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Video: Nintendo Prepares Pokémon X & Y Trainers With Launch Trailer

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Of course, you might already be playing it...

Pokémon X & Y launches on 12th October, so unless you're fortunate enough to have it drop into your mailbox today you have just one sleep before jumping into an all-new generation of the venerated series.

Perhaps as a final pre-launch hurrah for its hype machine, Nintendo has released a new live-action launch trailer, which also includes some nice snippets of the game itself. It has everything — booming voice-over, photogenic actor exploring the woods looking for 'mon, some CG and the obligatory epic music.

Check it out below — let's give the pre-release hype wheel one more spin...

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Arcamenel said:

I like how they tried to keep realistic sizes for the Pokemon. I mean Charizard is only 5'7" it's definitely not towering over most people.



Metaknight_3Raw said:

Oh crap I still haven't preordered Pokemon. This month has been such a whirlwind I forgot all about it



Peach64 said:

Huh, it's out tomorrow? Loads of people I know for their shopto and amazon orders yesterday so I figured today was the release date. I'm going to a 3DS meet up tomorrow and I imagine I'll be the only one not playing this.



Beevdog said:

Yep pre-ordered mine on Amazon, only just shipped when I could wak down the road to My Game store where I could have just bought it there :-/



Genesaur said:

I wonder if they shot this in the same forest that was used for the Pikmin 3 commercials.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Now that brought back memories, I miss seeing these live action commercials. Sure beats a series of clips from the game followed like most are.

I keep anxiously checking Amazon to see if mine shipped yet, sadly its still on preparing shipment.



KillerGBH said:

o wow great commercial so fun to see pokemon with real people lol. cant wait to get my preordered copy tmw ^^



Nintendboy14 said:

Yeah i finally can be a black trainer why did take it so long to do this all my friends n cousins play pokemon:)



Gioku said:

K-Mart sucks! They have the worst selection of games I've ever seen... and have often not had games on release day... if there's somewhere else you can go, I'd go there.



IceClimbers said:

For those of you living on the west coast in the US that are downloading the game, it goes up at midnight EST, meaning you can download it at 9 PM tonight.



Gridatttack said:

inb4 ninty releases exclusive content for people who bought it at the supposed release date



WaveGhoul said:

Ahhh, Pokemon & Animal Crossing...2 Franchises that i'll continue to ignore for the rest of Eternia.



WaveGhoul said:


Not really seeing as how they're two of the most boring franchises around, at least in my eyes, i know i'm in the minority in regards to Pokemon, but eh. And really, Pokemon still can't seem to visually evolve either, it only does 'just enough' with each sequel that gets spewed out.



kamifox1 said:

@CountWavula Actually, they're both incredibly addictive, I never understood why as far as Animal Crossing goes as you hardly do anything but they truly are. They're actually the only two Nintendo series I really like and I've tried all of the main ones, I find Zelda and Mario (for example) much more boring but hey, that's your opinion and this is mine, no point arguing over that. Also, no visual evolution in Pokemon? Have you SEEN the in-game graphics on X and Y? They're like none of the previous Pokemon versions although I will admit a 3D Pokemon version HAS been a long time coming and a much-needed change for the series. However, compare Red/Blue/Yellow versions visuals with, say, Gold/Silver/Crystals then Black and Whites, include all the ones in between if you like, each generation has had improved visuals, even if only slightly. Anyway, finally, if you don't like Pokemon, why are you looking at a post about Pokemon?

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