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Weirdness: A Mario Kart Movie Could be Epic

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

As epic as the Need for Speed flick, anyway

Some game franchises certainly like to take themselves seriously, particularly those so proud to tag themselves as 'mature' — you know the ones. Need for Speed sort of qualifies, as even though the games are relatively mindless fun it has an upcoming movie that's giving off some pretentious vibes. It's not about a character racing to get better cars or flip over pursuing cops, oh no, it's a Shakespearian tale of love, loss and revenge... or something.

It seems Games Radar thinks it's over the top, as in response it's produced a rather humorous parody featuring the Mario Kart franchise, with our troubled hero Mario stepping into the leading role.

Check it out below — which movie would you rather see?

Mario Kart

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Need for Speed

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ChessboardMan said:

There is Only One Racing film that one should Ever consider watching.

……… Redline.

(The 2009 Anime, not whatever was made in 2007…)



LunaticPandora said:

Sorry, but no. Stop mixing games with live-action, it's nearly always crap and I hate it. Keep games and films separate please.



ChessboardMan said:

I don't think that All game movies are terrible ideas, but they do require some more work/thought/love put into them than this, which is most likely some film writer being told to write a NFS film, and them just picking an old Racing Movie script they wrote years ago, and going with that.

When is someone going to do a Tetris Movie? The plot, giant blocks are falling to Earth (either some kind of doomsday device, alien invasion, or reason unknown), but a brilliant Russian scientist works out a way to (a) control how they fall, and (b) that lining them up destroys them, so sets about to stop the menace using this. But by the end of the movie it becomes obvious he can only slow the destruction of the Earth by falling blocks, but then… it was never the scientist's intension to do so, and as the final evacuation shuttle launches, the scientist is content that his sacrifice will have saved humanity…



VoiceOfReason said:

Video game movies can be good, if it ties in directly with the plot of the games. Take Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva for example. To understand the end of Miracle Mask, and to understand this sixth one coming out, you basically have to watch the movie. That's not live action, but the point is that the movie should directly tie in to the series, unlike 1993 SMB movie.



SmallFryUnify said:

This is something we're hoping to tackle with live action films based on video games. We don't think they need to be crap at all, it's like people don't put any effort into them, like gaming is an afterthought. The way we see it is why even bother, make something awesome or at least as good as you can otherwise don't waste peoples time.

The film we're working on now, The Real ZombieU, we've tried to make sure we've got something in there for game and film lovers, things you will appreciate and hopefully realise how much effort that's gone into making it.

Yes we're indie, yes we're low budget, however that has't meant that we've compromised on quality or trying to make something that gamers can watch and appreciate.

It's a pity Nintendolife's completely ignored us and felt it necessary to remove our blog post about the film, but hey, maybe once the films out it'll be clear we're actually trying to do something for the game community and putting all our passion into. Strange because we thought sites like Nintendolife would have jumped at the chance to report on our film, it's game related and actually having some proper effort behind it, most importantly it's Nintendo themed through and through.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

The core problem is reaching an audience with movie adaptions.
Movie Companies just think too much like Movie Companies, and by trying to make them as blockbuster-ish as possible (and using horrible plots from horrible writers), they completely alienate the movie.
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is probably the best example of how to do it right. They made a great comic, a great game, and a great movie, all with their own focus but the same atmosphere and theming.
When video games are turned into movies, they mostly look too different to actually relate to the orignal source, focus by far too much on action, and they also have terrible writers who just don't know the game(s) well enough.

Whew... now that this is done: this short movie is a Parody! This is not what an actual (and impossible) Mario Kart movie would ever look like (where's Dennis Hopper?!) - it's parodying the NFS trailer straight below! So how about people just laugh at the cheesiness, instead of critisizing it for things it was never intended to relate to?



Giygas_95 said:

Meh...I play video games for the gameplay. A movie based off of one wouldn't interest me.

I'm talking about the NFS trailer here. I know the Mario Kart one is just being silly.



Chris720 said:

A Need for Speed movie? Well, racing movies haven't done badly... But a movie based on a popular racing sim? Now that's a different story entirely... I don't see that being any good at all...

As for the Mario Kart parody. We've all seen how bad the Mario film was, a Mario Kart version would just be worse. Not to mention, most of the film will be showing blue shells constantly.



RantingThespian said:

I could go for some 5-10 minute shorts, made by Nintendo. Just have them race, and have Bowser have his minions trying to sabotage the races.



StarDust4Ever said:

that Mario Kart movie would be awesome; too bad the trailer was fake

Super Mario Brothers wasn't that bad, and is still fun to watch as a cult classic. A movie that you can laugh at the bad acting can still be an enjoyable watch, you know. Much better than say, The Wizard.

@RantingThespian see also: Finding Luigi.



MAB said:

@DeepFried35 Yeah I thought that was strange how NL cut your Real ZombiU out of the loop yet they show tripe like NFS and that rediculous looking Final Fantasy kickstarter... Your flick looks tops mate

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