Family Gamer TV's Andy Robertson — the man behind our Parent Trap blog — has followed up his initial 2DS battery life test by putting the new console up against a wider range of Nintendo systems — all in the name of science, of course.

As we revealed prior to the launch of the console, the 2DS is packing a 1300mAh battery, which is the same capacity as the one which shipped with the original 3DS.

Robertson laid a variety of Nintendo handhelds out on a table next to a massive clock and recorded the results. Each machine was set to full brightness but was not running any software. 3D capability — where applicable — was disabled in order to allow for a fair comparison. As you can see from the footage, not even a family mealtime can stand in the way of Robertson's testing.

Here's the full table of results:

DSi - 1:02 = 3hrs 12 mins
DS Lite -1:36 = 3hrs 46 mins
3DS - 1:41 = 3hrs 51mins
2DS - 1:57 = 4hrs 7mins
3DS XL - 2:12 = 4hrs 22mins
DS Phat - 2:32 = 4hrs 42mins
GBA - 8:04 = 10hrs 14mins
3DS Mugen -10:43 = 12hrs 53mins
3DS XL Mugen - 11:34 = 13hrs 44mins

As you can see, the 2DS manages to outlast the original 3DS — although this could have something to do with the fact that the newer system's battery will be in better condition.

Are you surprised by the results? Do you think Nintendo should have given the 2DS a higher capacity battery? Share your feelings in the comments section.