:

I wish this would come to NA! Well if it did I only have 80 coins at the moment so I wouldn't even be able to get it, it would be the gold nun chuck situation all over again



AVahne said:

Sigh, 840 coins and absolutely nothing worth redeeming. I wonder if Nintendo of America is actually planning on closing down the Club Nintendo system soon.



rylo151 said:

i just received it from Nintendo. great soundtrack with heaps of song and the CD booklet has little bits of info about all the songs from the composers and some art which is a nice touch, only problem is when i load it on to my computer the track list is in Japanese D:

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