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Video: Nintendo Shows Off 10 Minutes of Skylanders: SWAP Force on Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Smash and swap

While Nintendo gamers keen on new Wii U software may be contemplating Sonic Lost World this week, it's not the only major release gracing Nintendo's system. Another is Activision's potential behemoth Skylanders SWAP Force, the latest in the toy-collecting action-adventure franchise.

It'll also arrive on 3DS and Wii, of course, but Nintendo has posted a new 'Nintendo Minute' video — which is actually over 10 minutes — showing plenty of the Wii U game in action. You get to see the swappable parts utilised to access secret areas, some platforming that shows off the new jumping, and the core point of the video is to demonstrate co-op and some Wii U-specific features.

If you're interested in picking this up it may be worth checking out the footage below.

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User Comments (20)



Volmun said:

Looking forward to this althow im geting it on PS3 as i did with the other 2 games



Shiryu said:

There goes my bank account... and my empty shelf space... oh well...



SphericalCrusher said:

No need to watch the video, but I did pickup Swap Force yesterday for WiiU. My four year old son picked up two more Swap Force figures — Magna Creep and Rattle Shake. I was overwhelmed by the amount of new launch Skylanders, so going to try to budget well for this one (We have every first and Giants Skylanders)



unrandomsam said:

If Nintendo really wanted to take a family friendly stance they could have disallowed this and Disney Infinity and advertised the hell out of how they don't believe in cash grabs like this.

(Mums might actually go for that kind of thing).

What was said about Pokemon is one thing (A good thing what he says should apply to all Nintendo games though) but the real high road would be just not allowing any of these sort of antics.



rjejr said:

Why make a 10 minute video of a game when the game itself only takes up 1/4 of the screen? Was it really necessary to show those 2 people the entire time (except for the 3 3DS screenshots?) I couldn't even see what he was showing on the Gamepad.



Volmun said:

@rjejr ikr "hear as you can see on the game pad" no... i cant.... a zoom in or somthing on the game pad wold have bean nice



ACK said:

@unrandomsam These games sell best on Nintendo platforms. You can't build a third party prescense by preventing them from releasing the games they believe are well-suited to the platform.

EDIT: Not to mention, who are we to question what kids want? Or what their parents buy for them?

To say these games aren't family friendly is silliness. This isn't a third-world country we live in. People will afford what they can afford.



HollowGrapeJ said:

Man I want this so badly... Never tried the first one so I'm looking forward to this. But I don't think I'll have time due to all of the other slew of games I need to get. And she has a Pro Controller! Man I want one of those!



PinkSpider said:

Looks really good on Wii U, I hope it looks better than PS3 and 360. Theres no reason it shouldn't as alot of developers have been saying it is so hopefully there is a difference. The Wii U needs to start having an advantage



t_vo said:

@Volmun Since you're Skylander's informationis all stored in the character itself using NFC technology, you can play them on any system. No need to stick to PS3. Help support 3rd party on Wii U if you want to see more.



ACK said:

@PinkSpider The Skylanders brand has been beholden to Nintendo systems. It's questionable whether the first would have taken off without Wiis being in so many households. The sales certainly reflect that.

I'm pretty sure Activision is aware of the performance potential and marketing realities of the Skylanders brand on Nintendo platforms. They'd be foolish not to put their best foot forward. (In fact, the original content and overall quality of the previous 3DS versions hint at Activision's intent.)

That said, the Gamepad function are disappointing...



hYdeks said:

they should have did a video for sonic instead, skylanders 3 looks exactly the same lol



PikminWorld said:

Only sad thing about the new Skylander games is that they don't really focus on Spyro the Dragon at all anymore considering he was the IP Skylanders was created for. Now, they don't include Spyro's name anymore in the titles. Oh, well.



Volmun said:

@t_vo im alredy suporting alot of 3rd party games on my WiiU Skylanders is the only one im getting on PS3 for 2 reasons 1 id rather keep it to PS3 as i got the other 2 games for it and 2 the WiiU didnt have the Dark edition on offer and i am NOT geting the Wii ver for the sher sake of geting it for a nintendo platform.



Volmun said:

It just terned up! Wow the dark edition is realy nicely presented terned up at about11 tuke 15 mins to get everything out lol

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