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Video: These Fans at the Pokémon X & Y New York Launch Had a Jolly Time

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Happy faces everywhere

The launch of Pokémon X & Y may have been an event to savour for many fans, but the official event at the Nintendo World Store in New York seemed to go all out. With a lot of gamers in attendance of all ages, it seems that the desire to experience the release with many others was a big attraction.

Nintendo's now released an official video of the launch event, which features plenty of excited gamers, mascots, dancing and enough enthusiasm to silence any cynic. In short, it looks like it was a lot of fun.

Check out the video below and, if you were lucky enough to be there, tell us all about it.

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Hunter-D said:

Jolly: Increased Speed, decreased Special Attack.

They're very jolly indeed.



ShikabaneHime13 said:

It was fun but could've been better organized when it came time to line up for purchase outside the store.



turtlelink said:

No, I didn't have a good time. If you didn't come before Friday, you pretty much were guaranteed to not get the game before 3 AM Saturday morning. Still was pretty fun to meet some people, but that wait killed it for me.



ShikabaneHime13 said:


I got to NY from DC at atound 1:30 pm on Friday the 11th. Met up with friends and we headed to the store, getting in line at roughly 1:45pm. They handed out wristbands for the event at 5 pm and my friends and I got the black ones which were slotted for 12:30 am purchase time and we were at least 200 feet from the start of the line. Now, when it was time for people to line up for purchase, it was a hectic mosh pit of people crowding near the doors of the store (which was worrying for me as I had to make sure I caught my 1:25am bus back to DC as no other bus left until 6:30 am). Despite the chaos of the crowd, my friends and I were in the store by 12:15 am and out by 12:50. Now... The line of people waiting to purchase the games after the event ended.... That was one long line stretching around the entire block and I have a feeling those people really had a multi-hours long wait (most looked like they had come from NYCC even though the Nintendo booth at the convention would be selling the games as well on the 12th).

I guess my point is that, yeah the line for the launch event was long, but it was possible to get there on Friday and get in to the event depending on when you arrived during the day. Though I do know there were instances of line-cutting where people were letting their friends who came late join them closer to the front of said line....



Bobhobob said:

Yeah it was fun for the people who got there early. Me, my sister and my friend got on line for the game at 9:30 PM, then waited until 1 AM when the told us that they were out of stock unless we pre-ordered at the store. We were pretty upset. Streetpass tags were nice, though. I just got the game next day at Gamestop, so I'm not too upset.



Hyrule said:

NYC Store is a cool place, I went last month got a free plush toy.
They sure know how to party, I think London is begging for a NintendoStore, no idea why Ninty haven't brought one over here yet.



NightmareXIV said:

I wish I could just go there not even for a party just for any reason I would be a kid in a candy shop who was just given $200 to spend I love nintendo.

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