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Video: Comedian Wayne Brady Gets a Tad Excited About Wii Party U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The rap has potential

Wii Party U is good, harmless, silly fun, or at least that's what we think. Nintendo wants lots of people to think that, of course, and while Nintendo UK released a trailer featuring Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf, Nintendo of America has been utilising the comedic talents of Wayne Brady for much of its publicity. He's been attending events and bigging up the game for a good spell now.

NoA has now released three new videos featuring Brady — well known in the US for appearances such as those in improvisation show Whose Line Is It Anyway? — which aim to show the varied options of the minigame collection to keeping you and others amused. We think they do a decent job, showing two grown men being over-competitive and ridiculous, a family having a bit of a laugh, and the tabletop options being ideal for passing a bit of time.

You can check them all out below, so let us know what you think. We're going to sound the false advertising klaxon in the first, however, as it shows "three hours" passing at one point, yet the GamePad is still alive. Unless using an extended battery — which we doubt — the blinking red light of death should be close to killing the controller by that point...

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Genesaur said:

Groooaaaannnnnn... They could at least seem a bit more excited while playing.



Genesaur said:

Well, I meant the family playing before Brady comes in. He seems plenty excited, and all the better for fans of his antics to learn about this mystical Wii U thingamajig.

I'd like to see this dude play The Wonderful 101. I just wanna see his camera hype multiply a hundred-and-one-fold.



DinsFire said:

Loved Wayne Brady growing up! IMHO, good effort but the only one I actually enjoyed was the first video. The beginning of the third was funny but it tapered off quickly.

@ThomasBW84 Quick spell check - unless I'm out of it from playing until 6am, I believe it should be 'B'rady in the second paragraph. Oh and good point on the battery. I know that red light all too well during extended WW HD episodes...



Mrclaycoat said:

How come all the WiiU spot I've seen are around 3minutes long? Where are these being played? How come there is no investment in a 30 second TV spot?



Gerbwmu said:

These are great and all......but seriously.....where are the TV commercials.....I actually seen a 2DS commercial yesterday but I haven't seen a Wii U commercial in.....ever maybe? Shouldn't Mario 3D or bundles be all over TV at this point. Its 4 weeks to Black Friday and 8 to Christmas? Mean while I see a Sony commercial every hour and if not one of theirs I get a game commercial that shows boxes for PS or XB......Nintendo really needs to advertise more on TV........



PorllM said:

The Gamepad battery joke made me chuckle, not quite fair though. It lasts 5-6 hours of gameplay before the light starts flashing.



rmeyer said:

Pretty good I love this game. It's really high quality and pretty fun but I had to get the people at target to pull one from the back so barely any advertising



Dogpigfish said:

We've been playing this and it's pretty fun. I like Wayne Brady, but the commercials may or may not get people excited about this. Not sure. I like the bacon commercials much better.



cornishlee said:

The only thing stopping me saying 'urgh', 'who is this guy?' and 'why does he think that's funny' is the knowledge that the adverts aren't aimed at me but at people from a different culture. I seem to remember a lot of those comments whenever UK adverts are featured here (especially the Rufus Hound ones for some reason). Take note people.



antster1983 said:

Don't forget Jonathan Mangum is in these ads, he does a lot of improv work with Wayne Brady and is his sidekick on Let's Make A Deal



VoiceOfReason said:

Liked the first one, couldn't sit through the second one, Third one was just weird. Then I came back and finished the second one.



IronMan28 said:

Lol, the videos are actually pretty hilarious. Maybe people will ask more about Wii U after seeing these vids.



TreesenHauser said:

Hahah, Wayne Brady's hilarious.

And I'd like to get Wii Party U, mainly because it looks better than Nintendo Land and for the extra Wiimote Plus.



XFsWorld said:

This probably should have been the Wii U pack-in title. They could have done a "Wii Sports" with Nintendo Land, if they released it atleast 1.5 years later. Install base would have been larger, and people would have been like "OMG a Nintendo Universe game is coming out!!!"



rjejr said:

First 1 was boooo-ring, 2nd one was good, 3rd one had potential. I think there is enough material in the last 2 that they could each be edited into 30 second commercials.

Wii Party U - That's what we do.

Much better than "How U will play next". Bad english is bad.

Hiring improv genius Wayne Brady and then giving him a bad script - which is what the first 1 felt like - is a misuse of resources.



Samurai_Goroh said:

I thought they were all really terrible to the point I wanted to hit Mr. Brady with a GamePad. Are adult gamers meant to behave like a 5 year old? It that the message Nintendo has for the consumers? And to think people complained about the Rufus Hound campaign.



Kyloctopus said:

To those who are complaining: This advertising is better than any advertising. Especially when it stars Wayne Brady.



dtml said:

Wow, did wayne brady do the "suck it" sign in the first video? Lol



Akira said:, I'm wondering what would happen if they'd had Colin Mochrie pitch the WiiU, instead. O_O



element187 said:

@Phantom_R if anyone can sell Wii Party U to suburbia it's Wayne Brady.

I might find these ads corny, but non-gaming casuals love this kind of crap.... The only problem is the Wii U price isn't at the point where most casuals will be ready to lay down cash for a console. I'd guess the casuals won't jump on board until the Wii U is $200..... In the meantime Nintendo should be exclusively chasing their core Nintendo audience by releasing more of their famous franchises.



MamaLuigi said:

Not quite as good as Whose Line, still way better than The Wayne Brady Show (that was a disaster).



Zombie_Barioth said:

The fist one was pretty good, but the second had a bad beginning and the third had a bad end. Still some of the best Wii U adds I've seen though. I think Wayne Brady is a good fit fot the vibe they're going for too.



MikeLove said:

Nintendo hired Wayne Brady?! What year am I living in?!!

I guess Corey Feldman was too expensive...




Lobster said:

The first two are pretty ridiculous*, but the last one, I'd like to see that one play on TV. Not incessantly or anything, but it's the sort of clever ad that could get people excited about the system itself if they saw it.
*in a good way

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