Two new Pokémon have been revealed ahead of Pokémon X & Y's global release next week, and it seems that the sense of smell is a running theme with these two creatures.

Slurpuff, the evolved form of cotton candy Pokémon Swirlix, looks equally as pink and fluffy as its earlier form. However, its most impressive feature is that it possesses an incredible sense of smell, one which is actually 100 million times more sensitive than that of humans. Using this ability, it can supposedly detect even the faintest of odours.

The other new addition to the line-up is Aromatisse, the evolved form of Spritzee. This Pokémon is different from Slurpuff in that it can emit a variety of different smells, ranging from extremely pleasant to downright horrid. This ability will prove beneficial in battle, as it enables Aromatisse to attract or repel opposing Pokémon. We imagine that Slurpuff — with its heightened sense of smell — won't want to cross a battle-ready Aromatisse any time soon.

Will either of these new Pokémon be making it into your squad? Let us know in the comments section below.