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Video: This Is The Effect Wii Party U Has On Excitable Children

Posted by Andy Robertson

Ain't no party like a Wii U party, y'all

Perhaps the best way to assess the impact of Wii Party U — along with our in-depth review, of course — is to see it in action. This new release is designed for families to play together in the same room so to test this out, we eavesdropped on one family as they played — with permission, of course.

Hearing first-hand from these siblings about their experience, it was fascinating to see what worked — and what didn’t — in this new collection of games for the Wii U. Wii Party U certainly seems to have got them communicating and playing in a whole new way, as you can see from the footage below.

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Along with their assessment of the game we've pulled together some shorter clips of their favourite moments. We challenge you to watch these — especially the 3 vs. 1 mode — and not laugh along with the kids.

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Mahemoth said:

Looks fun, I like the idea of that "finding" game, though one of those 2 player mini-games seem to be designed to kill your controller...



Kirk said:

If I had the money to buy a Wii U and copy of this game I probably would.



TruenoGT said:

Wow, watching these really showed some super creative uses for the gamepad! I wish there was a way to condense it all into a commercial so everyone else could better understand Wii U.



darthmawl said:

Cant wait to play this with my wife . Im glad my kids are too young to play those gamepad only games i would be scared to death watching then play those sticks !! I hope they are toughhh



rjejr said:

Question - at about the 2:12 mark the woman with the microphone says "my brothers and sisters". Are all 5 of them Andy's kids? That would explain the Family Gamer name.



kegluneq said:

this is a great game to play in family. plus it comes with a wii remote plus that costs 25€ here in Portugal. with the game and remote set with a price of 46.40€ at worten in Portugal and I only have 2 wii remotes plus I think this set is a great deal for me. and it's too difficult too convince my girlfriend to play with me. she's already tired of rayman legends. it's a new game that can bring together two of my passion. my girlfriend and NINTENDO




That is what gaming is all about
FUN. Awesome vids
My own young family loved the wii game and am sure theyll love this



andregurov said:

Really great video segments above that perfectly illustrate the FAMILY gaming ethos; very well done and quite convincing, for me, of the quality of Wii Party U. Maybe I'm just getting older, or maybe just more parental ... but this title really excites me about gaming together with my kids.

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